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  1. He was great for Scotland midweek so it'll just be a case of him upping his fitness slightly i'd imagine.
  2. Loads of top quality performances today but i'd have to give Anderson the MOTM. I thought he was outstanding today.
  3. Calm down lads. It's just a friendly after all. :D
  4. I'd have a guess at not 100% seeing as he's on the bench. Smalling done well there against Cosmos so no reason for him not to start there today.
  5. Well it's not is it? It'll be contested as competitively as a league game imo.
  6. Your posts always standout when talking about the negatives re: signing Sneijder. It's not as if i'm targetting you ffs It's just you've been quite vocal and very clear with your feelings about us potentially signing Sneijder.
  7. But....but....b everyone has said Sneijder is unable to play there because he likes to play in the hole in behind the striker. :confused:
  8. You should try posting this in General Discussion, genius.
  9. I'm really not sure why Chelsea haven't been linked with Nasri. I mean they're looking for a player very similar to all his best attributes so why haven't they at least shown a sign that they might want him to move to Chelsea because that way he wouldn't have to leave London and what all know what a draw London can be to players who already live there.
  10. I think Scholes is my favourite ever player. Just absolutely love the guy.