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  1. Hinchcliffe is actually on 8 goals in 6 league starts. Not quite as good as I thought, but still great.
  2. Great players so far. Before seeing this thread I already signed Grandison, and had Curvalier, Best, and Kuhl all on trial, all of which I was very tempted to make offers for, but didnt have the budget. I'm finding Ben Hinchcliffe (unattached at the start) is massively overperforming, I got him in as his wages were pretty cheap and could be back up on the left wing. Had to start him up front one game and he gets a hat trick, then shortly after hits 4 in a game! Think hes up to 10 goals now in about 6 starts. I'm playing as Salford
  3. I was wondering about the new circles showing how good players are in a position and a role. For example a player could be bright green full circle in DMC and MC, yet when checking the DLP role he could be bright green full circle when checked at MC but only murky green most circle for the same role at DMC when it will require the same attributes and we've already confirmed he's just as good in both positions. Is this an error? Am I putting too much stock in wanting bright green full circles everywhere? Any opinions welcome
  4. Southgates eyeing him up for the England team in my game, he's my first choice keeper and we're in the prem in season 5 at the moment. That said, for some reason he's only worth £850k!
  5. Well I finished my season on good form, coming 3rd in the end and walking the playoffs. You can see on the league table graph where I took over by where I had the cursor when I took the screengrab. Abel Hernandez was amazing for me and managed to win the top goal scorer, top assister, and top player awards. Especially impressive as he only had 3 goals when I took over, having the extra 3 games in the playoffs was just enough for him to win it ahead of Leigh Griffiths of Villa. Going up to the Prem was a target for me, but I expected to fall short if I'm honest, I was hoping to sneak the playoffs and pray for luck to go up. In the end I was pushing for automatic promotion, then had an easy time of the playoffs, 2nd place was 5 points ahead and top spot was 6 points above me. Sounds like quite a lot, but it felt really close to me. Aside from Hernandez I was impressed with Tymon, Maguire, Will Keane, and Mendy. Interestingly 4 of those 5 start at Hull (correct me if I am wrong about Will Keane) I believe all these guys will play a big role in the Prem next season. My Best XI as decided by the computer is as follows: Mannion Ben Sheaf (loan from Arsenal), Maguire, Tymon, Gil. Skhiri, Mendy, Mason (newgen, loan from Arsenal) Lawrence, Hernandez, W.Keane. I brought in Marlon Moreno and Fabian Delph in the January window, but it would seem they didn't get enough time to make the best XI. I expect I will need to find some bargains in the transfer market to have any success in the Prem, but after 4 seasons I am expecting there should be a good selection of players that are out of contract or rotting in bigger teams reserves I can call on. I usually like to build for the future, but this close season I'll be looking for immediate impact players in the main. Hopefully will complete the season in the next couple of days and will update.
  6. After rage quitting at Everton at the start of the 4th season I got a job at championship strugglers Hull who were 20th after about 12 games. I'm really enjoying this part of my save and currently we're up to 6th with about 12 games to go. Abel Hernandez is flying up front for me which is nice as I used to buy him as a youth a few years back so inheriting him now was pretty sweet. I pulled Will Keane out of the ressies to partner Hernandez and he's doing really well too. Tysom at left back is excellent and I'm hoping could get into the England squad in the future. Mannion is first choice keeper for me and can still improve, but seems to be a bit erratic. Huddleston is still around but only as a back up now. I'm hoping to get automatic promotion but I have a habit of getting rubbish form just when I need to push on, we will see what happens here. Overall well chuffed with Hull and my turnaround of fortunes since leaving the Toffees
  7. Finished the season with the most heart breaking finish I have ever experienced. Got up to 4th with plenty of time, then fell apart. I don't blame the tactic, I blame injuries. Final game of the season and I'm 4th, Leicester and chelski are 2 points behind me with a worse GD, United only one point behind with a worse GD. I play already relegated Stoke. Time ticks away and we are pushing for a goal but not getting in it in classic FM style. Chelski and Leicester are winning so its only goal difference keeping me top now. United drawing. 87 mins, 88, 89, 90. 2 mins injury time to play. 91, 92. 92 minutes and 4 seconds Stoke get a penalty. Obviously I know this is going in, putting me down to 6th. What I didn't know was that former Everton man Mikel Arteta was going to do it. Absolutely gutted. Will continue with this excellent tactic next season and let you know how it goes
