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  1. My results with this tactic on the new patch (every game played today on new patch) Won the Prem with Liverpool 2nd season, thanks! lots of goals conceded but it's fine!
  2. I love how basic and colorful the UI is, it's what the normal version UI should look like in my opinion!
  3. Hey, I want to use a transfer update but I also want to play the FM Classic mode, is it possible to do this? if so how?
  4. Why do people think the 3d match engine and 2d match engine are different? they aren't.... they are the exact same.. you just won't spot the issues with the 2d engine..
  5. Alright, taking a break from this game until the next update again.. absolutely tired of goalkeepers making the most dumb mistakes ever.. and crap teams coming back from 2-0 to down to 3-2 what seems like every match.. Sigh
  6. 2nd attempt.. failed.. Definitely going to go crazy with 48month deals on the 3rd attempt. Going to sell Suarez and Reina too.. Even after selling Reina.. I was conceding an absolute crap ton of goals.. going to play with a DM I think.. 4-2-3-1 sounds good.. but I like Borini.. but he isn't really good enough for 1st season..
  7. Yep, I love classic mode as I can just wiz through the seasons.. but you're totally right about morale
  8. Starting again ...going to try the 48month transfer method playing FMClassic so..
  9. 28th November in 1st season now.. still very inconsistent .. - some results.. Lost 1-0 to Academica in Europa League. Knocked out by Wigan on penalties in the Capital One cup. Lost 2-0 to Partizan in Europa League. Beat Man City 4-1 in the Prem (?!??!) Drew 1-1 with Sparta Prague in Europa League. Drew 1-1 with Stoke in Prem. Lost 2-0 to QPR in Prem (they are 2nd..??..) Beat Academica 2-0 in Europa League. Lost 2-0 to Fulham. Currently 12th in the Prem..
  10. Sigh, still can't get some consistent results together.. If I get sacked then I'm going to start again and go crazy with 48 month transfers.
  11. Starting a Liverpool save now had one at the start of FM13 but I got sacked by November.. My main aim is to get rid of Downing and Cole
  12. Royalties? all he has done is load the ball texture and make it brighter and remove the markings then put it up for download ..
  13. Some other games let multiple people play online with the same key at once.. not in the same server but yeah..
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