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  1. I guess this is excactly my point. I can´t se how angry, demotivated etc. og no reation can be a good thing. So not paying so much attentoion to the colours might be the way to go. I always aim to get the most positive reaction. Don´t believe an angry player is benefitial (I understand the point about the angry guy proving himself).
  2. Hi Guys My question is quite simple. Is teamtalks all about getting "green" reactions? I´starting to think it is. IMO the largest number of positive reactions would equal the best choice. But i´m unsure if something else is going on underneath it all. Maybe something with far more longterm consequences?
  3. Loving all the goals Isn´t that the most exiting thing in football anyways?? Merry Xmas everyone
  4. Does focussing passing down one flank affect diretness?
  5. Hi wwfan Excellent post on the matches with Chester. It really help me alot A couple of question: 1. Your keeper in the Middlesboro match seems to make many poor passes. Would it be an idea to distribute shorter and then pass out of defence? 2. You mention sitting deeper. Is that a strategy thing as I notice you also push d-line higher? 3. How do you pass more directly on one side? I would think it is a question of roles? Thanks
  6. Thank you so much for your continued patience with us all I dont understand the above: 1. Do we always play an attacking role in both midfield af defence regardles of strategy? 2. If you have a single striker which player are the other parts of the attack? I realise these questions might be obvious but I hope somebody will elaborate Thanks
  7. Hi What kind of stup do you use regarding set pieces? Im not looking for exploit, but my team doesnt produce anything on corners and off freekick. Im playing as Fulham and I wolud like to utilise Hangeland some more. Thanks
  8. Im giving it a go with Fulham. Im will be using the tactic as a base, and adjusting strategy to the opponent. Hopefully that will meen better use of the formation. Fingers crossed.The starting squad has some good players, but I lack a right midfielder, BBM midfielder, Adf forward, goalkeeper and right back. So I have signed: G Jara, M Fathi, C Gordon, C Henry. Still need the M, but think T Chandler will be the guy. Dont think I can afford the striker Could one of you guys share your experience with opposition instructions??
  9. I will be trying this approach to only I will be playing an advanced forward to try and stretch the opposition and my wingbacks is on support duty to keep a bit of control. I havn´t quite decided which MC will be the playmaker. I think the DLP works best so far. I hope to be able to produce as impressive results as you guys Struggeling to keep posession high. Maube the quality of my Fulham team...
  10. My fullbacks won´t mark at all despite post 2 settings. Any ideas are wellcome. I see a lot of goals from cornerflag to opposit goalpost. Thinking it might be to little pressure on the crosser? Maybe related to wings or midfield not closing down???
  11. Hi Dont know if it works, but did you try having the AMC hold up ball? Might trigger the run from wingers?
  12. Millsinho: Been trying to use a running target man in the 4411. Used the goals, goals and more goals tweeks but i doesn´t really work though Have you got any experience with this? Thanks for sharing.
  13. FM12 : Fulham FC Thread - Just Beat It

    1st season is over and we finished 5th. I´m quite impressed we managed to pull it off. I´m running a new transfer update (think it’s called Weegie or something like that) and Fulham start with no strikers apart from Sa (who is useless. It´s an excellent update by the way. I got the manager of the year, and the board is super happy and invested in training, youth, stadium, and recruitment. Excellent! We started playing 4231 in the deep version with 2 DM´s. It seemed ok in the beginning, but as the other teams got stronger, we were overrun. The dm´s got too close to the cb´s and all four seemed confused about their marking tasks. So I changed in to the 4231, but had issues with consistency. One match excellent, the next was hopeless. I found that our possession change a lot. From 55% down to 35%. This was very annoying and meant we couldn’t get going. Watching a bit of highlights I found, that when not playing with an attacking strategy the build-up was to slow and with no reel scoring opportunities. So I went for the attacking approach and possession went up. Obviously this meant some counterattacking chances for the opposition. A while ago I read somewhere about letting the player choose for themselves. This meant that no setting was set to often, because it would be the players own decision. I had noticed that a lot of the oppositions attack started with one of my player getting stuck and lost possession of the ball. They would the lounge a counter and with a lot of my guys going forward we often got caught and conceded. To prevent this I used the idea of everything to mixed, and it has meant a world of difference. The strategy still works, because only run from deep, longshots, TTB, crosses and run with ball is affected. I can’t remember who wrote about the idea first, but it works very well. (If somebody knows please share)
  14. FM12 : Fulham FC Thread - Just Beat It

    First game of the season at home to Arsenal I won 2-0. They had only 5 shots and one on target. I won comfortably and the team played very nicely. We realy outpassed the. What a promising start!! My new signing Thomas Kahlenberg playd well and seemed like a good outlet for the team. Bryan Ruiz played striker and scored one goal. I am looking for a new striker (everyone left for free). Maybe Ruiz will take the role.