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  1. Hello, I would like to make a County league / leagues for England and want to stop all transfers. I can put a transfer embargo on all clubs but clubs can still sign free transfers and staff. One possibly solution could be that clubs can only sign players with certain cities of birth, e.g. Warwickshire can only sign plays with cities of birth within Warwickshire. Not sure if this could be implemented though. Please help! Thank you, Tom
  2. Same, although the post earlier asking if there was an editor for Classic Mode was ignored by SI Doesn't rule out the possibility though so fingers crossed I'm just pessimistic...
  3. Ok cheers, sorry havn't been up to date with the FM news this year so wasn't sure if all the information had been released yet!
  4. Was a huge fan of all of CM/FM until FM2007 (by no means perfect but the best game in the series IMO) but since then havn't been able to get into a save until FMC came along.... all the (IMO of course) repetitive time consuming new features that came along in the subsequent games made me feel like managing my team was a second job. What i would like to improve FMC in 2014 is an FMC editor and basic team talks but havn't heard anything so far Eventually i think FMC should evolve so that you can add or remove modules that you want / dont want in the game, not sure how easy that would be to im
  5. Has it been announced? If not is there any chance it may still be announced or is this not going to be an option?
  6. The throw-in sounds like a typical FM2013 throw-in rather than a display of sportmanship
  7. Sounds like a yes but won't believe it until i see it! Thanks for the reply.
  8. Sounds like a yes but won't believe it until i see it! Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hey, Just wondering if you are considering developing an editor for FM Classic / are developing it for FM2014. Cheers.
  10. Hello, Can league reputation change for leagues below the top division and if so, what does it depend on? Cheers.
  11. Can a son appear in Classic without the unlockable used?
  12. On an FM2007 save I found a regen called Bobby Charlton Jr. and had Bobby Charlton in his favoured personnel. Sounds made up but i swear on my life its true!
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