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  1. I can't say I'm happy with the way it is working. The wider CBs often don't pick up the wide attacking players, whether they're instructed to mark them or not, as they'll come quite narrow towards the striker. Against 1 striker formations (that also have AML/AMR), I am thinking about employing either no nonsense full backs or inverted wingbacks on defend.
  2. Wingbacks will be positioned slightly higher up the pitch and be comparatively more aggressive about making forward runs vs fullbacks. Wingbacks also get locked in dribbling more (not sure if its both support and attack, or just attack duty) where as fullbacks don't. The latter can be useful if you want them to pass more. Both roles can and will overlap. The other consideration that comes to mind for which role you opt for, is what the roles and duties of your central midfielders are.
  3. Playing in the role/duty and also setting it their individual training will make them gain familiarity the fastest.
  4. You're playing very direct and fast, which is a style to my mind, that makes it hard for something like a Trequartista to get properly involved in. A shadow striker may help here, especially if you want it to be the primary goal threat. I do wonder if he might get bypassed still, so a rethink of the forward role might be a possibility - something'll that help play the TQ/SS in.
  5. One of the things I wanted to do in this match engine was getting a single EG really performing. Hadn't even considered the possibility of using more than one yet. For 3 EG maybe something like CF(A) EG EG EG HB SV(A) CBW(A) CB CB CWB(A)
  6. Double pivot in DM strata only looks too defensive on paper but isn't necessarily so in practice. The RPM role is available in the DM strata as well, so you don't have to use a Regista.
  7. When playing with a high line, it helps to have good relevant mentals as well as being fast. Those become even more important when also playing with a high line.
  8. Can't say how having a Mezzala will change your defensive structure (if at all), but I wouldn't worry too much about that part of the role description. A player with the right attributes will contribute nicely to defense. It's like the Trequartista; a player with good work rate isn't going to be lazy or necessarily defensively neglible when played there.
  9. Interested to see how this goes. I've considered having a pop at catenaccio lately but always shy away from it because the Libero isn't well.. a Libero.
  10. Greece winning Euro 2004 is one of only a few notable anomalies I can think of in the last 20 years to actually win something.
  11. Why does it matter if they're as good (or not) as a plug n play tactic? If your tactic is well thought out and you sign players appropriate for it, you can be successful with just about any style, low block included.
  12. This game against Lokomotiv Moscow was the last game before I started tinkering with the defense, so it'll be the baseline. Here we have the average position without ball (looking at defensive shape) For the next match against AZ, I opted to try out setting our defensive width to force them inside. We don't really see much difference in the average position of the wider CBs. Maybe slightly wider. From the same match, we have the avg pos with the ball, as this is the last match I used the Libero(Su) in before switching to BPD(C). As you can see, the Libero's average p
  13. It was possible to be successful with a low block style in FM 20 and while I haven't used a low block in 21, I haven't seen anything from the game so far as to suggest you couldn't be successful with it here too.
  14. Appreciate your opinion! I will admit that when it comes to opposition instructions and all that jazz, I'm on the lazier side of things - an old bad habit from a bygone era of being able to 'set and forget' a tactic. In FM 20 I did trial run positional marking but the results weren't promising so it was eventually ditched. May be the case that 21 is less forgiving. I think my next step for now is I'm going to set defensive width to wide before I attempt to implement some positional marking. The idea here will be to observe how it affects the positioning of the wider CBs and thei
  15. If it's working, by all means, continue to use it (counter). Just be mindful of Lewandoski's positioning when these sorts of attacks start. In terms of crosses, Mixed might be a better compromise I wonder? You have quality players on the wings, so it's not a bad idea to just give them to freedom to decide how to cross. You may still get cutbacks that way and get better suited crosses for Lewandowski as well.
  16. If you're unwilling to compromise on the gegenpressing style then that's the best course of action.
  17. What do you mean by creative freedom here? Because I don't understand how Kevin de Bruynes would have less creative freedom than a center back when playing as a Mezzala of all roles. As for the awkward thing; A player needs to practice the role he is supposed to play, in order to become more familiar with it. This increases over time by playing them in that position/role/duty, as well as setting their individual training to that position/role/duty.
  18. A few things stick out to me: You're using counter in transition whilst also being very aggressive in your out of possession instructions. Makes me wonder if Lewandowski is frequently not in a good position when this happens as a result. Any particular reason for the low crosses? Lewandowski is pretty good aerially and so low crosses probably aren't allowing you to take advantage of that.
  19. You can win titles playing a defensive brand of football, absolutely. Playing exclusively on the defensive mentality on the other hand? I don't see it. You would have to get pretty aggressive with roles & duties to get some form of attack going and at that point, you're probably not a defensive team anyway.
  20. I think it's a mischaracterization to suggest that it's about sitting back and waiting for the opposition to make a mistake. Maybe that was true once upon a time, but for the likes of Mourinho it isn't. His sides have often defended in a low block, but they still aggressively press to win the ball back. It's just that what triggers this press occurs much deeper than your tiki takas or gegenpressing. Take the Inter vs Barcelona match for example; What triggered Inter's pressing trap? Whenever Barcelona committed to a flank for the attack. That's more letting your opponent lay his cards on the t
  21. I think this is worth a watch if you've never seen it and the thought process should help answer your question.
  22. I'm seeing a significant amount of through ball assists (especially compared to FM20) from just outside the 18 yard box without utilising something like Pass Into Space. What that tells me is that players are more capable this time out to make something happen in limited amounts of space. In FM20 we cautioned against the use of Pass Into Space when the expectation was there was going to be minimal space behind the defense, but I wonder if that's something that no longer is applicable. I believe Rashidi has a video out on team instructions now but I haven't had the time to watch that and s
  23. Personal opinion is that TREQ is probably the choice that's going to let you get the most out of Messi, in the AM slot. Griezmann as a False Nine or Complete Forward on Support, depending on how much lateral movement you want from the role. Griezmann only has 10 strength though which isn't particularly ideal as CF(Su) will have the player occasionally holding the ball up.
  24. Mentality is probably the first area you might want to reconsider, for reasons that Freakiie highlighted. Remember, mentality is an expression of risk and not necessarily how defensively sound you're going to be.
  25. Apologies for another back to back post if that's frowned upon, but I'm back with another update. We're ten games into the season now and a worrying trend is starting to develop. Notably the games against ADO Den Haag and more recently FC Emmen. Admittedly understrength sides were fielded in these matches with UCL games to play but I don't think one can chalk it up purely to that alone. More on that in a bit. First we'll take a quick look at one of the goals against Atletico Madrid. Just some nice passing and movement that stuck out to me. One thing I am noticing on a
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