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  1. Xadas from Braga looks a quality prospect.
  2. £700 iirc Smart little machine, want to make sure it will play FM16 comfortably, i know its not a gaming rig, I have my desktop for that anyway. Just making sure its not £700 ish better spent elsewhere.
  3. What do we all think of the HP Envy 13, i7-6500U variant? Get the feeling theres better out there for the price.
  4. Just having a look through the Derby save above, theres another interesting looking tycoon club. Red Star FC in France. Just been bought by a South Korean group. Valued at £69m, which puts them as 5th richest club in France! Overall budget: £33m Transfer budget: £26m Wages: £239k overall, with £145k free. Just finished 13th in Ligue 2, so plenty of money to play around with.
  5. Having an issue whereby if I touch and drag, the location of my press is nowhere near the action underneath. As if the screen calibration is wrong. I have to press above my LM to get my MCR to move etc. Works perfectly well just clicking on an item but that's pretty much it. Brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (10inch).
  6. Name: Jesus Vallejo Position: CB Age: 17 Club: Real Zaragoza Value: £180k Sale Value: Compensation Work Permit Needed: No, Spanish.
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