  8. I'm using this with Everton and finding it working well. Lost the first three games on my own before switching to this. Saw it improve steadily as it became more fluid and we rose up the table nicely. About 20 games in seemed to start drawing a bit too many when I was favourite, plateaued at about 8th in the table. Changed to using standard at home and counter away and its kicked up a gear, now pushing for top 4 with 5 games outstanding. Could be right near the top if I had used this from the start
  9. Dorchester Town FC 2016/17 It was a really good first season, at one point late in the season I thought we might actually sneak in the play offs, sadly a couple of bad games in our otherwise excellent late form meant we ended in 7th. Obviously at the start of the season I would have been very happy with that! The squad was fairly large in comparison to some with 23 players, although many of them were duplicate right backs, or a few winger I wouldnt be playing so a lot of retraining was to be done to keep players around. Sadly I am not having much success with this, probably down to the semi pro nature of the team. Ive filled by backroom with staff based on personality first and skills second, still managed to get the highest rating in the division in 3 training categories though so pretty chuffed with that. When the youth intake came round I was lucky enough to get 2 Professional personality players, which I am happy with, both with high determination too. One of the players I inherited also had a resolute personality too, although he wasnt keen on tutoring anybody at first, when the youths arrived I was lucky he changed his mind and the second best player I got played the same position, so now I have 2 Professional players and 2 Resolute, I will be looking to increase this number so that any youth players can develop quickly as possible by converting them to a good personality. Once the youth intake had arrived I was able to flesh out the squad a bit, with 2 players going straight into the first XI and plenty more in the squad. I like to have two players for every position. Sadly my best youth plays AMR/C which is not a position I use, so hes being slowly retrained as a striker. At the end of the season I managed to keep all the players I wanted except one, my top assister, he was good enough for the Conference National, with potential to improve to league 2 standard and will be a big miss. My best replacement player comes from the youth intake so my first team squad now has 3 16 year olds in the first XI. Next season I hope to improve on the 7th place but its going to be hard without the star player so I'll accept just staying out of trouble while we wait for the next youth intake and a bit of improvement from the squad.
  10. I don't have enough patience for the dafuge challenge so the obvious thing to do is join this, harder, challenge! My local team Dorchester has been promoted so I've taken over. Nice to see 23 players available for selection although about 7 are right backs! Will be training some to over positions as back up. Will keep you all posted
  11. Time is the healer then. Player 1 has now made peace over the sale of the midfielder. Sadly I upset him in the meantime with one of my team talks, and hes upset that I wouldnt let player 2 leave. Player 2 is now on his way out as I managed to get the price up to a level I was happy, just waiting for the window to open again for that to go through. Now I need to find a big strong striker to replace him..... Thanks for the responses
  12. Hi Guys, Just want to see if anyone has any ideas about resolving these issues. Player 1 is unhappy that I didn't strengthen the squad after selling an important player. Do I just ignore him and wait for results to show it wasn't needed/I did actually improve the squad? Player 2 is unhappy that I didn't accept a video for him after promising I would (if it met the clubs value of him). I'll let him go at the right price but the highest offer is well short of what I value him at. Again is this just a case of waiting until he either cheers up or leaves on a bosman? Cheers in advance
  13. When training a player to a new position I'm choosing a role for that position, but is that still training my player to the position? Or just to the role? I only ask as I have had a player training on APa via the MC position and his positional ability hasn't improved in half a season. Could be down to his lack of starts, or that we're semi pro so not much training time, but I wanted to check I'm doing it right so as not to waste further time. Cheers
  14. Hows this for a little equation: 2 star CA + Inability to make the right decision + Decent for regional divs + Playing at MR = Top scorer with 13 goals in 18 games!!! Now out for 9 weeks, gutted
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