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  1. A full season to become accomplished. However I kept encountering a bug that when I played him CM, the training turned off. I missed it a couple of times so probably would have been quicker
  2. A bit random, but Ox is amazing at RB. I liked Gomez at CB, and we had a glut of midfielders so I used Milner as Robertson's backup, and retrained Ox to be Trents backup.
  3. Hi Andrew, I didn't have a save but I have been able to recreate the scenario thankfully. I have uploaded 3 files for review: 1) Personality-jota signs.fm : Just as Jota signs and there's the option for Salah to welcome him. I chose the first option in the chat with Salah. 2) Personality-jota signs (v02).fm : An Autosave just before the personality changes 3) Personality-jota spirited.fm : Personality has changed I will add that I've done some reading, and I actually didn't realise this interaction started a 1 to 1 tutoring session. I thought it was to do with the social groups - if the player wasn't introduced to his team mates he might struggle to fit in etc. Perhaps this could be made clearer to the player - instead of saying it's to introduce the signing to the squad, say something to indicate personality can change Thanks for looking at this
  4. I have the same issues. I changed them both to IW(A) and it's a bit more realistic with them scoring 15 each in the league, although that's still quite low. I'm using the standard gegenpress 433 so I don't think I'm doing anything weird tactically that would affect it
  5. I was wondering about this. I'm playing as Liverpool and wanted a LW to fill in for Mane. I signe Diego Jota from Wolves, largely down to his perfectionist personality. He's a good option for play time, and he'll tutor the youngsters, great! However almost immediately I got a message that the squad welcoming period had an impact on his personal traits. His determination dropped 3 points, changing his personality to spirited. Is this an intention or a bug? I can't see how a squad crafted by Klopp in real life, who embody everything he stands for, would have personalities that would lower determination. I found it very odd.
  6. Same issue - one loss all season, on penalties with an extremely rotated cup squad. Save game will be uploaded as "Patrick Campbell - Liverpool Beta".
  7. Is anyone else really struggling to get Salah scoring? Playing as an IF in the gengenpress 433. Mane is great on the opposite side but no joy with Salah at all. Single digit PL goals in my first season I have discovered that Ox is a brilliant RB though!
  8. Been a problem for a while! I remember Januzaj being a -10 and much better than Sterling despite big debates here.
  9. Same issue here, luckily it saved 2 minutes before. Steps to reproduce - continue twice, go to club vision and select transfer activity. The save file has been uploaded as "Crash Dump Transfer Activity - Liverpool Beta.fm" FM 2020 v20.0.2.1305244 (2019.11.05 22.53.27).dmpFM 2020 v20.0.2.1305244 (2019.11.05 22.51.23).dmp
  10. Quoting in case this was missed @diddydaddydoddy
  11. It's not a specific player or attribute, it's wholesale across the squad. In your test runs how have Man Utd been performing? If they have been higher than mid table then it's not realistic. You shouldn't be comparing them against City and Liverpool, they should be compared to Arsenal, Wolves, Everton, and Leicester etc.
  12. Just spotted on my Liverpool save that Oxlade-Chamberlain is listed as 5ft11. I think he's shorter than that @diddydaddydoddy
  13. You don't see an issue with Man Utd having a squad capable of winning the league from the start?
  14. Will Man Utd be reevaluated? From what I can see in my games, and following other saves online, they are one of the best teams in the league. Two main examples I have are Pogba is way too consistent, and Greenwood shouldn't be so good from the start. Man Utd have been really poor in real life for a long time now, their players should not be rated as among the best in the league
  15. Respectfully, I'm not sure what this has to do with my post? I have already provided a real life example of how it's possible to sign a player without a work permit. No one is arguing that increased wages doesn't equal an increased chance of a work permit. The issue is that in real life these players simply would not be demanding outrageous contracts from top clubs. It's quite frankly ridiculous. 300k a week after 20 league games for example. At Liverpool Salah is getting 200k a week. It's lunacy.
  16. I don't see why work permits would dictate what a player would ask for. I understand a work permit is more likely if they have high wages - that's fine. But there's nothing stopping a club signing a player without a work permit - these young lads from Brazil simply wouldn't be turning down moves to Man City or Liverpool because they aren't getting 150K a week. We should be able to offer them normal wages and sign without the permit. In real life Liverpool have Taiwo Awoniyi who they signed without a work permit.
  17. Found this experienced German striker who has been brilliant as a deep lying forward
  18. Sure, as I said it's really simple: 4231 (2 CMs rather than DMs) Complete Forward (S) Raumdeuter (A) Advanced Playmaker (S) Winger (A) DLP (D) BWM (S) FB (A) CD (D) CD (D) FB(S) GK(D) Control Flexible Play out of Defence Push Higher Up Close Down More If we start poorly, and the other teams midfielders are breaking on us I drop the CMs into DM. And if I'm defending a lead in a big game with 20mins left I drop the wide players into LM and RM, seems to work fine
  19. I haven't noticed them being lazy. Although my CMs are a DLP (D) BWM (S), so both defensive roles. In my first season I conceded 32 goals in 38 games, which was the second best defensive record in the league
  20. Those three are insane on my game Mane (Raumdeuter A) Coutinho (Advanced playmaker S) Salah (Winger A) However the most vital thing I found was turning off "work ball into the box". With it on Mane and Salah continually got in behind but passed backwards
  21. Very easy with Liverpool this year. Excellent squad and you start with a tonne of cash, plus you can raise a lot of funds from sales. I bought Koulibaly and Harry Kane (£120m), and won the league first season with a very simple 4231 system
  22. Damn how did you get Gimenez? He refused to even talk to me. And how much did you pay for MBappe?
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