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  1. Does your competition change each season or is it set up year one and same forever? If it's the same then try setting the start and end dates within the base year(2000-2001). The dates for the playoffs will only be set within the stage, not sure how the game will react without that tbh. The validation test will allow you to run the database in the game. If you've passed that one then you can try running a save and see what happens. If all else fails you could try loading the existing competition in advanced rules and have a look at how the game sets it up and compare it to yours.
  2. Not sure about for this purpose but there is a fixtures XML in the FAQs at the top of the forum list. Alternatively, could you not just use the duplicate function in the editor?
  3. Where you say you ticked the box, is that under 'League Settings'? If so, and you haven't set up a stage for the playoffs then this could be your issue. When you say you are testing, are you using 'Test Rules' from the top menu (this is what i mean by validating by the way), or are you using 'Test Competitions' from the sidebar. If you haven't already, try running from the sidebar. This is often more informative as to the issue.
  4. There could be a few things causing this, but its likely a fixture issue. Where are you making this change? League Schedule? Dates? etc Is your database set up to run as one competition forever, or do you have it changing season on season? If so, make sure each is set up with the same Date Range under 'Competition' (ie July to May). Also, make sure that if it is set up this way that Start Year and End Year run concurrently across each competition. If its all the same competition though, are you running multiple stages (ie league and playoffs). If so, you need to make sure that the second stage has the first stage as a requirement and that the dates for that stage sit outside of the first stage. Also, you may wish to check that the Season Update Day (again under 'competition') is set to outside of the competition date. For a July to May season, i tend to leave mine at June 20th. Do the competitions validate? If so, you should be able to run a game on the database anyway. Holiday forward to April (ish) and see what is happening. Has it loaded extra stages? Are all the fixtures played? etc If all of this seems ok, can you give me a bit more information on how the league is set up?
  5. suspect this is due to the real life fixtures set in the database. I haven't quite figured out how to set them (if indeed you can), but you can remove them by going into Advanced Rules, and then under Stage for the Championship, go to League Fixtures and click Remove.
  6. The easiest way to do this would be to change the last position for each of the premier league clubs to this seasons final positions and then set a transfer embargo for chelsea (under Finances). As this would make it one season earlier (ie 18/19 instead of 19/20) you may wish to change the contract end dates for the players mentioned.
  7. I think this only works in conjunction with 'Teams for Next Season' in the division setup. Has potential but I can't get my head around how i can use that 6 years in the future with promo/relegation. Will have a play around with it some more though, see what happens.
  8. If its every time then maybe its hard-coded. Nothing obvious in the editor to change that either. Not sure if its something you can change in the In-game editor?
  9. I've not done this myself, but maybe try putting the "Date Joined" date on the players to further back in history?
  10. I found that sometimes when you add the team to a division from the team, it wouldn't pick it up. Try going to the Premier League and make sure your team is in the Team List. You may also want to remove and re-add from this screen. If the league is disappearing, have you tried running the 'Test Competitions' in the editor? This will often give you an idea of what is going wrong.
  11. It could depend on when there is enough information available for Macarthur. Ive seen in the past that MLS has been setup to pick up future expansions, providing they are already confirmed. In other words, you might get lucky with FM20 (with MacArthur to start in the following season), but more than likely, as prot651 says, you will have to wait until FM21. Alternatively, from what i've seen in the Editors Hideaway, there's a few (including myself) building their own future expansions for the A-League for FM19 so you could give that a shot if you don't want to wait - not sure if any are ready yet though.
  12. Unfortunately it hasnt worked. Ive tried with their 'Next Division' on the club as 'Australian Lower Leagues' and ive tried adding that as a competition in the List but they still show as A-League by 2077 (although not in the competition as ive set them to ignore under 'Get specific team'. I wondered if i could 'pull' it from the Lower Leagues competition but you dont get the option when you run it as a Hidden Stage. Is there somewhere else i can set Next Division?
  13. In advanced Rules, you need to go to the Stage of the division you want to update and under "League Schedule", select "offset dates". I just copied it straight out of the existing A-League structure (no point reinventing the wheel imo) but have a play around with that. Days Offset -1, Time 18:45 (assuming your matchday is set to Saturday) should give you a Friday.
  14. A few steps to go through here. You will need to 'Add Nation Rules' and then choose England from the 'Current Nations' and then, depending on what you want to do choose either "Add lower divisions to existing structure' or 'Create New Competitions'. Then you need to go into 'Advanced Rules' and go from there. The North and South divisions need a parent competition and its this one that you set up the league stages. The parent competition and the child comps need to be added to the 'List' as well as under 'Nation' (parent only), 'Required Teams' (both child) and 'Competitions' (parent) under 'England' (assuming you want the divisions to be playable). Best thing i can recommend is to load up the 'Add lower divisions' and see how the Vanarama National is setup and get your ideas from there. Just make sure that once you have set up the competitions to make sure that you set regional divisions to teams likely to enter this competition. Otherwise you will find the teams are not set up based on geography. I believe you can also use divisional boundaries but i've not been able to get that to work successfully (its also not how Vanarama Conference is set up in the game).
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