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  1. I still have Taylor, Bassong, bought Van Buyten and Sakho on the cheap the season before. Just need a good left back and possibly one more CB as cover In my midfield, I have Veloso, Nolan, Albelda, Miralem P... (from Lyon, they offered him to me for 10mil so I bought him as I just sold Elano to Inter for a nice profit, paid 6 sold him for 13.5) and Guthrie.. But I use Guthrie and Miralem down the right
  2. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Fabricio Collocini Your Team: Newcastle Buyer/Seller: Liverpool Player Value: 5.75 mil Offer: 11 mil (0 up front, over 12 months) + Xabi Alonso Transfer/Wage Budget: 51 million/ 1 mil per week Patch: 9.03 Season: July 2010, 2010/2011 season I really think this is a no brainer but what does everyone think?
  3. My center backs are getting tons of yellows throughout the season, I usually play them man marking and for specific instructions against opposing players, I usually don't have them hard tackling the strikers, but they still get booked. Anything else I can do to limit their amount of cards? Also, how many matches does one get for 10 yellows? I thought it was two but one of my CBs just got his 10th yellow and now he has a 3 match ban? Playing in the second season now. He has never been red carded this season either
  4. I guess its pretty difficult to program for this but what is up with stupid transfers that the PC controlled teams make? In my current game, Chelsea and Man City are leading the pack with this because they have so much money. in the summer (2009) Chelsea decided to buy: Guiza (15mil), Kranjcar (13mil), Maxi Rodriguez (16mil), Andres Guardado (20mil), Ezequiel Garay (10.25mil), Dario Srna (23.5mil), Marcelo (13.25mil), Joao Moutinho (18.75mil). Its now February 2010.. Guiza has played 4 games, 2 starts, 2 subs, he wants to leave. Guardado has played 6, 1 start, 5 subs, he wants to leave. Kranjcar was sold to roma after only playing 3 games for the club, he was sold for 15 million. Rodriguez has started 6 games, 4 subs but is happy to stay. The rest have actually played roles in the team so far. Chelsea have also bought van der Vaart from Arsenal who was unhappy there because he never played whats the deal?
  5. what's his stamina at?
  6. A good right back

    In need of a rb, second season (09/10) in with Newcastle United and not relegated Habib Beye is getting on in years and Ryan Taylor just isn't very good. I tried to buy a rb from A.S Nancy, Mikael Chretien but he chose to go to Roma instead. surprise surprise. I got hit with the transfer leak when I tried to buy him (god I hate that feature!! it seems to happen all the time for me!) Since I try to play attacking football, what stats are important for attacking fullbacks?
  7. What is your best sale?

    although they were playing well for me, 14mil for Milner and 17.5mil for N'Zogbia to Arsenal after the first season. There are always good wingers available out there
  8. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    oh yeah, and when I started my game, I checked the option to allow every team 0 transfer funds. I think it made things more realistic in the first summer, but in the second summer, teams were buying like mad. Juve spent at least 100m on players alone!!
  9. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    yeah the board are madmen. Get angry if you get knocked out of the Carling Cup before the 4th round, even though every time I got to that round, I was playing Arsenal at the Emirates. Yeah, good luck for me... Finished my first season and into my second. I sold Milner and N'Zogbia to Arsenal for 14m and 17.5m, Emre to Bolton for 8m. Faye to Recreativo for 1m and brought in Breno, Piatti, Di Maria, Thiago (from barcelona), Bale, Stancu (sp?), Alex texiartatatata....(sp) young brazilian kid and Bentley during the summer. Finished 7th in my first season and need to get higher than 6th apparently this season. Most of the tactics I use I got from the 2-6-2 thread. Martins always wants to go but I've held on to him so far. Him and Owen are my top scorers.
  10. Corner kicks are an absolute joke!

    i took a player off "near post flick on" and now my corner taker stops aiming there!! even though I never told him to aim there. Magical
  11. Corner kicks are an absolute joke!

    Yeah, I agree with the tc.. my corner taker always always aims for the near post even though I have the corners setting on "penalty area" or "far post" maybe this is due to his creative freedom being set too high? My current corner taker's corners stat is pretty high so I can't figure it out why he keeps shooting for the near post. I have one player set to Near Post Flick on, but aiming for him all the time doesn't make sense. Even when I had the tactic set to mixed, always the near post