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  1. 1. 3d mode: the goalkeeper is often too clumsy... it should be fixed..... there are many situation not so real 2.there are many players that want to stop the loan (because they aren't playing in the team) but too soon.. The season is started since 1 month....and it happens too many times
  2. I think it's missing the possibility to add to the player BUY BACK FEE ( in the editor there is something but it's not so good as is implemented) Another important thing: the fee of ransom of player in the game are not applied in the game.. 99/100 players with that fee.. at the end of the season are not bought and so they return to the team A
  3. A few ot these. 1.regens as FOG at the first year (only in desperate situation with no players....) 2-Improve graphics stadium (tool to change stadium) 3.improve graphics: (people in stadium should be in less scattered)
  4. This is our mega UPDATE MAY 2018 (FINAL) http://www.mediafire.com/file/md77q6xmavd3fhb/FUSION+DB%40MAY+Edition.rar
  5. but if you add... some extra files it doesn't work.. you should do the same every times? it's a little boring.. in previous version of fm (not last year... probably fm 15 or fm16) it was in memory every time....
  6. Is there a way to load the same nations? If I load 20 nations.. then ... I decide to re-load... a new game... I should select 20 nations.. all times?
  7. HI..

    a simply question..

    there is a way to add points deductions.. with an edt file...

    not with editor ( because of there are problems with a league)

    only with ddt or edt...?


    1. KUBI


      This is not possible with ddt or edt files. 

    2. van helmut

      van helmut

      uhm.. what a shame....!!


