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  1. I have problem with Tunisia, Bolivia, UAE (ethiopia,Vietnam and other in Asia pack as Iran,corea N,etc...)
  2. I would like to know U20 also coach of BENIN BURUNDI CAPO VERDE CHAD COMOROS ERITREA ETHIOPIA.. I search on web.. but nothing
  3. WHo is BENIN U20 national coach? Benin qualify x next African Youth Championship
  4. In the db with editor there are comps as world cup under 17... is it possible to activate it? there is also a the possibility to create under 17 teams... or change all young national teams "not real" as in ASIA there are u21 instead of u20 teams.
  5. because It's not my release..... ( it's better make the duplicated players as retired ... because as in the past delete players could be "dangerous")
  6. EX: NIGERIA: SOME PLAYERS... ENIZE EMMANUEL ENVOH TERRY EZIYODAWE EDWIN.... LIBERIA DUKuly CHRIS GALLEY JAMES WESSEH SOLOMAN I see not all players... Tanzania, Uganda Togo... there are many duplicates.
  7. SOrry but there are many duplicate players in normal Africa db.. and other adding your great work.... You should load all players for every nations and you can find them...
  8. In the editor there are many competitions as FIFA World Cup under 17... (many comps fot u17 players) but then in the game there isn't... There is a way ... in order to activate these comps...? or to create U17 National teams ( in the db there is only Azerbaijan u17,u18!?!??)
  9. great... but it should be fixed... there are many duplicate players....
  10. There is a thing to fix in ITALY There is a bug with youth managers.... In the editor there are 2 kind of youth manager U20 manager and U18 manager for Italy Manager U20 should be the under 20 manager of Primavera (eX Inter Primavera) Manager u18 in the editot there are many managers of other youth teams... but in the game this U20 is not considered... so there is as U20 manager one of the u18 managers...(random) not the right one... the U20 and all other u18 managers are set as Under 20 coach This bug also with GK coach U18 and u20 are the same EX: MILAN....in the game OMAR DANESI U20 manager (in the editor set as u18 manager) PRIMAVERA team LAZZARINI ALESSANDRO is ok (in the editor and in the game is U20 assistant manager) Aldo Dolcetti u20 coach (in the editor is u20 manager) +Fiorin,Galbiati u20 coach (in the editor are U18 managers) Stefano Nava u20 coach (in the editor is u18 coach) Marco Merlo is ok (in the editr and in the game is u20 coach) Beniamino Abate is ok (in the editor and in the game is u20 gk coach) Davide Pinato,William Vecchi are u20 gk coach (but in the editor they are u18 gk coach)
  11. In Italy they come at 18/3 while in the past was at June....I don't like regens in the first season.... but if I have options.....I prefer the new players at start of a new season and not during a season...
  12. Is there a way to change the date of the regens for every nation? I don't like regens at first year.... and I hope there is a way in order to postpone their "dob".... At least for he next season!! With editor or with a file ddt... I hope there is a method... HELP!!
  13. In the game there is no possibility to show it.. I try last year and this year... but nothing happens....
  14. Is There any possibility to unlock some editor feature?? I wish to change players to non players not singolar ..but multi....... As if you change skills!!
  15. THere is a way or a filter in order to see players history.... ?? A filter that can help me to "delete" all players with no history or not updated from many seasons.... IT should be usefull!!
  16. BUt the editor testers....??? Haven't they seen all these bugs????
  17. Old dbc don't work with actual editor..... EXAMPLE: I have a dbc of last year with 150 types of injury to add ... and when i load the editor and the dbc there are errors......and there are 50 types that aren't in the db.... In last editor no problem with old dbc..
  18. I search LUX but the file with players created.... by FMEUROPE
  19. There is somenthing I don't understand.... I updated my db... and it works correctly... There is only one thing.... IN the Editor / file/ details there are new record 250.. changes 5500 then there are in red FAILED 7 ??? what does it means? how can I repair it?
  20. Players: I wish to Have the possibility to see all loan IN ....directly with the editor in squad/players -possibility to manage youth leagues -more injuries
  21. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=163379 help!
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