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  1. Same here. Feels quite bad when you have a good forward with greats stats and he hardly ever scores. I mean, feels so weird when players like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé, Vardy, Agüero, Salah and Immobile miss 1v1's all the time, and when they get a CCC they hardly make 'em count. Although I had one season with Chelsea when I got Tammy to win the golden boot. But he only won it thanks to some corner bug, or at least I think it is a bug, I never set up my corners simply 'cause I'm like Pep, I want my goals from open play. But Tammy scored between 7-8 goals from Corners and set pieces. Same thing
  2. I doubt it. Since FM 18, in my opinion, the game has gotten worse. Recently installed FM 16 and it felt better than FM 20. The attackers scored 1v1's, your IF's scored, even your false 9 scored, AND YOUR WINGBACKS DIDN'T SHOOT ALL THE TIME as they do in FM 20..... But this FM is by far the worst, I think. Your worldclass attackers hardly score CCC's, your most creative players act like they play in the lower leagues as you rarely see any opening passes or through balls, and the wingbacks are a joke, they shoot all the time instead of trying a cross or a pass... When you play tiki taka yo
  3. @crusadertsar You're gonna prove me wrong by playing Benfica of all teams? The only team that's a threat to you are Porto, and from what I've seen they tend to finish second or third most of the time. And you play "positive" when you said you would play like Mourinho. Talk about contradicting yourself, When have Mou ever let his team "play out of defence"? He wants quick transactions. When he was at Real Madrid Ramos or Xabi would hit the long balls as quick as possible, often out to the flanks, to let the front 4 use their skill to create goalscoring chances. And Mou is known for wan
  4. It doesn't favour any style? Then how come that all the tactics with "counterpress" outperformes every other tactics not using that instructions? Mourinho you say. So you gonna sit back and try to counterattack? Ok. The ME won't allow you to do that. 'Cause every time you let the AI have the ball they will dominate you and evantually score a goal. PLaying with a low block or a low D-line will just let the AI do whatever they want. But go ahead and prove me wrong. Try and win anything without using "counterpress, high D-line and high LOE".
  5. Unfortunateeky SI Games have favoured Gegenpress for the last, at least, 2 years. If you wanna win titles in this game you always need to play tactics with "counterpress and counter" also " high D-line and high LOE". Quite boring top be honest. For me the game was fun when you could play with different styles not only styles that has "gegenpress" in it. If you look at the likes of Conte, Mou, Simeone and Allegri they win games and titles without "counterpress". They might press high sometimes, some of 'em, but you won't see counterpressing. And also, the way "counterpress" works in
  6. I usually go with "balanced" mentality when I try to be more pragmatic i order to change the style of play depending on how it's going. "a bit easier"? You're having a laugh.... Attacking tactics are by far easier than defensive once... Just look at the tactics that win the most titles in the game, the attacking once, and by attacking once I mean the gegenpress and tiki taka. Btw, it's not the underdogs that are the problem. When I try to do a Mourinho and close a game against a strong side I just end up seeing highlight after highlight and eventually the AI will score, they always do.
  7. Is it just me or is it impossible to play any type of defensive football in this game? I mean, I've tried everything but all I see is me getting totally dominated whenever I try to play Catenaccio or any type of counter-attacking football, letting in goals like there's no tomorrow. Even when I try to park the bus I end up seeing the AI create chance after chance to score, and guess what? The AI always gets a goal in the end, or 2, or 3, or 5... It just seems so ridiculous to me that the only way to play football in FM 20, imo, is to play attacking. Gegenpress, attacking football and
  8. I haven't gotten a #10 to work for several years now. I tried every role. So I just end up playing a 4-3-3.
  9. Could someone please explain to me why it's impossible to play defensively on FM?......... I don't wanna play tiki taka or gegenpress all the time..... Every time I try to play more defensively I leak goals like hell....I actually get a better defensive record playing attacking football.....
  10. Imo Si Games needs to put in more instructions to FM to make it more flexible.
  11. No you can't. You will never see in fm an CB doing overlaps or underlaps in FM20. What you are talking about is just CB's taking the ball out of defence instead of hitting it long, not overlaps or underlaps.
  12. I don't. But Statman Dave did a video about The Blades playing style under Chris Wilder The Blades <--link to video
  13. The unfortunate thin is that SI games hasn't put in overlapping CB's in the game. Really a shame. Would be fun to have that option when you play with a back-line of 3 CB's and don't have any wingers.
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