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  1. I shut the lid. I'm sorry, but are you honestly gonna be blaming my way of shutting down the laptop 10 minutes after quitting the game?
  2. It was meant as a remark to the first part. As they all play with Chinese teams that are not featured in the league, they are "technically" not in the league (until somebody buys them of course). I understand going by reputation is easiest for creating leagues, but it's surprising that the top Chinese teams with their (B)-superstars and tons of money don't have higher reputations than Bohemians 1905, Melgar or Antwerp. All veritable nobodies.
  3. Played it last night, quit + saved. Checked my email and facebook, shut down my laptop. Booted my laptop again today, wanted to play FM and first had to wait for the update to finish. Afterwards it didn't show my save game anymore in "Most Recent" and I was like "wtf", and when I click on Load Game it gave me that error.
  4. Only 1 Chinese club? Maybe a stupid question, but will loading a game in the lowest division make sure all teams have all playable players in them, and for other divisions as well? As we're all in Luxembourg?
  5. And unfortunately I had turned it off, will not make that mistake again. Luckily I wasn't deep in (only 11 months), but it was for a Challenge that I was on my way to completing, hence my urge to rant!
  6. Unlikely, yet how unlikely is it that a game that saves and works afterwards for 30 times suddenly doesn't work anymore? It didn't happen yesterday or 2 days ago, no, today, just after I updated the game. I can't believe I'm actually giving this assumption any credibility, but here goes: I always quit the game directly and let it save on my way out. I never turn off my computer after quitting the game, because I always check my email before going to bed. Never in my life did I have a game that flatly refused to start my savegame, without me changing anything to the game settings or without me adding any custom content.
  7. Something that makes my savegame being unable to load. Played one month for nothing. Guess it's my fault for not keeping a back-up handy of my save games. Should know better than to rely on proper patches to be distributed.
  8. And yet my team with a reputation 3 times higher than others didn't manage a single promotion in 15 years :'( Even when I used the in-game editor and changed it to 8.000 and save/reloaded twice they didn't promote. Totally bonkers
  9. You are wrong with that, I can confirm after simulating for 15 seasons a savegame of my own (in FM 2014 though). I had a team in Belgian 5th division, and only 3th and higher is playable. I gave this team a reputation of 3500, some nice cash, sugar daddy and good players. They never got out of 5th division. Another team that originally started in this same 5th division (with a reputation of 1250) managed to promote to 4th division and after 8 seasons (in total, not in 4th) they got promoted to 3rd, the playable league. They stayed in 3rd for 2 seasons, got relegated to 4th and managed to clinch promotion to 3rd immediately again. So it's possible, but even a big reputation hike + money + good players are no guarantee that the team will promote.
  10. Well, I've checked it and so far I've found teams who effectively promoted from 5th to 4th tier, so I don't know why it shouldn't be possible for those teams to promote onwards to 3rd division. Edit: I just found a team which started in 5th tier with my own team, albeit with reputation 3 times lower, and they have managed to grow onwards. They have been able to promote to 3th tier, got relegated to 4th and got promoted to 3th immediately again. So it is possible. And either they were very very lucky, or there is some factor involved which is not money, players or reputation.
  11. Alright, so my real life team is in 5th league in Belgium, which is only playable until 3th. I gave them a sugar daddy and some good players to influence there chances of getting promoted from 5th to the playable 3th league. Did the same with some Polish teams from 4th league (Poland is only playable until 2nd). Now I have simulated 15 years and all teams are still in their respective leagues, none have promoted to the playable leagues. Then it hit me, matches are not played in those leagues. That's why you can save/reload at the League reset date and get different promoted teams from non-playable to playable leagues. So it's completely useless to give loads of money and good players to those teams, because it all comes down to luck at the end of the season anyway. So, my question, is there anything else that influences promotion from non playable to playable besides mere luck? Has it even been enabled in the database that a team can be promoted through two unplayable divisions before knocking on the gate of playable leagues? The Belgian team already has 3-4 times the reputation of the teams in it's league, and 2 times the reputation of the teams in the 4th tier and even in the playable 3rd tier it would rank among the topteams with this reputation, so reputation also doesn't seem to have a major influence. Anything else?
  12. Hi, where can I buy the in-game Editor for FM 2014? I can't find it anywhere on the steam-website, nor in my steam-app under "Downloadable Content for FM 2014".
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