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  1. Tommy m8 that would be great ay because i play in the South Aussie league, i could be in game lol.
  2. I agree it would cost too much to research all teams from all nations and I don't think there will ever be an FM version where all leagues would be available. This is why: - adding the possibility to add leagues with the editor - adding the possibility to manage clubs from other nations, even with grey players could offer some workaround for those who can't find their favourite league in the game. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Peter you have a point m8 but why can we load up players from any country in the world as an add-on? i know u can only pick 1 but still they have every player from that country there. I would like to see the Latvian league put in.
  3. i love the game its great but am getting annoyed because of the board and fan confidence, i didnt have greatest first season came 3rd but so far am first and was by a long way but they still werent happy and i am still in CL so that gets annoying and the match engine keeps giving matches to lowly positioned teams despite me getting 70 percent possesion and about 30 shots but besides that i love it.
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