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  1. I'm on 2022/2023 season, and I'm enjoying playing this year's game. Tactics and training made it more fun. Sure there's improvements to be made on ME, but I'm enjoying that part of game a lot more than on previous versions. Now the things I don't like, and make the experience less enjoyable. There's some things that come already from previous versions of FM that should be sorted out. I always play my first save in Portugal, and the value of players is something so unrealistic. I give some examples. I have a great young player, João Felix, valued at 34M €.. I sold Seferovic on first season
  2. I like possession and control, but I don't need necessarily to have 60% possession every game. I just found it odd, because the possession numbers reduced a lot tome, and I was trying to understand if and how changes I made contributed to them.
  3. I came back to the topic, to give an update and try to discuss some new things.. After reading all suggestions,I changed some things, and truth is I saw improvements. Sure there's still some streches of matches that it come back, but those defensive teams are supposed to be difficult to beat sometimes. Now, I started a new season at the same time new patch came out. And, as I like to change things a little bit,so teams have to face new challenges against me, I changed some things on roles, dutys and TI. Nothing drastic, some tweaks. The TI's, I previously had shorter pass
  4. I made a thread similar to yours. I play Benfica too, and had/have same problems. I had this title that I wrote here and on Portuguese Foruns, that on FM 19 is easier to beat Real Madrid than Tondela. And the cause, is what zlatanera answered, after first season, teams will play extremely defensive against you. I've been facing some formations that I didn't even thought it would be possible to be so defensive . And I supose that it relates to what happens in real life, on most of the games. The thing I don't agree.. if you score a goal in real life, some teams, not all, but some, will play m
  5. Saw this thread today for first time. A little off topic, but the save I enjoyed the most was Benfica on FM 17, when I won the championship league with 10 academy players on starting eleven. Unfortunately, I couldn't do the same on FM 18, I had the team again with academy players, but never had sucess or was even close on FM 18. I will try again this year! And I'm late, but great read on this thread!
  6. @Robson 07, your contributions are very welcome, as everybody else, and I'm not thinking that you are picking on me. You see some things on my setup that you can cleary see they are wrong. Thanks to point them out, I will try to fix them. If I were good at this, I woudn't be here asking for help. And reading all opinions is important to learn. The other thing you adressed before, I think you didn´t like some things I wrote on FM 18 season, but all I wrote, was to try one of two things.. or to learn or to try to help. Every time someone helps me I'm gratefull, and if people show me I'm not righ
  7. Yes, I see that, a lot of players around the box,my attacking is like an Handball match on that kind of games. And just to get right, it was not 26 on target of 46. It was 26 on goal, but it was the sum of two games. It was 76 shots tried, 26 on goal. On a offtopic sidenote, I'm still doing much better than Benfica in real life, and don't know if that makes me smile or cry! Ok, cry...
  8. Do you see a blatant error or conflict on roles and duties I have, specially on mildfield and front?
  9. First of all, thanks for all contributions. Even those I don't direct answer or quote, I've been reading and taking in consideration the advices. And I want to clarify one thing, I know that is supposed to be challeging to beat those defensive teams, that some games it is a struggle and we are not supposed to win all games 4-0. Now, I made some changes, mainly to team instructions: Now I start games on slighty higher tempo, I lowered LOE, lowered pressing and removed tigh marking, as I really don't know if it does good or not for my team. If the game is tigh against those team
  10. Again, as I said it already, I agree with you. I don't really like the instructions I'm using, as I never was a fan of this more extreme instructions. But, true is, I want to win games, and as of now,that's the only way I find against those defensive teams. I tried to make some changes, to test again. I played against Rio Ave with this setup: So, I put defensive line back to normal, I lowered LOE, I lowered tempo, I lowered pressure, and removed pass to space instruction. The result: Same as always I try to play that way, lots of shots and a draw or a 1-0. And don't
  11. I have.. on FM 19 didn't try yet, and I will, but on previous versions, I tried, and was never happy with that. Again,not blaming game, I just felt all the time I hadn't enough control on mildfield playing with just two men. I would love to sort out a 4-4-2 tactic, as I don't remember to play on any FM with that tactic on a regular basis. The only tactic I used with great results in the past with more than one striker was a 3-5-2. But I will definitly try a 4-4-2 again this year.
  12. Thing is, I agree with you. And since I started to take tactic creation more seriously, I always tried to use a more possession oriented tactic, as I don't really like this more "extreme" setups. I like attacking football, pressing and try to take the ball back as soon as possible, but I like as well to have some security. And I've tried that approach, spreading the lines, lower tempo, shorter passing. But the results against this defensive teams were considerably worst. And as I'm far away from being a great player of FM, I know I surely done many mistakes to contribute to that.
  13. Against bigger sides (Real Madrid, Man Utd, Porto and Sporting Away), I play on balanced mentality, I push back defensive line to normal, reduce tempo to higher or slighty higher and pressing to more urgent. I take off the instruction to counter press when possession is lost as well. If I'm winning and want to protect the result I often put wingers on mildfield line and on support, and sometimes change mentality to cautious and reduce pressing even more. And yes, play on counter. But, as I said, I did all of this on FM 18, and the results against big clubs were always a disaster. I rememb
  14. It seems that there's different opinions on how to better break defensive sides, increase tempo and apply more pressure on opposition, or reduce mentality and spread lines to achieve more space,and probably both are correct on the right context. As I really coundn't find the solution on the last one, I went back to high tempo, an adapted gegenpress as I don't like that extreme settings. Things are going better so far, I will continue to test this setup to check if it's effective. I made some changes on tactic as well. I changed Anchor man to BWM and BBM to a Mezzala, and put João F
  15. I did, and to be honest, I had very good results when I played that way. Second season I overachieved,I went to semi finals of Champions League, only loosing 5-4 on aggregate to final winner, Tottenham. But on 3rd season, after struggling to break increasing defending teams, tried different approaches. Maybe I have to go back to higher tempo, combined with what @herne79 suggested, maybe a mezzala on attack. But, what still makes me confused, is the similarity of games and stats, when I played this season, either on higher mentalities, tempo, lines, pressure, etc, and when I lowered all of
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