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  1. Hi S

    Can i still send info over ?? Got new Gib Phoenix Keeper details.

  2. Hi S

    Did you get all that information you sent ??

  3. Were's the kosovo data issues topic?

    1. Stephen Davidson

      Stephen Davidson

      Hi Kevin.

      Here you go: 



  4. Hi mate my emails down Europa Point need Malaga City FC as feeder club http://www.fcmalagacity.com/europapoint/

  5. When will gib files be ready so i can do appearances etc ??

  6. Will kosovo be in fm17?

  7. Will you be putting this into the Gib file for FM17 ??

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    2. cel1234
    3. cel1234


      You not in today ??

    4. cel1234


      Hi Stephen my emails wont work but also Nicolas Fratto ID 


      to Europa Point

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