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  1. Very much this! Gedson Fernandes is an incredible B2B, but is certainly not limited to that position. Superb young all rounder.
  2. As mentioned game time while training at facilities that are excellent will work wonders. However, if you are at a big club where you may have a big squad that needs rotating, you may struggle to give the kids enough game time. That's where you need to make decisions as to where to send them on loan i.e teams with good facilities and decent coaches. I'm at Benfica, so I really only need to pick my full strength team around a 15-20 times a season and can blood the kids against the weaker sides in the league. This is the perfect scenario as they have the best facilities and I've managed to invest in the coaching to give them the very best chance to succeed.
  3. I've just started a Hertha Berlin save and two of my best players have have interest from other clubs. They both get non negotiable bids for 2-3m under their value. I reject them (obviously), the players get salty and then after I have a chat with the two players, half the squad come at me with rocks! The whole squad behaviour when something happens just seems a little fragile this year.
  4. I was wondering if you guys thought that a i7 6700 with a GTX 1050 TI 4GB OC gpu would be good enough to play Fm18 while streaming to twitch? Thanks in advance.
  5. Its probably because Portman Road is too big......... (I might be a Norwich fan)
  6. Patrick Cultrone from Milan is a great young option.
  7. I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on lone strikers and the role that would best suit the one striker formation. I'm assuming the roles that the wingers are playing could be a big factor in what role the lone striker plays. For example having 2 wingers playing as wingers with no CAM would make a target man ineffectual. I'm currently using the complete forward role with two inside forwards and no CAM. However, whilst I'm having some success with this, I have found in FM18 that the complete forward role is inconsistent. What roles and formation are you using for your lone striker tactic?
  8. That is the ridiculous thing. I can just see a manager and player in real life ignoring each other because of a conversation. It's the managers job to deal with players unhappiness yet the game gives you no option to even try.
  9. Am I missing something or are you unable to chat to a player that is unhappy after a meeting you've had with him? I have a striker who is upset after I rejected a transfer request after rejecting a bid from a larger club. This I understand, but just because he's annoyed that shouldn't mean I can't chat with him after the initial chat, or even praise him for a MOTM performance. It seems rather unrealistic that you can't chat to a player just because a manager has fallen out with him, otherwise, the only way to make him happy is to give in to his demands.
  10. Looks good. However, I would prefer a bigger power supply and it doesn't have a wireless setup. Also, the Stormforce model includes water cooling.
  11. Is this setup too good to be true? https://www.box.co.uk/Stormforce-Typhoon_2272269.html?source=webgains&siteid=116019
  12. 15 nations, 33 leagues on a huge database with 100,000 players. Running on an i5 7300hq and 8gb ram. It doesn't run fast but it certainly isn't slow.
  13. I'm sure I read or heard someone say on a YouTube video that you can turn off the in game editor after you've started a career in fm18. Is this true, if so how do I do it?
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