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  1. Looking to achieve the same thing, if anybody has done it a screenshot would be awesome
  2. That's strange. I'm currently 3 seasons into FM15 with these files and all working well.
  3. Been looking into this as well but havent found anything yet. Having another look tonight, will let you know if I find anything.
  4. It's a real thing, which, as far as I know, is confirmed and therefore included in the game. Think it was confiormed earlier this year and is designed to replace the majority of friendly fixtures.
  5. "Option to prevent teams from playing in 2 continental coups at the same time" Interested to know if anybody has figured out how to use this yet? and if it's possible to use this setting to create another European continental cup for teams not already qualified for either the CL or EL i.e. Get teams 7th to 10th from Premier League.
  6. Not noticed that happening before, is that on FM14? Having successfully holidayed for five seasons to test this worked in FM15, I'm now having crashes on the season update day after one season of my first proper save so scrap what I said about it working on 15. Will try to redo it once the editor is out.
  7. The download link is still in the original post and looks like its still working? FYI - This works in FM15. Tested it for 5 seasons and been running it in my first main save.
  8. Mhopper84


    Surprisingly (for me at least) a whole load of new competition db's from FM14 are working fine with 15 so
  9. The WCC itself is held when the CL and El are on a break. The qualifying tournaments 3 group stage games are held april to may and the knockout stages are generally from August to October. Teams still playing European football in April and May are generally from larger countries not involved in WCC qualifiers but even if they are it still works out fine from what i've tested. Going through qualifying and all the way through the main competition involves 8 qualifying games and 8 WCC games so its not a huge amount. Not really looked at it from a non European schedule though.
  10. Fifa WCC + Qualifiers Fifa have decided to revamp the Club World Cup! The goal is to expand the competition and make it more competitive but to also have a fairer distribution of teams. 40 Clubs will now compete to be the Champions of the World and with 40 ways to qualify it is open to teams to over the world. The 40 clubs qualifying for the WCC are made up of continental champions and runner-up, league champions from the best leagues in the world and a range of regional WCC qualifiers. The tournament takes place from Descember to February starting after the European CL group stage and finishing before the knockout games in February. The format is as follows: 8 groups of 5 teams playing eachother one at neutral venues with the top 2 progressing. Round of 16 > QF > SF > F Qualifying for the WCC are: FROM EUROPE (15 teams) 1. European Champions League winners 2. European Champions League runners up 3. Europa League winners 4. Europa League runners up 5. Spanish League winners 6. English League winners 7. German League winners 8. Italian League winners 9. French League winners 10. Portuguese League winners 11. Scandinavian WCC Qualifying winners 12. Ex Soviet Union WCC Qualifying winners 13. Eastern Europe WCC Qualifying winners 14. Western Europe WCC Qualifying winners 15. South Europe WCC Qualifying winners FROM SOUTH AMERICA (8 teams) 16. Copa Libatadores winners 17. Copa Libatadores runners up 18. Copa Sudamerica winners 19. Copa Sudamerica runners up 20. Brazil League Winners 21. Argentinian League Winners 22. Rest of South America WCC Qualifying winners 23. Rest of South America WCC Runners Up FROM NORTH AMERICA (6 teams) 24. North America CL winners 25. North America CL runnersup 26. USA League winners 27. Mexico League winners 28. Central America WCC Qualifying 29. Caribbean WCC Qualifying FROM ASIA (5 teams) 30. Asian CL Winners 31. Asian CL Runners up 32. Asian Confederation Cup winners 33. Asian Confederation Cup runner-up 34. Asian Presidents Cup winners AFRICA (4 Teams) 35. African CL Winners 36. African CL Runners up 37. African Confederation Cup winners 38. African Confederation Cup runner-up OCEANIA (2 Teams) 39. Oceania CL WInners 40. Australian League winners There are 8 regional WCC Qualifiers, these exclude countries that already send their league champion to the WCC and they all follow the following structure: 16 Team Group Stage 2 Legged Quarters finals 2 Legged Semi Finals Final The Caribean WCC Qualifier features 32 teams with a 2 legged qualifier before the group stage. In the event that the CL winner is also the Spanish league winner it will take the Spanish league runner and so on. SCREENSHOTS Fifa World Club Championship Group Stage Fifa World Club Championship Group Stage Fifa World Club Championship 2nd Round WCC South Europe Qualifier WCC Ex Soviet Union Qualifier WCC Western Europe Qualifier WCC Eastern Europe Qualifier WCC Scandinavian Qualifier WCC Carribean Qualifier WCC South Central America Qualifier WCC South America Qualifier The download comes with 9 files, the WCC itself and the 8 regional qualifiers. All 9 files need to be loaded. Tested to 2020 and everything seems fine Feedback welcome. Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/download/ejx9vghm429mqd5/WCC.zip
  11. This is so frustrating. I'm trying this but it just doesn't work. Would love to know how you did this Don.
  12. You cannot modify the existing one but you can disable it and build a new one. I have built one bringing in all the continental champions and runners up from around the world. From each continent I have: Winner of CL Runner up of CL Winner of second cup (i.e Europa League) Runner up of second continental cup Then only the winner of Oceania CL (otherwise was always getting two New Zealand teams. That comes to 19 in total so added the winner of the Presidents cup as well making 20 teams, 4 groups of 5 teams > QF > SF > F You can do this first creating the cup in basic rules then going to the advanced editor to bring in these teams and set seedings etc. I'll be uploading my one sometime soon.
  13. I was looking for this this morning, unfortunately it doesn't look like its possible. A Shame really as it would be REALLY handy to look at how they are set up with the advanced editor so I can replicate similar stuff myself without having to experiment/guess.
  14. You're embarrassing yourself a little here - The question was not 'has anybody won the CL with an Eastern European club' it was 'Is it possible to win the CL with an Eastern European Club'. By showing it's possible to win it with a Welsh team answers the op's question since the Welsh league is weaker than all Eastern European leagues with possibly the exception of Estonia and Armenia which are about the same level.
  15. Done it with IFK Goteborg in Sweden so its definitely possible in leagues such as Belarus, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria etc. A lot harder with teams from Estonia, Latvia etc but still possible over the long term. Unfortunately playing in these leagues i always get to the point where the AI managers cannot improve their teams sufficiently no matter how much my performances increase our coefficients. In the end the league becomes uncompetitive and boring.
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