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  1. You’d think we was bottom of the league the way the fans and some of the players are going on. October is going to be tough, I’ve played one game so far but I’ll leave that result secret until I update next.
  2. Cheers Geordie! Means a lot. I'm glad you're enjoying reading along and if you feel like joining in then you'd be more than welcome!
  3. Season 2018/2019 - End of September Update September saw us face another four matches in the league as we looked to build upon the impressive start from August. Results Another fine month results wise saw us maintain our unbeaten start to the season. We was lucky against Pau FC and has you can see just scraped a draw with a stoppage time penalty from Diongue. We didn't improve much into the next game either and despite having 12 shots we just could not find a goal. SO Cholet meant a trip to bottom of the table and Bando popped up with his first goal of the season to ensure we took back all 3 points. Bourg en B presented the hardest test on paper in the month however I decided to show them no respect and set the team up to take control which we did. The game was also only the second time this season that we have scored more than once, no wonder the fans are complaining about the less than exciting football on show. Table Those results see us move up a place from the end of August and going into October we sit top of the league. And with that point tally we're already half way to survival which is the first goal I have in mind. Players Performances Diongue playing from his shadow striker role is doing exactly what is asked of him by finding the net on a consistent basis. Achour and Sylla are currently moaning about lack of first team opportunities however I'm struggling to find a reason to leave Diongue out currently. Imamo continues his fine form in the left back role which means summer signing Fomen is still yet to see any first team action. Bando having now added goals is playing well in the pressing forward role and Bikey continues to fill the right wing role has Sissako picked up yet another injury meaning, like Fomen, he's still yet to play any first team football since signing in the summer. Next Up October looks to be a difficult month with games against the teams currently in 3rd, 5th and 7th alongside the French Cup starting which may start to stretch my resources.
  4. @Jogo Bonito I might have been wrong about Welsh and Woolford but at least I was right about Thomas. That Oldham game must have been an enjoyable watch! How are the finances projected to go? Seemed to have shot up but then slowly in decline? Keep up the good work
  5. That's a great effort @Bergbatov, you should be proud but obviously you'll be disappointed too having come so close to promotion. Hopefully you can use the summer wisely and bring in some players to give you just that little bit extra you need next season. Also good luck on new owners, would be great to see SISU out.
  6. Season 2018/2019 - End of August Update August has been and gone and JA Drancy have played their first four games at their highest ever level of French football. How did we do? Let's find out! Transfers Having only brought in one signing in the shape of Tarik Bengelloun during pre-season I was on the look out for a right winger to strengthen that position but also provide competition for Dylan Bikey. Having previously teased that this was no over the line I can now introduce to you... Mamadou Sissako arrived on a season long loan deal from Ligue 2 club Troyes with a wage contribution of £1.5k p/w. The 22 year old looks to have decent potential with impressive acceleration and good pace which should enable him to be a threat down the right wing. Unfortunately he's been missing since signing having joined with a fractured toe and on his return he picked up a groin strain in training ruling him out for another 3 - 4 weeks. His full competitive debut will be for JA Drancy (at some stage). This could easily have concluded business however having taken multiple players on trial over the summer we decided to complete another capture on deadline day. Step forward one time capped Cameroon left back Charley Fomen. Fomen joins the club on a free having left Natonal League Winners Red Star FC over the summer. The 29 year old agreed a two year deal worth £190 p/w. His high work rate will enable him to contribute at both ends of the pitch. With that deal announced it meant Karim Chahboune became surplus to requirements and subsequently he has been placed on the transfer list. However it looks unlikely he will move this window. Results I have to say going into the first game of the season I was nervous. I wasn't entirely sure about the players or the tactic but results have been better than we could have ever imagined. Dunkerque are struggling after 4 games with 4 defeats so it's probably a good job we did beat them. Le Mans on the other hand are doing well and there only defeat so far was the match against ourselves. Tours and QRM presented different challenges as promotion favourites and professional clubs however only a penalty saw Tours snatch a point from us. The QRM game was even until they lost a man late in the first half. The second half saw us dominate the ball and score once to secure all 3 points and ensure we finished the month unbeaten. Table So at the end of August we sit tied at the top with another overachieving side in US Concarneau. With 35 points the apparent 'safety' mark we have made a huge step towards safety in the first four games. However we haven't been convincingly putting teams away so I'm refusing to get carried away. Players Performances Tarik Bengelloun has already contributed well having been signed on a free in the summer; showing some good finishing and pace to get in behind defences from the left wing. Imamo is doing his best to retain the left back position ahead of new signing Fomen and if he continues to perform then Fomen will have to wait to make his debut. Bando is yet to score however playing a defensive pressing forward role he's not doing much more than that and his two assists have meant we gained six points (Dunkerque and Le Mans). Camara having the highest passing completion rate is a surprise as we seem to be giving the ball away too much in that defensive central third, something which I'm trying to fix! Bikey, like Imamo must know that Sissako is on paper first choice because he's been a constant threat down the right wing. Next Up So the transfer window is now shut. I need to get busy scouting during this period to try and identify any potential January signings and also to ensure that our good start is not wasted by taking our foot off the gas. September's schedule presents another 4 league matches with 15th placed Pau FC up next. Until next time..
