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  1. Im know this is a mentality. You do not understand me. Excuseme. My question is about the mentality of the team and the mentality of the players. My team is an attacking mentality, but my players with attacking debt are a very attacking mentality. Why? Why not attack the mentality of players with attacking duties?
  2. Hi to all. Im from Russia. Excuseme i dont speak english. My question is about the mentality. Im set to attacking mentality for my team. But my player with atackind duty dont get this mentality. Their mentality very atacking. The players with a support duty in positive metality. Why is? Why not atacking mentality at players then team mentality setting as attacking?
  3. Its problem M.E. 1916. When drawing the ball from the center of the field, constant knocking out Football Manager 2019 22.11.2018 22_17_07.mp4
  4. @Neil Brock I'm from Russia. sorry for my English. When to expect a large changes in M.E.?
  5. Smx

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    Im have this problem with scottish league. I dont upload not official updates
  6. Trequartista is a roaming cretive forward. He dont ball magnets
  7. @Rashidi I'm from Russia. Sorry, I speak English poorly. Your examples are quick transitions. But the problem of people in the game against low blocks in long positional attacks.This is not the first topic. Here is another one: All of them have problems in positional attack and have not received help.
  8. Smx

    [Russia] Data Issues

    184 cm official: http://spartak.com/team/persons/mikhail_ignatov/
  9. Hi, guys. Im from Russia. I dont speak english. Excuseme for my english. Two problems in FM19 beta. I dont know this is bugs or not? 1) Long passes behind backs central defenders. 14 assist passes long balls or through balls from deep Video: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/502126362484539392/503316145466769430/Football_Manager_2019_21.10.2018_0_16_52.mp4 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/502126362484539392/503323366581600276/Football_Manager_2019_21.10.2018_0_45_31.mp4 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/502126362484539392/503305160299380747/Football_Manager_2019_20.10.2018_23_33_16.mp4 When a my team turnovers the ball opponent instantly performs a long pass behind backs central defenders. Deep back line and regroup in transition dont help. My central defenders play to close opponent forward and do not interception. Its bug or attributes my defenders? 2) Corners on far post My team and team of AI many heads are scored after corners on far post. When zonal marking defenders too close to the near zone and center. The far part of penalty area is always open. Im used zonal marking (5 player). My farthest player is not at the far corner of the goalkeeper zone but by the level of the far post. AI with a different method of protection similar problems. scored and missed on 5 goals after the corner to the far post for 12 matches
  10. What means Early/Mid/Late in training calendar? How to use it?
  11. Even. AM/Support dont break the opposition defensive line because he sit in the hole into deep on the feeld. He rarely moves on the opposition defensive line and rarely settle between opposition defensive line and defensive midfielders. His position before opposition mifield. As result he may double APL, because he sit in the deep as and APL
  12. If you needs in the deep playmaker in central zone, that im advice using the advanced playmaker on support duty between others AMC. SS needs space that move into channels. But Advanced Forward dont create space and dont out put defenders without positions. AF moves witn ball directly trough opposition defensive line. DLF as good alternative because he holding the ball, that can take SS move in the forward.
  13. Excuseme for my english. First issues that im see its dlp and anchorman combo. dlp needs the space in the deep. its static role in vertical move, but dynamic in frontal/horizantal move. with anchorman combo dlp dont space for horizantal move as anchorman sit deep and stay in same zone that and dlp
  14. Excuseme for my English, im from Russia. Clear Ball to flanks - dont work instruction, because you a flank midfielders sit dipper very much. On flanks not players for picking ball. Wide play? What for? Fullbacks dont forward runnig. You a CWB will be isolation in creative phase to attack. Besides, 2 DM passive in attack and dont supporting CWB. Work ball into box - what for? Less a movement in the attack third. Waiting a moment for key passes it makes no sense ADpl/S - stick to position. The team dont have roaming aroud to him.