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  1. This is something I've posted on another thread and I think could work well and i'd personally love it. When I'm planning my set piece routines at the moment, I draw out on a piece of paper where I'm going to have all my players going. So why don't we have this in the game? It would be easy enough to do. The screen could look like the tactics screen. You could drag your players where you want them and then have Rarrows or whatever showing them where you want them to run. This would mean you're not just telling people to "attack front post" etc. but can get your pyayers dragging defenders out of position and having someone else running into the space etc. like a team would have IRL. I think the whole "set pieces" side of things is very basic at the moment. Some teams IRL base their whole game around them (Bolton for example) but on here you can't really get one that is very realistic and well thought through. You could then also get defensive routines as well. For example i could line all my players up on the edge of the box from a freekick and give them all FArrows with an option for "run out when ball's played". This would try and get the opposition offside and I think would add a lot of realism to the game AND add to the training schedules as well as you could get it so the routines are "learned" by your team after ppracticing it for a certain amount of time. For example in the in-game menu you could have a drop down menu with set pieces option 1-5. You could name your routine practiced in training. After a week or two, this could appear on the screen and you can put it to full effect in the match. These are just quick ideas that I've thought of recently, whilst setting up my set piece routines on 07. At the moment, they're pretty basic and useless IMO.
  2. This probably has been said before, but I don't really know what to put in the search engine thing. But it would be good to be able to have a "shout" option during the game. Maybe it could go in the "quick tactics" bit and look like a half time/ full time team talk. For me, it gets really annoying when you change tactics but players atill either mess up all the time or just seem lazy and you can't shout at them until half time. I want to be able to rip into them from the sideline.
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