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  1. For example, if managing a long-term game in a poor European country and over a long time you improve the standing of the league by performing well in European competitions (plus improving the ranking of the national team, perhaps), can you eventually earn extra European qualification spots for the league? Or does this stay static in the game to current real life qualification spots?
  2. In the end, last season finished thus: Fought it out with Zimbru for the rest of the season but ended up being comfortably second with a couple of games left. Unfortunately, Sheriff are just ridiculous. This can be further demonstrated with how this season has gone so far: I've been utterly dominant so far, even beating Sheriff, and still they one-up me Guess who my next game is against? :o It's been a remarkable run of form so far this season. Performances have been worsening though, with those 3 draws coming in my last 5 games, and I suspect I'll fade off. I'm putting our dominance over most sides this year down to the fact I've managed to sign a few more excellent players for the Moldovan league (especially Chambul, who was on a free :shocked: ) I think I'm definitely now a better side than everyone except Sheriff. Oh, and this year in the Europa League I again reached the 3rd Qualifying Round, but got dominated by Wolfsburg as you'd expect.
  3. Well, I suppose this is the price of being successful. Firstly, the takeover happened without drama (everything stayed pretty much the same, finances etc although club youth philosophy is gone for now but I'll get it back):
  4. Apologies if this is overkill but I thought I'd do an overview of my preferred Starting XI too - it's a 4-5-1 formation basically. Ignore the arrows, a couple of players seemingly aren't enjoying traning (who can blame them, our facilities/coaches are still rather poor ) GK - Dragos Popescu DR - Emil Ciornii CB - Juris Malins CB - Davids Bagdasarjans DL - Denis Nikitin DM - Nicolai Borta CM - Narek Petrosyan CM - Giorgi Sanikidze AMR - Nurik Gadjiev AML - Evgeny Yevdokimov ST - Andrei Mihailov I have other players that get plenty of game time but cba to do them too at the moment. Notable performers this season are: Giorgi Sanikidze (advanced playmaker in CM) Simply the best player I have as you can see above. Has just turned 19 and will inevitably be sold to a bigger club. Current contract has a £230,000 minimum fee clause, but I'm hoping he will last with me until the end of the season and I can try to offer him a new contract with something higher. Evgeny Yevdokimov - Left winger Okay stats but very highly rated, and young. Russian, which seems to be a good thing for attracting interest as he has lots of admirers. He was performed excellently this season actually, with 8 goals and 9 assists in 14 league games. Andrei Mihailov - Striker My coaches rate his current backup Veaceslav Gorban as being better, but Mihailov has kept him out of the team. It's an added bonus that he's a Moldovan U21 player, but he is in the team on form - 11 goals and 5 assists in 14 league games.
  5. After being knocked out by Lokomotiv in the Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round, we've made it to the winter break of the next season. Here's how we look with 10 games remaining. Sheriff have been miles ahead for the whole season as per usual. From the table above it looks like me and Zimbru battling next (head-to-head rule putting them ahead!), but actually Dacia have been neck and neck with us for most of the season too, only dropping off for the last couple games to fall back a bit. The good news is that, with the £460k we got into the club coffers through Europa League participation, I was able to convince the board to spend approximately £300k of it on Training and Youth facilities improvements. I managed early on to make 'developing our own youths' a club philosophy so they're keen to do improvements when it's financially viable. Further European participation is key for more development. However, danger lurks on the horizon.. My current chairman has thus far been happy to stay so, with the Europa League participation and club improvements, I'm assuming the dick has decided now is the right time to make a profit on the club. I can only pray the bozo coming in isn't going to turf me out or ruin anything. Finally, my best few results from the season so far:
  6. On the contrary LPQR I love your insights here, makes it easier to use my imagination with the game. Keep them coming! Sheriff and Zimbru certainly the ones to catch up with. And no great shock in the Europa League Third Qualifying round as we are outclassed by Lokomotiv Moscow. Proud of the lads for getting the draw in the second leg, in particular that 18 year old I posted above, Sanikidze, for scoring an absolute peach from 25 yards to make it 2-2. For playing in those knockout rounds, the club's bank balance has received a total of £460,000 in prize money and another £20-30k from gate receipts. Our total balance is now £576,000 so it's a big thing for us Next update will be a summary of the next league season!
  7. I'll have to try and get him to sign a new contract later this season with a pay-rise and a clause like that in Europa League Second Round Knockout
  8. On a side note, I have managed to sign a midfielder who is just ludicrously better than anyone else I have, and only young. He's an 18 year old regen from Georgia who I found in the 3rd tier of Russian football at a team called "KamAZ". Sadly he would only come if I gave him a £250,000 minimum fee release clause, but I don't care. Below are his stats, and a comparison with my best centre midfielder from last season.
