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  1. Working with the FM17 editor and I'm well into (about halfway, perhaps) completely revising the English league structure which has one small 'Elite' league at the top and then all the other clubs split into County 'Leagues' and 'Conferences' below them with several cup competitions which allow them to compete at county, regional and then national level. As I started with the FM 17.3.0 database and started a brand new editor file, when I load a new game with my league and cup changes I have the players & managers at the clubs they were in 2016/17. When starting a game, selecting my new data file with a player data update file won't work, but is there some way I can merge just player data changes with my data file? If anybody can help that would be great. Thanks!
  2. As a Yeovil fan, going to give this a whirl. Looking forward to it.
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