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  1. I had a player who hit 1000 goals in FM15 on my long term Derby County save but never put him on any of these forums, maybe I could get him on the Hall of Fame? Also definitely going to be trying again this year, although I haven't quite decided on my long term save yet. Great to see you at least giving it some time too this year, Neppo
  2. Found this lad in the first season with Derby, had to scour the lower leagues because Premier League players wouldn't sign, and managed to pick him up for £72k.
  3. What players do you think will get an update in their stats, or which players do you want to get an update in their stats? For me, Swansea need a big update to make players such as Michu better!
  4. Quite a lot of regens at the start with Rangers. You spend a lot of your transfer budget on them, then they turn out to have 2* PA after 1 season! Also, McDonald Mariga on a free, expected him to be amazing and a starter, but he never really got going, despite being one of the highest earners.
  5. Player chosen: Bastain Schweinsteiger Goalkeeper chosen: Joe Hart Team Kits: Home - Plain white shirt,black shorts and socks, Away - All black
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