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  1. Update: And down we go. We did become quite financially sound though during our brief stay in the top flight
  2. IRONI TIBERIAS FC (ISRAELI NATIONAL DIVISION) 2020-2021 First year playing in the new save and new league. Inherited quite a good squad overall, though lacking in depth on the wings. I adapted a 3-5-2 formation and it worked wonders in the 2nd tier of Israeli football. We surpassed all expectations and got promoted at the first shot. Youth intake was overall pretty barren, but I did inherit a few promising wingers which I desperately needed going forward. Final Table: Our top player: 37 year old Shalom Akiva. Unfortunately I could not persuade him to stay along for anothe
  3. I have taken the job in charge of newly promoted Ironi TIberias in the Israeli National League. A small team from a city on the Western shore of the Sea of Galilee, they have never had much success. This is about to change....maybe.
  4. Aigaleo Season 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Unfortunately things did not end up going well in my save in Greece. We were promoted to the Super League at the end of the first season, probably prematurely. We struggle mightily in the top flight, and had no way of competing with teams spending tens of millions on transfers. Our first season in the top flight ended up with us playing in, and winning the relegation playoff. Our second season ended up only slightly better, with us avoiding relegation outright. Unfortunately, my board made a very weird decision and sacked me at the end of the
  5. The step up to the Greek Super League has been tough for my squad. Not looking good for our survival chances as of January. I'm at a complete loss right now as to how to change things for the positive and squad morale is in the toilet. Just hoping I can survive getting sacked at the end of the season.
  6. Aigaleo FC - Season 2020-2021 My first season of the challenge is complete! I inherited quite a good squad overall, in fact one of the best in the division! Unfortunately many of my key players are over 30 years old and heading towards the twilight of their careers, so...good thing this is a youth challenge! I inherited computer generated youth players (labelled YPOxxx), and a few of them even featured in the first team. The most promising youngsters are a right back Stathis Pitsinos and a forward Panagiotis Kalamakis. The season started brightly with us taking an early lead in the
  7. New contestant here. Never played in Greece before, excited to start the challenge with Aigaleo FC. BTW, Greece resets on June 19th.
  8. Mid-way through our first season in the Icelandic Premier Division and we sit dead last on 4 points. Not looking good right now fellas! At least we lead the league in one thing...Yellow Cards. Certainly making our presence felt.
  9. Nice Quacky! Only one professional club in Iceland at the moment!
  10. Huggin - Icelandic First Divison - Season 2020 Season Summary: What a season! We finally put it all together. I went aggressively into the transfer market, overhauling a large number of my squad. A few key signings included Dorren Hamlet in defensive midfield, Guomundur Einarsson in goal, and Aron Gauti Magnusson in midfield. We were at or around the top of the table for most of the season, just missing out on top spot at the end. Jakob Snaer Arnason, who had been a consistent central midfielder for a few years, turned into a goal scoring machine on the right wing this year. He led the
  11. Excellent job Fastbasher. Good luck in the Champions League!
  12. Huggin - Icelandic First Divison - Season 2018 Table: crap Fixtures: crap Squad: crap Summary: Well this was another disaster season for me in FM 2016. We started very brightly, picking up early points and having some convincing performances. Then we fell off the face of the planet, with a dire run where we conceded for fun and could not find the back of the net. My sturdy defensive tactic from last season was not up for it this year, and I tried 3-4 other tactics through the course of the year without success. We were lucky to climb back up to 7th, as we were almost in the relegation ba
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