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  1. I usually go with "balanced" mentality when I try to be more pragmatic i order to change the style of play depending on how it's going. "a bit easier"? You're having a laugh.... Attacking tactics are by far easier than defensive once... Just look at the tactics that win the most titles in the game, the attacking once, and by attacking once I mean the gegenpress and tiki taka. Btw, it's not the underdogs that are the problem. When I try to do a Mourinho and close a game against a strong side I just end up seeing highlight after highlight and eventually the AI will score, they always do. No matter what I do. For an example, when I took charge of Atletico de Madrid I played home against Barcelona, not a underdog team, I then tried to do as Mou', Conte and Diego would do in those games. Play with a defensive mentality, low block, lower LoE, defend narrow, high press(I feel like you need to press in the newer FM-games, not pressing tends to give the AI more space and will end up in a lots of goals for the AI), direct play, higher tempo, be more disciplined, waste time, play for set pieces, counter, somtimes I use counter-press, mark the best players in Barcelona. I usually tend to have 6 players on defend, 3-4 on support and 1-2 on attack. But what ends up happening? I'll tell you. You end up seeing Barca create ccc's constantly and they will end up scoring and you'll hardly see any counter-attacks from your side at all. The formation I played with was 4-4-2, as Atleti does in real life.
  2. Is it just me or is it impossible to play any type of defensive football in this game? I mean, I've tried everything but all I see is me getting totally dominated whenever I try to play Catenaccio or any type of counter-attacking football, letting in goals like there's no tomorrow. Even when I try to park the bus I end up seeing the AI create chance after chance to score, and guess what? The AI always gets a goal in the end, or 2, or 3, or 5... It just seems so ridiculous to me that the only way to play football in FM 20, imo, is to play attacking. Gegenpress, attacking football and some form of tiki-taka seems to be the only way to play. And another thing that is ridiculous is that when the AI defends you can almost go a whole game without hardly any highlights, but when you try to park the bus against the AI they get ccc almost every minute it seems. It's so frustrating. So, is it just me or is anyone else experiencing the same thing as me?
  3. I haven't gotten a #10 to work for several years now. I tried every role. So I just end up playing a 4-3-3.
  4. Could someone please explain to me why it's impossible to play defensively on FM?......... I don't wanna play tiki taka or gegenpress all the time..... Every time I try to play more defensively I leak goals like hell....I actually get a better defensive record playing attacking football.....
  5. Imo Si Games needs to put in more instructions to FM to make it more flexible.
  6. No you can't. You will never see in fm an CB doing overlaps or underlaps in FM20. What you are talking about is just CB's taking the ball out of defence instead of hitting it long, not overlaps or underlaps.
  7. I don't. But Statman Dave did a video about The Blades playing style under Chris Wilder The Blades <--link to video
  8. The unfortunate thin is that SI games hasn't put in overlapping CB's in the game. Really a shame. Would be fun to have that option when you play with a back-line of 3 CB's and don't have any wingers.
  9. Wait for an update.....the game is not good right now....
  10. It was my understanding that Atleti attack from the flanks and not the middle, or have they switched?
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