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  1. He does have a domestic release clause, but it's at 6 million. Well, I got him, but I'm not happy! Aha! xD
  2. Okay, so the year is 2027. I'm on the last day of the January transfer window, and I found this great young player called Foguinho, 18. I unwillingly settle for £5 mill with the team "Sao Paulo" due to him being a defensive midfielder and I really need one of those! Aha, anyway, right when my offer is accepted, they accept one from another Brazilian team for 675k. What?!?!?! I've never played them before, and they want 5 million, and yet they're willing to sell him to another team in their league for nothing! Can someone please explain this, it's ridiculous... >
  3. Progressive polygon view. I'd like to compare a player's polygon with a previous one from say, when the player joined the club. I love seeing how much the stats have progressed, and this feature could really show how much a player has come since joining. It could also be helpful for older players in seeing what areas they are declining on. Lets say your striker is a target man, but from the polygon comparison you can see that he's declining in physicality from last year so he should be trained in a different role. This would really help in predicting future attributes.
  4. Okay, I'm having a lot of trouble rotating my squad. I'm in Northern Ireland, 2023. Due to the huge gap of quality between myself and the other teams, I beat them comfortably most of the time. The problem I'm having is that I don't wanna rotate my squad 'cause they're constantly getting 7.8+ ratings, but that means my other players get annoyed because they're not playing. I mean, what am I supposed to do? I play with one striker but have two good options. The one I'm playing with right now has scored 35 goals in 40 appearances, and I don't wanna risk his form! I can't just drop him for "easy" games 'cause most of them are easy enough anyway.
  5. That's because of the preferred tactic that your Assistant likes to use. A workaround would be to download the Auto-Result button in the Steam Workshop.
  6. When looking at a staff member's profile, where it says preferred formation, you should be able to click on the formation so it shows you what it looks like, similar to what you see on the tactics screen of a club, because some of the formations are slightly confusing and you never know what position a player would be playing if that staff member managed one of your club's teams. Also, if you're looking at a preferred formation of a staff member currently at the club, it could show more information, such as the player role and mentality. This idea would mainly help when choosing staff for your U18 and U21 squad, but it could also help if a player likes to holiday through a career, and leave the formations as well as team selections to other staff members
  7. Okay, so ever since the challenge mode was introduced, I've been so annoyed that it makes you use FMC. In my opinion, it looks really bad to be honest, there is a load of stuff that just looks so stupid and goofy, and I was wondering whether there is a way to reskin the mode, or if the SI team are going to change the current mechanic.
  8. If you think about it, you've probably signed all them players from different clubs, so it's not surprising that some clubs will get a gem of a player. In my opinion, it's the scouting system that is too good, being able to automatically see how good a player will be if trained right, at the click of a button is laughable. A stat range would be a much better system, for example: Dribbling 13-18, Finishing 14-17.
  9. If the generated team is based on player ability, why not just delete all but one player and then generate the team?
  10. I must admit, the game gets boring after 20-30 years. It would be great to buy out a club, change name, change strip and other stuff. The amount of changes you make could affect the fans as well...
  11. This would be a little unrealistic in my opinion. Imagine a team continuously changing formation throughout the game, it would tire them out so much!
  12. You could use the option to start the game with all regen names, then they could implement the extra off-field issues..
  13. I went a season unbeaten with Chimney Corner in all competitions, including the Champions League finally!
  14. Okay, so I recently got San Marino into Serie A, but because I've only just taken control of the national team, the previous manager missed out on an amazing player, and now he's good enough for Italy so won't accept my call up. Even so, every single time I pick my squad, the media keeps on moaning about the exclusion of the player that doesn't even want to play for me. Is there any way to make him accept, or at least stop the stupid emails popping up?
  15. Other than the 1.9 ghz I see no major problems with the specs.
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