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  1. It's hard to suggest a good role without kowing how you setup the rest of the team
  2. Are players aware of their attributes whe making decisions? For eg, would a player with 20 decisions shoot less if his longshot was 5 compared to 15 or would the same player dribble more often if his dribble is 15 compared to 5. And ofcourse their roles are same with neutral instructions for shooting and dribling.
  3. Is there any advantages to using the filters while assigning scouts??? For ex: I assign my scouts by nations, so will I get more reports of u-23 players if I set my filters to u-23 only?? Is there any harm of assigning your scouts to a regional and a competition assignment other than the costs
  4. I was just wondering how much time do you need to finish a season. When I started playing the FM series with Football Manager 2011. It would take me a couple of hours to go through a season. Now it takes me about 5-6 hours and still I don't think I'm following the training of my players.
  5. 1) You seem to work with two strikers on attack duty. It might work good enough on the tactic with the support AM, but in the counter tactic aren't they isolated? And since you are using longballs, I'd suggest you use a TM(S) instead of a DLF(A). You could play a poacher on the left and TM on the right or an Advanced forward on the right and TM on the left. 2) B2B are good in almost any tactic. But I wouldn't suggest B2Bs in lower leagues since the required stamina for B2Bs are same regardless of the level of play. Finding a player with 15+ stamina, good acceleration and most of the technical attributes is to0 much of an ask in my opinion. I feel you will do better with a CM(A) behind the TM and a DLP(S) on the otherside. In your attacking tactic, I'd first suggest you drop your tactic to Control or remove the TIs Hassle more, Higher Tempo and Push Higher Up. In Attack mentality, the defense line and tempo is quite high and the players hassle a lot, you don't need to add to that unless you are chasing a lead. You could also look to change your B2B to BWM(s) and BWM(D) to CM(D).
  6. I think you will do better if you change your fluidity to fluid or very fluid. If you choose the latter, remember to deselect roam from position from your players.
  7. I tried but its not working. I once uploaded the file and showed you. remember?
  8. Hi. I have been trying to make an Asian Continental rule database for a long time. I have had around 6 attempts but no success. I wish if anyone else could do it. I want Asian Champions League and Asian Confederation Cup to be a Replica of the UEFA and Europa Cup. (They are stopping the President's Cup anyway). Could anyone please help me with that.
  9. Youth Rating is the most important factor. Brazil has the highest(185 I think). Population of the towns/no of club in the area also plays a role in the no of Quality player per club in each town. These are the two things which matters the most as the rest will automatically improve as other European Clubs buy the players. Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment will give them a boost. I don't like messing with the Facilities much as I like it to look realistic.
  10. Brazil has a long season. 50+ league games. You can win their main league in first season with almost any team since you will have around 6 months before main league starts. You will need a big squad since you will usually be playing 2 games a week and sometimes even 3. But the best thing about Brazil is developing your players. Almost all of the guys from your youth intake will have the potential to be in your squad. And since you will be playing very weak teams in the state championship, you can give them a lot of experience.
  11. The problem with asian Minnows is that no matter how much you develop your country, your country is not going to improve their position in the Continental Club competition. Hence, the clubs in your country will never grow and your players are going to remain the way they are.
  12. Tnx for the reply. I wouldn't want to go with Belgium because, in my other save with Botafogo, Belgium won the 2014 world cup. I was looking for a country which I will build up by bringing Brazilian/Argentine prospects and then filling it with players from my academy
  13. Nation: Any Country in Europe which is not top 6 in Europe Division: All European Competition: Any. Media Prediction: Any Board Expectation(s): As the media prediction. Transfer Budget: Room for one or two players or the ability to make room after shipping some players. Wage Budget: Same as above. Finances: Not important but good facilities. Other:- I'm looking for a country where players can easily get citizenship and play for the national team. I want a big fish in small pond save.
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