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  1. Nice one @warlock Is that 3 promotions on the spin now? Max Watters doing bits.
  2. Keep it up @hasdgfasStaying up would be a great achievement! Good start to the season @CityAndColourSometimes continuity is good although I’m sure you would have wanted to get a couple of new faces in.
  3. Cheers mate. Yes finances got a boost with the Chelsea tie and the FA Trophy win. Budgets are currently showing at £240k for transfers and a spare £17k a week in wages so a nice bit of money to play with if needed. Time to spend hours planning for next season.
  4. STOCKPORT COUNTY - SEASON ONE - UPDATE THREE [END OF SEASON] The first season in charge of Stockport County is complete and we've bagged ourselves a double winning both the Vanarama National League and FA Trophy. The league title was wrapped up with 4 games to go following a 1-0 win over Weymouth. The title was extremely comfortable in the end with a 19 point gap back to Notts County. We managed to end the season on a 19 game unbeaten run including winning the last 7 in a row. Slightly disappointed with the average attendance although I'm sure that will pick up now w
  5. Nice work @Jogo Bonito & @StePratt Close fight at the top but like you said, a playoff spot should be the minimum now. That goal difference of 112. What an achievement to go the entire season undefeated. Guess it makes up for the previous seasons disappointments.
  6. Nice one @warlock I had Max Watters on FM20 for Stockport on two season long loan deals. He’s probably better on this version though given he performed so well IRL for Crawley. Great start to life in the EFL!
  7. That’s a decent return though on the financial front. I’ll probably go and lose my final now.
  8. Nice work on the promotion @warlock I’ll be happy if you lose in the final of the FA Trophy mind.
  9. STOCKPORT COUNTY - SEASON ONE - UPDATE TWO [JANUARY 2021 - MARCH 2021] I've now made it to the end of March in my first season at Stockport County. There isn't really a transfer window to speak of in the Vanarama National and below with transfers possible pretty much allowed all the way through to the end of March. Having made two signings during the summer another two arrived during the winter. First through the door was Wigan Athletic (League One) youngster Luke Robinson on loan for the season. Robinson arrived as an emergency back up as James Jennings picked up seas
  10. Good luck with Ipswich @Jogo Bonito Looks a decent side that you have started to build. Be interesting to see how Ellis Simms does for you. He's really starting to excel for Blackpool IRL.
  11. Nice one @warlock I wouldn’t worry too much about the transfer budget, it’s not as important at this level I would say. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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