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  1. I don’t think there’s the interest or people just don’t have the same time that they used to have a few years ago. I know when I started posting in here in 2006 I was only 14 years old and obviously didn’t have a job, girlfriend and many other commitments you have as an adult. I used to race through saves but have such little time now in comparison it takes me a while to even get through a season. Also as we get older there’s probably not as many “youngsters” joining and posting like there was years ago. Social media is now a much bigger presence and time is being spent elsewhere I guess.
  2. What’s the new patch? Is it save game compatible?
  3. Who better to follow? If only we could turn back time. Saying that, very happy with Arteta and the direction he seems to be taking the team.
  4. Yep, exactly that! And it worked. I still try and do that now sometimes. It definitely works but the fans aren’t happy with the changing of formations used!
  5. Is Jose Baxter still a baller? @warlock I know he’s had his troubles but he was extremely talented. You’re doing a great job though. Tactics this year are up and down for me too so I understand you chopping and changing. I think a few years ago I got Colchester promoted from League One by literally changing my formation to suit whoever it was I was playing. Then I went and spoilt it all by spending over a million on Tom Hopper. (Remember that one, @Jogo Bonito?)
  6. What did you do? Just forget about the player and move on?
  7. I’ve had it confirmed it’s a bug by SI. Basically the player is interested but the agent says he isn’t and therefore you cannot progress with contract negotiations. There’s a few other things I’ve noticed too in general gameplay that aren’t working correctly.
  8. Does anyone think this version has a lot more bugs than usual? Just one example is I can’t offer a contract to a target due to a bug. Annoying!
  9. Hi, I've been scouting a central defender in my save (Version: 20.2.3 - 1330207) My scout report (100%) suggests the player is interested in the transfer and when entering contract negotiations he's "very interested in negotiating terms" however the agent comment is red and states "My client isn't currently interested in entering into contract negotiations with your club."
  10. Cheers! We're League Two so he should be a coup if we get him in.
  11. @karanhsingh What's Robbie Burton like? I'm tracking him in my Carlisle save and hoping I have have a chance of getting him. He's interested it just depends on whether I can get in there before someone else does. Other than that, this talk of a "Breakaway Brentford Super Thread" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Always wanting more you big club players!
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