  7. Too many posts to keep up with here! Good luck to those just starting. @Jogo Bonito I believe Grimsby have a decent squad. John Welsh, Martyn Woolford and Wes Thomas all should be good for that level.
  8. Yeah maybe I phrased that incorrectly.. Of course I meant the end of August in the game which means probably by Christmas IRL.
  9. Good luck with Boro @warlock and everyone else who has picked their teams so far! Hopefully you'll make the most of Downing whilst you can! I'm just knocking about in my very lonely JA Drancy thread but will be keeping an eye on progress and of course will join in here too before long!
  10. Very interesting fun fact I thought! Yes, indeed Bikey did play for Hearts briefly after he scored 6 goals in 7 games for Stirling prior. He is however not that great but has the potential to improve. His pre-season form was actually decent though but the league will prove tougher to crack I feel. I wouldn't say he's a star man however he's an improvement. He's now signed on loan for the season but unfortunately joined with an injury and missed the first game of the season. That result and the identity of the player will therefore have to wait till I update at the end of August. Thanks Mr Bonito.
  11. Season 2018 - 2019 - End of Pre-Season Update So I've started my French adventure with JA Drancy. Is this a hopeless first save of FM19 or something quite special in the making? Well here goes.. Before I begin I just wanted to cover the leagues I've loaded for the save. I've always wondered what leagues to load up when playing in a particular nation and have developed a new technique with involves seeing where the clubs of the league I've chose to manage in have signed players from over the summer. By doing this we have ended up with all leagues from the following countries; France (obviously), Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey & USA. As well as all players from some non-playable nations like the Faroe Islands and Senegal. The Challenge If you're reading this but didn't read the first post (shame on you) then JA Drancy are a newly promoted side to the French Third Tier, the highest level of the French football pyramid they have ever played in. We have odds of 250-1 to win the league and that also makes us favourites for relegation by some way. Also being a Semi Professional outfit in a league with a mix of Professional clubs isn't the easiest and so we have our work cut out. The board aren't expecting much and therefore the target is too fight bravely against relegation, which of course we will try to do. The French Cup is also on offer and the target there is to reach the 9th Round (after starting in the 5th). Transfers Having inherited a decent sized squad (once you delve into the reserves) I didn't necessarily need to make loads of signings if I didn't want too. Yes, the squad isn't the best in terms of ability but at least we have the numbers in order to rotate and hopefully keep everyone fit and fighting for places. Also signing players hasn't been the easiest with a couple of players choosing clubs in the league below instead. My aim was to bring in at the very least two new players with the winger positions both understaffed and currently occupied by two of the lower rated players in the squad. It's currently the 4th August 2018 in the game and I have only a new left winger to show for it. Tarik Bengelloun is the sole signing so far. The 27 year old left winger has returned home having been born in Paris back in 1991. After spells at Nantes, Nottingham Forest and Hamilton he seemed to have settled back in France. He's nothing special but he was free, didn't want much with regards to wages and last but not least, he actually wanted to sign for us! To be fair to Tarik he's had a productive pre-season with 2 goals, 2 assists and a average rating of 7.28. *Fun Fact* Tarik is the brother of current Manchester City scout Younes Bengelloun *Fun Fact* As it stands there's been no leavers at the club however I'm hoping to ship some of the youngsters out on loan for first team football before the window ends. Tactics After much deliberation and desperately wanting to stick to what I know I decided to throw caution to the wind and work on perfecting a 4-2-3-1 Wide formation. The decision was based on the fact we have some decent attacking midfielder players and why not mix things up a little bit, it is a new version of the game after all and as the game progresses things can be chopped and changed if necessary. The team is set up to play direct football at a higher tempo in order to cover greater distances in as quick as possible. In transition we are therefore set up to counter. Individually and something I always do is to set my goalkeepers to take fewer risks. The full backs are encouraged to get forward when we are in possession however crossing from these positions is discouraged. The two central midfielders are there to protect and cover should the full backs be caught up field and therefore are set to hold their positions. The wingers will look to get to the byline before crossing whilst the pressing forward will drop deeper given the shadow striker space to burst through and put the ball in the net. Well that's the plan! Pre-Season Results Pre season to me is less about the results and more about how we play and look and also to get the players fitness in the right place before the big kick off. I always play lower league opposition so results are generally not relevant however I was obviously disappointed with the defeat and rather pleased with the 6-1 victory. Next Up We are a week away from the beginning of the season and we are probably on course where I wanted to be. Pre-season was largely successful on the pitch with many players now pretty much in prime condition ready for the big kick off. We have three players still on trial at the club however none of these look likely to make on a mark on the first team squad straight away but could be signed for the future. A right winger is in talks about a loan deal from a Ligue 2 club for the season and I'm hopful about getting that over the line before the season begins at USL Dunkerque in 6 days time. Until next time..
  12. Great start @warlock! I’m sure everyone will appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in to getting this up and running. I’m currently managing in France with JA Drancy but will keep my eye out on updates and no doubt I’ll be contributing before too long. Good luck everyone and here’s to another successful thread!
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