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  1. Is Shopto definitely getting the Beta? There's no mention of it on their site
  2. Trent is probably under rated defensively in the game if anything. If you look at RBs with at least 13 for marking, tackling, and positioning like Trent has; you get the likes of Max Aarons, Jonjoe Kenny, Sam Byram, Serge Aurier, Zappacosta, Luke Ayling, Matt Lowton, Debuchy. There's 100s of examples. I don't think the guys listed there are better defensively than Trent.
  3. I had 300 odd million in the bank at the time of this news item, which was then wiped out down to 20m. Combined with the loan and selling of Anfield, I thought that was the stadium paid for. I went on to sell a lot of players to bring my balance back up to 150m, with my transfer budget sitting at 290m. The board took the entire sum from me in January, and took 1m per week from the wage budget. And didn't lower expectations at all. Surely that's strange?
  4. Exactly one year later I've got this. 4 years to build unfortunately, although it will be named after me. I'm far in but only been Liverpool manager since 2029
  5. Eventually gotten the notification. 2 years after expanding and selling out every PL game. I also have £350m in the bank, been running a transfer profit for a while in preparation Popped up on the 2nd of June at the end of the season without asking. I've asked loads before and been told no.
  6. I booted up the editor to check. In the Liverpool section the max capacity is listed as 85,000. But going to Anfield directly the expansion capacity is listed as 58,800. Is that a data issue @diddydaddydoddy?
  7. Has anyone managed to build a new stadium? I got Anfield expanded to 58,800 last season and sellout every game. I don't have an option to ask for further expansion, only a new stadium. But the board say no because they don't believe there is sufficient demand
  8. Found them on this site: https://www.yekbot.com/football-manager-2019-player-personality-guide/
  9. Ah ok 19 is fair for LW! Below are attribute ranges for personalities. I personally think either of the model personalities suit them. Model Citizen Determination 14-20, Professionalism 15-20, Ambition 12-20, Loyalty 15-20, Pressure 14-20, Sportsmanship 15-20, Temperament 15-20 Model Professional Professionalism 20, Temperament 10-20 Professional Professionalism 18-19, Temperament 10-20 Leader <19 Milner: Loyalty and Sportsmanship stops him being a Model Citizen. Professionalism is 1 point too low for Model Professional. Henderson:
  10. @diddydaddydoddy Couple of considerations: Origi LW position - can this get added as a natural position? He plays there more often than upfront these days. Even Mane and Salah will be moved to ST to accommodate Origi on the LW. Henderson and Milner's personalities - can these be changed from professional to model professional? I don't think professional does them justice. They are teetotal and keep themselves in the very best shape. There's never controversy with them, especially Milner who gets played everywhere without complaint.
  11. I started unemployed and got a job managing Braintree in the National South. They have some very good players for this level - enough to get promoted first season. Femi Akinwande - the pick of the bunch. Beast of a striker who ended up top scorer. Killing it in the division above as well Jason Banton - 5star LW. A little inconsistent but on his day destroys teams on his own. Seems to enjoy big matches and he tore it up in the playoffs. Byron Lawrence - he was at the club on loan when I arrived. Not sure if he starts there. Plays amazing as a carrilerlo and is a bit of a set p
  12. A full season to become accomplished. However I kept encountering a bug that when I played him CM, the training turned off. I missed it a couple of times so probably would have been quicker
  13. A bit random, but Ox is amazing at RB. I liked Gomez at CB, and we had a glut of midfielders so I used Milner as Robertson's backup, and retrained Ox to be Trents backup.
  14. I have the same issues. I changed them both to IW(A) and it's a bit more realistic with them scoring 15 each in the league, although that's still quite low. I'm using the standard gegenpress 433 so I don't think I'm doing anything weird tactically that would affect it
  15. Same issue - one loss all season, on penalties with an extremely rotated cup squad. Save game will be uploaded as "Patrick Campbell - Liverpool Beta".
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