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  1. Fantastic announcment! Im so excited for getting it ! :-) I have a few questation, mayby you can help me...? - Will it have some kind of multiplayer function (or mayby in future?) ? - Will it be able to play cross platform? - Will there be any in-game editor? So nice surprice today. Cant wait for tonight
  2. What about the host specs in ram or cpu etc. Any recommendations on that part?
  3. Thx for reply Neil. But what are the requirement the internet speed for each player. And do you know about how strong the host need to be?
  4. Hi guys Thx for listening. Im a going to host a FM Party next month, for 10-12 players. We are going to be together on same network, but i need to have som info about techs. 1: How neccesary is it for the host computer to be strong? And what do you belivie is the minimum specs for the hosts computer? 2: Now I see the missing function to be offline and playing. Will that mean, that every 10-12 player have to down-/upload constant to Steam, or will the game see, that we are on same network? Thx for reply, and sorry for my bad english. Happy FM'ing
  5. Yeah! Its very important. I will be host at an event for 10+ players. I really need to do the local network way
  6. Thank you for all the replys. We will be in the same room, playing for at least 18 hours over the weekend :-) Looking forward to it. Does any of you have experience in using a strong computer as host only, wich will not be assigned as manager.
  7. Thank you for reply. Thats okay, we will be playing in december. It just planning now :-)
  8. Hi Guys :-) Im in planning stage for a FM13 party weekend, where we will be 10-12 friends who playing against each other. Do any of you have som advise for us? Will it better if we used a seperate computer as a server? Is it possible to play so many players, at the same time? Wifi or lan? Whats best? Thank you for helping :-) And sorry for my bad english.
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