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  1. Can we get an update on what this latest patch included please? My beta patch updated with a 155mb file this afternoon.
  2. Sure. I guess just note it down as an unconfirmed/possible bug. If I see anything similar again I'll do my best not to save!
  3. G'day Rob, Afraid that save point is well in the past now (as in I have saved over it a number of times since. But as you point out (and I missed) Hazard is indeed unhappy. More detail in the screenshot which indicates that he's not happy I rejected the transfer (but also happy with the Champions League promise). As I said earlier I managed to convince him. A 2nd screenshot here shows the outcome of that conversation. So I believe the bug is now related to the promise . It registers during the conversation but not subsequently.
  4. Monaco bid for my player. In the offer screen I was able to see that the player wanted to transfer. I selected the option to discuss the reason why he wanted to transfer and managed to convince him to stay (qualify for the Champions League this season). I subsequently rejected the transfer and everyone moved on. You can see in the screenshot that the player is not unhappy and that he is happy with the promise of Champions League football. A number of weeks later I now have a message that players are unhappy with my treatment of the player (2nd screenshot). I believe both their reaction & the delayed timing of the message are bugs. Thanks.
  5. Hey Riz, thanks for the response on this. Whilst I can't 100% confirm, I believe the issue is related to playing in windowed-mode (as I do) and running other applications whilst playing. For example, if I load the game via Steam and don't click on anything other than the game itself, it runs flawlessly. As soon as I either alt-tab out or just click on another screen in the background, the next time I press continue in-game, it'll crash. I doubt this is running as intended but I'm comfortable in avoiding the crash now - I just make sure I save before clicking out and doing something else!
  6. Furthermore - I've just validated my game files...it found 535 files that failed the validation! I'm not sure if that has solved the problem but is a decent indicator that something may have been wrong. Re-testing game now. UPDATE - Nope, that didn't work. Still crashing upon processing to the next day (at random).
  7. I have the exact same issue here. Sometimes the game will process after pressing continue, other times it will just crash. I'm on Win10, running EHM thru Steam with the latest patch, the 9.2 TBL rosters (subscribed via Steam) & a logo pack subscribed through Steam as well. Im at work right now so will update with my save file when I get home. would appreciate any help! UPDATE - save game has been uploaded to the ftp per instructions linked above. File name is EHM_cmspitfire_randomcrashes.sav It has been uploaded to the /fm/game-pkm remote site (because I pressed the wrong button when I drag/dropped....). Hopefully Riz can find it and investigate!
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