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  1. That's interesting. I'm guessing you would need a very complete player to fulfill that role? By the looks of it Bernardo Silva is quite complete though. What PPMs does he have?
  2. Just curious about the movement of a few players... what PPMs does Locatelli have? His movement seems interesting and from what I can see earlier in the thread you didn't give him any PIs. I also really like Bernardo's movement. I would have thought he would rush into the box at every opportunity but seems to vary his movement quite a bit - do you think this is because of the Very Fluid shape and the Standard mentality or does he have Come Deep To Get Ball PPM?
  3. I must say herne, I really enjoy how you approach the game and the way you write. It will be interesting to see how this progresses. One question: Even though it has been only pre-season, I'm curious to know what changes you made during those games and why? Did you drop deeper against Bayern and Dortmund?... Did you push higher up if you felt you were conceding too much space to the opposition?... Did you make any role changes? etc.
  4. Another interesting thread Cleon. I like the concept of not having any preconceived idea of how you want to play - it seems like a really good way of getting people (including me) to not only understand why they're having issues but how to go about fixing them (also, people will have to think for themselves rather than asking for you to spoon feed them info). A few things I'd like to touch on: 1. I've always liked having 3 players back to stop counter attacks (one of the positives of a well utilized back 3) but I know everyone has their own preferences. If you were to have two DMs on defend
  5. I'm no Cleon but I can offer my two cents. Your first question: the time when a tactic is not going to be fully learned is usually in pre-season, which is the one part of the season where teams are playing for fitness and will be markedly different than at any other stage of the season because of this. So you might not learn too much about your tactic in pre-season. Personally, I like to give my tactic four or five games into the season, watching those games on full to spot the strengths and weaknesses of the system in use - but of course you also have to apply logic and consider what you're
  6. That's so fantastic Cleon. It's great to hear that such a wonderful piece of work is getting the praise and attention it deserves.
  7. Yeah I was thinking the same with regards to Mourinho and Simeone but they're both so adaptable to the situation that I would have ended up writing every option so just wrote down their general style/philosophy. This has really opened my eyes though. I've become bogged down with strategy descriptions and my ideas of them in the past but thinking of it as where I would like to win the ball back makes things much clearer. Just out of curiosity THoG, what do you think of a Defensive/Counter tactic with higher closing down more and Very Fluid philosophy. I was thinking that perhaps Very Fluid wo
  8. That's an interesting way of looking at it. So if we were to take real life examples we could say: Bielsa/Schmidt/Klopp - Control/Attacking, Push Higher Up, Close Down More Mourinho - Counter/Standard, Close Down More? Simeone - Defensive/Counter, Close Down More. Possible Push Higher Up as well since Atlético often compress the space between defence and midfield as much as possible.
  9. Fantastic stuff THoG and the best installment of this series yet. I really enjoyed how you went into the offensive/defensive strengths and weaknesses of each formation. I can see this helping a lot of people on here since many seem confused about what system they actually want to use. For example, a lot of people complain about their wide players in a 4-2-3-1 not tracking back enough in the defensive phase which means they should really be looking to use 4-4-1-1.
  10. @Stonebiter I don't think there are anymore updates that would be worth it. He seems more than happy to reply to any questions we have in this thread though. And that can be more useful than updates.
  11. Cleon, this might be off-topic but it's relevant to the formation you're playing and how it plays out. I've used this shape before and it's worked well. Like you, I put the CM(A) on the same side as the advanced striker. This time I'm looking to utilize a central winger but on the side of the DLF. My thinking is that the central winger/CM(A) could drive into the space the DLF creates, overload the flank with the WB(A) and play crosses into the far post to the Advanced Forward. I don't want to do this on the other flank because the I have the WB(A), CM(A) and AF all makes runs from deep often
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