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  1. Found this experienced German striker who has been brilliant as a deep lying forward
  2. Sure, as I said it's really simple: 4231 (2 CMs rather than DMs) Complete Forward (S) Raumdeuter (A) Advanced Playmaker (S) Winger (A) DLP (D) BWM (S) FB (A) CD (D) CD (D) FB(S) GK(D) Control Flexible Play out of Defence Push Higher Up Close Down More If we start poorly, and the other teams midfielders are breaking on us I drop the CMs into DM. And if I'm defending a lead in a big game with 20mins left I drop the wide players into LM and RM, seems to work fine
  3. I haven't noticed them being lazy. Although my CMs are a DLP (D) BWM (S), so both defensive roles. In my first season I conceded 32 goals in 38 games, which was the second best defensive record in the league
  4. Those three are insane on my game Mane (Raumdeuter A) Coutinho (Advanced playmaker S) Salah (Winger A) However the most vital thing I found was turning off "work ball into the box". With it on Mane and Salah continually got in behind but passed backwards
  5. Very easy with Liverpool this year. Excellent squad and you start with a tonne of cash, plus you can raise a lot of funds from sales. I bought Koulibaly and Harry Kane (£120m), and won the league first season with a very simple 4231 system
  6. Damn how did you get Gimenez? He refused to even talk to me. And how much did you pay for MBappe?
  7. No attributes matter currently for the analysts or scientists
  8. All roles use Determination, Level of Discipline, and Motivating Then each individual role uses the corresponding attribute. For example if you want a goalkeeping coach you'll want to look at Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating, and Goalkeeping. Shooting uses Attacking and Technique.
  9. At Southampton in 2024. I desperately need a LB and Shaw is transfer listed only because Utd have signed the Messi of left backs. He's still the second best in the game from what I can see. Am I crazy for this? I feel like having Utd pick up so much of the wages makes it worth it. I also sold a player in January for £56m which helps offset this. And I'm not planning to stick around here for very long anyway...
  10. Jaap Stam Bergkamp Two of my favourites. Not sure if Stam is managing at the start of the game but I have him as my assistant now, he has 5stars in defence. Bergkamp is 4.5 stars in shooting
  11. How good is Luke Shaw? I have the chance to sign a 29 year old version for Southampton. He looks brilliant - the only problem is they've listed him for £50m
  12. My brother had this problem, his team bottled the title a couple of years in a row. Then he happened to look at his coach reports and discovered half his team dreads big matches. He dropped those players the next year at the serious end of the season and finally won the league.
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