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  1. My local team has 6 seats - in the home dugout - away teams manager and subs have to stand - proper OLD SCHOOL
  2. This is the one that swaps clubs every season (St Austell and Newquay in the Northumberland league etc) and posts on FMScout telling you that get removed Will's L11 (stable) database will be available in 2-3 weeks and will be on Steam and his L10 is the best out there http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/379344-FM14-FCUtdWill-s-English-Football-Pyramid-Down-to-Level-10-BETA And there will be a logo folder also for all clubs and competitions down to L11 for use with Will's database only
  3. Logos for all teams down to L11 are done - I was going to do logos for the county cups, reserve &U18 leagues etc that Will was doing but I've got a hand injury that makes that impossible for a few months I'll be releasing the graphics to Steam Workshop as is which is all teams and league competitions down to Level 11 ASAP
  4. Working now - thanks mate @Bjames7 1. Open Wills Level 10 beta file in the editor 2. Search for Hinckley (it's United BTW rep of 1600) 3. In the Hinckley panel click on Competitions and you should see the division bit blank (right hand side) 4. Search for Southern League - choose Premier 5. When it displays Southern League Premier Division double click on that - in the league panel click on Teams - Check there are 24 teams and Hinckley is listed as in England Click on Rules tab at the top of the page - click on test rules and you should get a message saying it's validated - then save t
  5. I don't see anything in the changelist that would affect custom leagues Looks like you are getting the rare bug that usually affects the FA Cup - what worked for me is: 1. Start a new game using the default database (or 4.3 now) down to Conference North/South 2. When the game is loaded exit the game (after choosing manager and club to manage) 3. Start a new game with the custom database Worked for most people that had the problem EDIT: - I'm getting the same and the above did not work this time
  6. Other stuff getting in the way - a few rush orders I need to get done Trying to keep the wolf from the door even when I'd rather be playing FM
  7. LOL - Sideshow Bob Stadium more like Wankdorf Stadium (Young Boys) was always my favourite
  8. Always said there should be a Muppet attribute in FM
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