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  1. Good god... Support for FM19 can really take it out of you. Good job keeping it together. Do you have an ASUS laptop with Nvidia graphics?
  2. I have the same problems. Have fixed it several times, but suddelny its on again. FM got high priority RAM-use, exeption in my virus-program. I've done like 20-25 different things after consulting SEGA-support. Most of the things does not help. One way to limit the errors is to never play music or run any programs in the bacround. Quite amaicing that a game with no sound need 100% of my computers RAM and prossesor-speed. I can run mutch bigger games without a singel hitch. FM 2018 was basicly the same game, and it never gave me a crash-dump on this computer. I also recomend 3-files-autosave, and always save before and after games. This ASUS-problem is so annoying. I hope there will be fixes that workes soon. My computer doesnt like this restarting either. When it crashes, my computer restarts too.
  3. I fixed the graphic-card issue by reading in antother thread. Started another save that works, and a second one that yet again keeps crashing. In all my CM/FM-time, I've never had more crashes. Its very anoying. The two first ones are while saving. The newest one is not. Keeps stopping on the same date. Another save ruined I guess... Fix your damn game! FM 2019 v19.1.2.1161578 (2018.11.09 10.51.27).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.2.1161578 (2018.11.26 09.51.10).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.30 10.37.28).dmp
  4. The save got broken by not being able to finish saving
  5. My savegame started erroring during saveing. I then loaded the backup-save, and saved again manuely. The problem is that the error accured again during autosaveing, and now my savegame is lost. Both the original save and the backup is ruined. Thanks for the game update, and a lost game in 3rd season... Very anoying after several hours played. FM 2019 v19.1.2.1161578 (2018.11.09 10.51.27).dmp
  6. My game have started quitting while autosaving. There were no bugs until half way trough second season. FM 2019 v19.1.2.1161578 (2018.11.09 10.51.27).dmp
  7. My awnser would be assistant handeling. :-p Sure some UEFA-coaches know the awnser...
  8. I'm having problems creating chances while playing offensive mentality, while creating more with defensiv. I play with Racing Santander, and I'm in my 4th season, looking to get promoted to La Liga. Anything very wrong with this tactic? And does anyone have some tips for how to play more offensive football without becoming vaunrable in the back? I've started the season ok, but cant seem to find the best tactic.
  9. Nice reading this, and some very helpfull tips, but I do wonder about all this focus on the opposition. I've never done mutch adapting on previous FMs, and I mostly played the same way against everybody. Do I realy have to analyze the crap out of every opposition? And is it ok to let the assistant take care of OI? I've always played with flexible style, but after reading this I changed to structured. It helped a lot in defence, but I still need some work to get the tacktic to work in attack. I dont know if this is the right place to ask for a spesific tip, but is there anything very wrong with theese Team Istructions? (I play a 4-3-2-1, if it matters)
  10. Hi. The game works fine on my laptop, but when I conect my Samsung-TV to my laptop, the game will not show up in proper fullscreen or windowed. If I start the game before I input the HDMI, the game starts in fullscreen, but zoomes inn on the middle of the screen, and with butons outside the screen. There are no options available to change the resolution.
  11. How can the prefferences be the problem, when I use the default settings.
  12. I have the same problem. Can only play the game on my laptop-screen. If I start the game on my laptop-screen first in windowed modus, and then connect to my flatscreen, it almost work. But some buttons disapear in the bottom, especialy with window in window in the game. Problems with widowed mode has been an issue for several version now, so thats ok, but this full screen-bug is anoying.
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