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  1. I get this issue too. My Mac's spec's are - mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.3 15 inch, mid 2010 Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 288MB With mine the computer actually resets itself. It has done this in game, before the match kicks off and at the end of the match and I think a couple of times out of match too. I play on 2D btw not 3D (not even for replays etc). It also done this before I updated to High Sierra. I have noticed that sometimes when it crashes on a match it will crash again on the
  2. I have had very few red cards in one and quarter seasons with Juventus, just 2 infact and they were both 2 yellows. Obviously it depends on your style of tactic, the type of players you use, their roles and their standard, but i tend to ask my player to "ease of tackles" through the player instruction screen when ever they get booked. seems to work for me - i play a high pressing/tempo tactic for about 85 mins before slowing things down, including "ease of tackles" just incase my players get too tired and miss time a tackle hope this helps a bit
  3. have you put Liverpool as your fav club on FM15? If so would the Evertons fans take to you and would the board be more patient with you (results wise) because of it???? I dont know the answers to these, but I was just thinking about similar real life situations. Does this kind of thing play a part in FM???
  4. in fm14 i played frank lampard as a first team cm in my all dominant Blackburn Rovers side, went on to be coach for me too, class player
  5. i would of thought this too. Think I heard Ray clemence the other week talk about how good he (hansen) was at stepping out with the ball and using it well. Might be wrong here
  6. ive just completed a season with Everton 14/15 using a 4-1-4-1 formation. Finished 3rd, won the F.A.Cup, semis' of league cup and won Europa league. Only scored 62 in the league but conceded just 27. I use attacking/flexible. Standard Gk FB S FB S CB D CB D DLP D W S ADV P A BWM S W A DF D team instructions are Play out of defence Work ball into box Play wider Stay on feet I do towards the end of a match (if winning), 83rd minute, add these instructions Be more disciplined Much lower tempo Tighter marking Play narrower Drop deeper Stick to positions had fun with th
  7. this is a good topic, very interesting. hows about Klinsmann/sheringham and Shearer/sir les
  8. Dele Alli for me. A steal at 2.5m for my newcastle save season one. Moulded him into a young Frank Lampard type player and boy is he good. Season 5, 23.5 m. Absolute class
  9. agree, i use him as a BWM (s) on the left of a middle 2. Think I have him to close down more. Dont really like him in real life but on my save hes class and 1st team. Got over a 7 av rating for season 1
  10. hi, the world cup in Qatar 22, is that harder to win (temperature) and is it played at a different date?????
  11. my go to league. variety of formations, no league squad registration, excellent t.v money (well for the more famous teams). what i love is the variety of tactics, loads of 3 at the backs but still plenty of 4's to. 3 in the middle is a ripe too. both milan clubs are a good challenge - ageing squads and massive debts. Its a struggle first season (mainly loans got in) but after that you can really go for it as a few of the bigger wage and older players have their contracts up for renewal.
  12. thats pretty impressive, i find chelsea a nightmare to play against, especially in the first 2/3 seasons of the game. On my save with Juventus they (chelsea) have just won the lge by 15 pts. congrats on the top 4, did spurs, arsenal etc not turn up? I find stoke and fulham to normally be challenging on most saves
  13. after Sunderland pulled off their great escape act (ok i know there is a slim hope Norwich can still stay up) I was wondering if any of the FM world has ever pulled off one too. Even more so would be if you had to play the quality of the opposition Sunderland had to play - chelsea away, city away, Utd away. Anyone done this kind?????
  14. ive had cases where players are unable or struggling to settle to a new country. you can offer them leave. i'd imagine speaking the language can help them settle, along with a team mate from same country or favoured personnel too
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