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  1. Hi Jogo, Thanks for the info. 1. Have updated Rogers. 2. Bailey is actually back in training right now and apparently about to take part in a behind-closed-doors friendly against Bristol City on Tuesday. Will monitor and update injury end date. 3. The only way to control roles is through entering a full profile of attributes and I just haven't seen enough of Tyrique yet. Will bump his stamina in the short-term and monitor what surname he's using (has been a mixture of both so far this season)
  2. Couple of known bits and pieces: Away fans are in the wrong stand Underarmour for home kit is white instead of green due to current DB limitations numbers on home kit shorts are white on white (so basically invisible) due to current DB limitations Haven't added Ollie Hebbard to U18s yet as so little info available about him Looking into Hong Wan/Tommy Scott being "too old" to play in U18 comp issue Henry's Poole loan isn't in as it's short-term DJ's injury isn't in because it happened after our real life injury cutoff (ditto Sowunmi's current injury). Am following this thread so will look into anything you might find!
  3. Hi S

    Can i still send info over ?? Got new Gib Phoenix Keeper details.

  4. Hi S

    Did you get all that information you sent ??

  5. Were's the kosovo data issues topic?

    1. Stephen Davidson

      Stephen Davidson

      Hi Kevin.

      Here you go: 



  6. Hi mate my emails down Europa Point need Malaga City FC as feeder club http://www.fcmalagacity.com/europapoint/

  7. When will gib files be ready so i can do appearances etc ??

  8. Will kosovo be in fm17?

  9. Will you be putting this into the Gib file for FM17 ??

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    2. cel1234
    3. cel1234


      You not in today ??

    4. cel1234


      Hi Stephen my emails wont work but also Nicolas Fratto ID 


      to Europa Point

  10. Thanks for trying all those Scots Crusader. Are the crashes happening at random times when you're playing or always prompted by the same page/situation?
  11. Sorry to hear this TheHadrian. V. frustrating! Can I please ask you to upload a save to the FTP (details on that here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441296) so we can look further into this issue for you?
  12. Hi Rfc_stuart, Really sorry to hear you're still unable to play, sounds frustrating! Thanks for uploading the files. We'll look into that directly.
  13. Hi Bluemagic21. Can I get you to follow the steps listed here and let me know how you get on: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437015-Football-Manager-2016-Frequently-Asked-Questions-Pre-Release-Beta?p=10548467&viewfull=1#post10548467
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