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  1. I will be trying this approach to only I will be playing an advanced forward to try and stretch the opposition and my wingbacks is on support duty to keep a bit of control. I havn´t quite decided which MC will be the playmaker. I think the DLP works best so far. I hope to be able to produce as impressive results as you guys Struggeling to keep posession high. Maube the quality of my Fulham team...
  2. Congratulations on a great tactic. Been trying it for about half a season and great results. I´ve got a bit of an issue with condition and fatigue though. My guys get so tired, and it seems you have to get players with stamina above 18!! This goes for midfielders and fullbacks. On Gcs tweak fullbacks can´t play an entire game!! Will this improve over time, when the tactic gets better integrated? Any ideas?
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