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  1. Love classic mode I just wish the player stats were displayed like in the full game I'm not keen on the boxes. In fact the normal skin I definatley prefer than the classic ones.
  2. I would have to say "Big" Denis Stracqualursi. Although saying that I have brought him back to English football in my Huddersfield save and he is a bit of a handful.
  3. Having a great save with Huddersfield at the moment, got promoted through the playoffs at the first time of asking but it was too soon. So I might start again with them.
  4. Big mug of tea in my Sports Direct mug and a few digestive biscuits.
  5. CPU: AMD 6300FX CPU Frequency: 3.5 GHz RAM: 8GB OS: Win 7 64-Bit Time: 04 Min 24 Sec Not too shabby for my budget gaming build really.
  6. I remember when Pro Evo removed the option to have untucked shirts. There was uproar.
  7. Just started a West Ham save. I wanted to bring back "Attractive" football so I have gone with a new formation and tactics. And fingers crossed it is going quite well so far. AC Milan came in for Diame while I was negotiating a new deal with him so I lost him.
  8. I love the classic mode but I would like. Use full game skin instead if the one designed for classic. Have more than one tactic like the full game. (Not sure if this is possible and I cannot find it)
  9. Very very solid for me so far only 12 games into my 1st season tho.
  10. Yeah hopefully with the good youth training centre. How good is Tabanou
  11. Just started my new career with St Etienne. Some great info in here thanks. Ill keep you updated on my progress. Trying to only bring in French players. So far I have only brought in Gabrial Obertan on loan.
  12. Not sure how difficult it would be to implement. But maybe when joining a new club, you could have the option of taking your previous staff members with you as a group, rather than having to offer them all individual deals. I'm sure this is probably an old suggestion.
  13. The people saying that they should forget 2D classic and concentrate on 3D are in my opinion very ignorant individuals.
  14. Anybody else finding that most corners are sort of drilled to the near post with a low trajectory. This on default crossing instructions, and default set piece set up.
  15. New tactics system in my opinion is loads better. I feel a lot more in control now over how my team plays and follows my instructions.
  16. Start the beta as Everton to get used to the new features. Then trusty old Osnabruck in the German 3rd division.
  17. That is the one reason I refuse to play classic. I don't know why they had to change the skin from the full game to be honest.
  18. Just a quick question is it possible to get the attributes diagram (Sort of hexagon thing) that is on the players attributes page to be shown in one of the boxes on the players profile page? Cheers.
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