  9. Europa League First Knockout Round First ever European competition for Iskra 2013, who just 2 years ago narrowly avoided relegation in the second tier of Moldovan football. We were handed a difficult draw: Torpedo Zhodino, one of the top Belarusian sides. Definitely a better squad than mine, but I have a counter attacking formation that seems to be working very well. I went on to Youtube and played the rather stirring Moldovan national anthem before kick off of each leg as you'd expect. First leg: Second leg:
  10. END OF SEASON I'm afraid I didn't take many screenshots throughout the season. But it has gone shockingly well this season... We finished 3rd, which means we qualify for the Europa League First Qualifying Round! :o Our first every venture into Europe, and I can't wait. The season, however, was a total fluke. My squad is pretty crap for the division and I'm not too sure how it happened. We were miles behind Sheriff and Zimbru, but somehow managed 3rd. Next season I think will not be as fruitful, but the high finish and the Europa League participation will provide us with some very nice finances to build upon.
  11. After my first month (plus a week) of games in the top tier, I am satisfied with our start: Because we are the underdogs in most games this year, I've adopted a more counter attacking approach with a holding midfielder instead of the more attacking 4-2-3-1 I eventually operated with last year. This counter attacking football seems to have done the trick, and after drawing my opening game by coming back from 2-0 down I was most delighted with a 1-0 win away at Zimbru, the best supported club in the country. Especially considering they have won all of their other games! So with a 2-2-2 record after my first 6 games, I think I can definitely be pleased. Over the last few seasons the points total required for a team to stay up has been 20-24, so to have 8 already is promising. Onwards!
  12. We simply weren't equipped to handle a season in the top division without bringing in quite a few new faces. I released the players who either didn't play or only played a few games last season to make way in the squad for players who will actually give us a chance in the fight to stay in the top tier. (We were given odds of 1/5 to be relegated, so fair to say a struggle is inevitable ). I was actually able to reduce the squad size a bit, as I thought it was a bit bloated last season. Our transfer summary was as follows: I'm a bit nervous about the amount I've spent - it all adds up to about £120k, but a big percentage of those transfer values are in longer monthly installments and/or fees after 50 games played for us which may not happen, otherwise we could never have afforded that much money. I've really gambled on us staying in the top flight in terms of finances; if we get relegated instantly it may all go horribly wrong. Foreigners are still 99% not interested in joining me, seeing Iskra as a small club who can't match their ambitions. (And to be fair, when my odds of going down are 1/5 who can blame them...) And so most of these players are simply the best players I could find (in the positions I needed) from the division I'd just been promoted from. A significant chunk of these were taken from the team I swapped leagues with, and the teams I fought for promotion against. I'm confident that I've improved all over the pitch, but having looked at the squads of the top division sides I'm up against I can't say I'm any more confident of staying up. There is a real gap between the two divisions, so it's going to be a slog. First month coming up...
  13. Immediately after being declared champions, FC Iskra's board take a necessary step: With the club moving into the top tier and going full-time, I held higher hopes of being able to attract a higher calibre of player to the club in order to mount our survival bid against vastly superior sides. Of course, with such unpredicted success came some interest in the services of Grigori Alexandrov (that's me ). Even the big dogs came calling! Of course, I have no intention of leaving FC Iskra. I should also mention that I successfully persuaded the board to make developing our own youth a club philosophy, as I intend to eventually bring through the best young Moldovan talent in the country at Iskra. In this regard, I have so far convinced the board to improve our Junior Coaching - but we still have some financial gains to make before we can afford to improve youth facilities! Now, on to the pre-season for a tough first season in the top tier. A big *GULP* on this one, because looking at the top tier sides, their squads are so, so much better than mine...a brave relegation battle it is.
  14. The end of the season was as exciting as the previous picture suggested, coming down to the wire. This is how the table looked with just 2 games left: I was determined to win the league once we'd come this far, but standing in my way were Sinful George (as I decided to call them for ease ) and Sheriff-2. Of course, I could finish 2nd behind Sheriff and win promotion. After the winter break we went on a terrific run, but appeared to be stumbling; the last two games before the table above were both disappointing 1-0 defeats against Zimbru-2 (!) and Saxan. The penultimate game of the season? FC Iskra 2013 v Sheriff-2 With my final fixture of the season being a home game against Edinet, surely a routine win, this was the season decider for me. Result in the spoiler below:
  15. Quick apology to the OP - the problem I had happened with reinstalls where I didn't have the skin installed at all, so it was just an unfortunate coincidence that the issue occurred as I loaded the skin for the first time!
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