  8. There is the possibility to add to the game but not with editor (because I have problems with the league) with EDT/dbc in the data ?
  9. Australia,Belgium,Cameroon,Chile,Estonia,Macedonia,Ghana,Iran,Uae,Uruguay,Thailand, Peru.Switzerland,Romania,Wales are still not working
  10. new release.. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hk3b6x3275mvz9o/Wonderkids.rar
  11. MY SUGGESTION Regens are hated for more people.... so it should be ionteresting the way to block at the first year................as you do with FOG or with MARKET
  12. This is our mega UPDATE https://www.facebook.com/groups/643019436087539/permalink/704826176573531/?comment_id=705397646516384&reply_comment_id=705823329807149&notif_id=1523372937963923&notif_t=group_comment_reply&ref=notif http://www.mediafire.com/file/3nxgpzl5d91j12d/FUSION+DB+-+APRIL+2018+EDITION.zip FUSION DB - APRIL 2018 EDITION • FUSION DB - Awards ITA Italian Awards updated (aggiornati i premi italiani e i vincitori) • FUSION DB - Awards Mondo World awards updated and created (Aggiornati premi mondiali e creati di nuovi come IFHHS e altri) • FUSION DB - Colori Kits Nazionali National team kits updated and created real GK kits (work in progress not 100%) cambiati colori delle squadre e le maglie in base ai SS kits.. creati anche le maglie x i portieri (REALI) • FUSION DB - Colori ITA italians kits updated as SS Kits and created real GK kits (cambiati colori delle squadre e le maglie in base ai SS kits.. creati anche le maglie x i portieri (REALI) fino alla serie C • FUSION DB - Derby created more derby (creati derby in Italia e nel Mondo e aggiornati) • FUSION DB - Finanze Finance updated (sistemate le finanze in Italia e nel Mondo) con reali abbonati e affluenza... e alla data degli ultimi bilanci di esercizio • FUSION DB - ITA DB Italia Update: Updated all in Italy, staff,tactics, transfers,club... created staff (aggiornato tutto in Italia aggiornate le rose delle squadre,ultimi trasferimnenti cambi di allenanotore e staff) • FUSION DB - Italian Media & Journalist Italia Media e Journalist: Created and Updated Media and journalists in italy (creati tanti giornalisti e media) • FUSION DB - MEDIA (Sponsor kit,Bet,injury) created bet,sponsor kt and injury media • FUSION DB - Meteo Updated Meteo • FUSION DB - Morale squadre Morale update as season is (Morale delle squadre in base alle classifiche e al rendimento) • FUSION DB - Nicknames updated and created nicknames (creati dove mancano) • FUSION DB - Procuratori created Agents (creati quasi 400 procuratori) • FUSION DB - Injury Serious Injury: udpated injury with more than 3 months (aggiornati i giocatori che hanno subito gravi infortuni anche se a stagione in corso.. solo gravi oltre 3 mesi) • FUSION DB - Stadi some Stadium updated (modifiche a vari stadi) + campi di gioco reali x le giovanili u20 e u18 • FUSION DB - Stadium U19 updated u19 national team stadiums • FUSION DB - Storia e Record competizioni updated history and records for many comp (aggiornata storia competizioni e aggiunti record mancanti) • FUSION DB - ICC International Champions Cup: Created as in real life (creato il trofeo pre season ICC) • FUSION DB - Prima-Categoria-Italiana-18.3-Italian-7th-Level- (creati campionati ITA fino al 7o livello) • FUSION DB - Fix-Regionalità Fixata Regionalità Serie D • FUSION DB - San-Marino Campionato di San Marino • FUSION DB - Wonderkids createed many new players (over 1900)... national players, wonderkids... 2000/2001/2002 (creati oltre 1800 future promesse calcistiche) • FUSION DB - Giocatori ITA Giovanili Italiane complete dalla A alla C con oltre 1800 giocatori creati....2001 e 2002 e 2003 e relative CA e PA • FUSION DB - ROSE PROMOZIONE Creati migliaia giocatori reali della Promozione, Eccellenza e Prima categoria • FUSION DB – Deceduti Rimossi giocatorie non deceduti Astori, Boban, Rodriguez,Casiraghi • FUSION DB - CA PA Squadre CA and PA updated (changed)(CA e PA aggiornate x tutti molti giocatori Dalla A alla C in base al reale andamento in campionato) vedi tabella CA16 allegata • FUSION DB - Capitani aggiornati i capitani e i vice capitani • FUSION DB - Colori e Kits Serie Inferiori Italiane colori e kits serie inferiori aggiornati • FUSION DB - FULL DB (staff) updated all changes of coach (aggiornati tutti cambi di allenatore nel mondo) • FUSION DB - Moduli di gioco Changes Tactics for many managers (aggiornate le tattiche e i moduli di gioco degli allenatori ITA e non) • FUSION DB - Old players retired retired many players over 40 (ritirati parecchi giocatori over 40) • FUSION DB – JAPAN (Japan update with over 1300 players and staff) Creati oltre 1300 giocatori e staff del campionato GIAPPONESE • FUSION DB - Staff Nazionali ALL national team updated + staff created (effuttuati I cambi di alleanore x tutte le squadre nazionali compre u21,u20 u19… molti staff creati • FUSION DB - Staff skills Changed staff skills (cambiate e modificate le skills x ogni staff… • FUSION DB – Trasferimenti – ultimi trasferimenti esteri post rilascio patch 18.3.0 • FUSION DB – Trasferimenti Promozione– ultimi trasferimenti in promozione ed eccellenza post rilascio patch 18.3.0 Link all'update: http://www.mediafire.com/…/FUSION_DB_-_APRIL_2018_EDITION.z… Pagina Ufficiale: https://www.facebook.com/FusionDBFM/ Gruppo Ufficiale FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/643019436087539/
  13. a first release is here in the fusion db all files... the file Are: WOnderkids and new players ita but there are other files interesting. https://www.facebook.com/groups/643019436087539/permalink/704826176573531/?comment_id=704839836572165&reply_comment_id=705142686541880&notif_id=1523284812185101&notif_t=group_comment_reply
  14. How can I do to see all Future transfers in the editor... as I can arrange editor/data files...
  15. up iT'S compatible with all files... (better with fusion db files....)
  16. No is not here.. because... my file is a file of FUSION DB ALL FILES (a full db... with many files.... and KUbo is in the file of JAPAN)
  17. Now I am working hard on this file.... over 1700 since now.... I found out that there are many 1999/2000 in Germany that are missing.... inthe db
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