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  1. Just wondering, Xiaomi Mipad is not listed in Compatible devices, but i can purchase it in google playstore. is it safe ? i mean will be there any compatibility issues ?
  2. Thanks for the response Lucas, I hope there will be good news when it's announced
  3. First thing in my mind when i finished reading this thread is "oooooooo oooooooow" Also have planning to buy Xiaomi MiPad, has the most affordable prices and high spec. I can say the tablet is classified as high-end types since it can run many high end android games smoothly (based on you tube reviews, please correct me if i am wrong). Is there someone who can give me any opinion, because I think tablet's spec (procs, RAM, VGA, etc) and display resolution that be deciding factors for the FMC can run on a tablet-type, not because brands. Seeing FM's track records did not ask for a significant increase in hardware requirements, I still hope that this Tablet can still be used at least for FMC16-17. Will the FMC 16 release, scheduled at the same time with FM16 (PC version) release ?
  4. any one have and kindly can share this Q & A transcript so i can translate to my local language ? Thnaks in advance
  5. I Hope there is a Blackberry Playbook version for FMH, Although for the moment still seems unlikely I've played it on PSP version, and i Love with its "simplicity but still fun to play"
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