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  1. I would say DF(S) but he was dribbling quite a bit so possibly CF(S) with no roaming or moving into channels. You could see Conte wanted him not to drift wide but to stay in the center of the pitch as the focal point of the attack.
  2. That's interesting. I'm guessing you would need a very complete player to fulfill that role? By the looks of it Bernardo Silva is quite complete though. What PPMs does he have?
  3. Just curious about the movement of a few players... what PPMs does Locatelli have? His movement seems interesting and from what I can see earlier in the thread you didn't give him any PIs. I also really like Bernardo's movement. I would have thought he would rush into the box at every opportunity but seems to vary his movement quite a bit - do you think this is because of the Very Fluid shape and the Standard mentality or does he have Come Deep To Get Ball PPM?
  4. Hi Cleon, I contacted you a while back on Twitter to ask if you still had the images from the opening posts of this thread, don't know if you remember. I wanted to ask about how you set up the training for pre-season. From what I can gather you set the general training to Fitness and the match training to Tactics Only for the first while until a few weeks before the end of pre-season and then changed to Team Cohesion. So my questions (I'll try to be as direct as possible to make it easier): - Is all of this correct? - Did you set the scheduling bar all the way to the left? - If so, for how long/how many games? - What did you do with all of these settings when pre-season is over? Or does it vary from save to save? - I think I remember you saying you don't allow rest before or after a match during pre-season, what do you do during the season? - What was the default intensity of the general training? - Also, this is a bit unrelated and probably more suited to the Youth Development thread, but when signing tutors at the start of a save, do you give them the squad status of Key Player?
  5. Jambo, was just reading back over this thread, great stuff! Just wondering did you notice any differing behaviour of the CM(A) on different mentalities? Closing down more, pushing forward earlier on higher mentalities etc?
  6. Cleon, do you know in which version of the game was this first used?
  7. I must say herne, I really enjoy how you approach the game and the way you write. It will be interesting to see how this progresses. One question: Even though it has been only pre-season, I'm curious to know what changes you made during those games and why? Did you drop deeper against Bayern and Dortmund?... Did you push higher up if you felt you were conceding too much space to the opposition?... Did you make any role changes? etc.
  8. Have you tried a combination of DLP(D) + CM(D)? I find it really solid... they cover the space in front of the defence really well and the DLP(D) will be more willing to advance a little bit up the pitch with a CM(D) beside him (in the system I use anyway).
  9. @keithfc - From that screenshot it looks like the SS is in the F9's way and is preventing him from dropping deep. He can't drop deep if the space is not there.
  10. Strange, he certainly had them in previous versions of the game. But it would be interesting to see if training this PPMs would have the desired effect - it should in theory.
  11. You could push Gundogan up to CM as a DLP(S) - his PPMs should help here, if I remember them correctly. He has the PPM to come deep to get the ball so he'll still collect the ball from the CBs and he also has Gets Forward Whenever Possible so he'll still get forward quite a bit.
  12. I don't see why so many people seem to think Hazard was played as IF(A) under Mourinho. As a Chelsea fan who watched every game under Mourinho I can guarantee you he didn't regularly make runs in behind the defence without the ball. I would say either IF(S) or AP(A) out wide would replicate his play much more, and probably roam from position PI if you thought it was needed.
  13. chroniclesofal, out of curiosity, do you use different filters when scouting for younger/youth players?
  14. I really enjoyed this. I love seeing how different people approach the game and this is an approach I've become interested in lately. I've used the different filters in the transfer market but never even thought of having specialized shortlists... that's an excellent idea! It would be cool if other people could post how they approach the game with stuff like this. Maybe one of the mods could get us going by starting a thread with how they do so?
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