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  1. My awnser would be assistant handeling. :-p Sure some UEFA-coaches know the awnser...
  2. I'm having problems creating chances while playing offensive mentality, while creating more with defensiv. I play with Racing Santander, and I'm in my 4th season, looking to get promoted to La Liga. Anything very wrong with this tactic? And does anyone have some tips for how to play more offensive football without becoming vaunrable in the back? I've started the season ok, but cant seem to find the best tactic.
  3. Nice reading this, and some very helpfull tips, but I do wonder about all this focus on the opposition. I've never done mutch adapting on previous FMs, and I mostly played the same way against everybody. Do I realy have to analyze the crap out of every opposition? And is it ok to let the assistant take care of OI? I've always played with flexible style, but after reading this I changed to structured. It helped a lot in defence, but I still need some work to get the tacktic to work in attack. I dont know if this is the right place to ask for a spesific tip, but is there anything very wrong w
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