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  1. Bellusci is a red card waiting to happen - Don't miss out Charlie Taylor, and check out Zach Clough for DLF
  2. How about a player demanding a new contract: you promise him one, offer him one that comes into effect at the end of the season, which he accepts and signs as a pre-contract agreement, then, in a month's time, he comes to you saying you have broken the promise to give him a new contract and so wants to leave. Come the end of the season, before his transfer goes through, he gets his new contract but still wants to go. No I don't have a save before this happens (had it happen twice - lost 2 excellent players that way).
  3. Yes but I'm in my 3rd Prem season so may not be what you want.
  4. I can highly recommend Roland Aarons from Newcastle (young left footed winger).
  5. I had a read of that thread by Jambo and tried to put it into practice with Leeds - I'd been using U Rosler's Apex Predator Nemesis 442 and managed to finish 3rd in the first season and won the play off final on penalties, but I wasn't totally happy with that tactic. Media prediction for the 1st season back in the Prem was 20th - using the principles of Jambo's thread, we finished 5th! Second season in the Prem, only lost 2 games and won the league by 9 points and bagged the FA Cup too! So thoroughly pleased with this and highly recommend people read it.
  6. Sorted it, tried a different graphics driver and some updates for .Net 4. Happy now.
  7. Hello At a friend's house and trying to install FM2015 on his spare Win XP64 PC - game is downloaded in Steam but gets stuck on 1% installation then gives blurb about Steam servers too busy, Error Code (2) No anti-virus running or even installed, Skyrim and FM2011 are installed and will run, graphic driver for GeForce 9400 GT up to date, tried updating Microsoft .Net 4.51 something but it can't because of XP so got .Net 4 installed. Have tried it in Admin mode, Safe Mode with Networking His main PC is Win7 and that has installed fine & will run so it's not Local network issue. Firewall allows Steam and FM2015 Going bloody bald here with frustration. Thanks for any help.
  8. Perfect explanation got it sorted , thank you.
  9. Seems I'm not explaining myself correctly: In the Training Section, where you can select Match Preparation to work on Match Tactics or Attacking Movement etc, how do you get a second or even third tactic show in that pull down box without changing your actual tactic in the Tactics section? Eg, I have a 4321 tactic fully trained up. I want to add a variant of that, say 41221 (i.e. change the middle MC to a DM) but I don't actually want to play the 41221 at the time, just train it to Fluid. In older versions I could choose up to 3 different tactics at the same time and get them all trained to Fluid without changing to each tactic in game.
  10. I know that bit but it only seems to train 1 tactic at a time - in older versions you could have up to 3 tactics being trained simultaneously - cannot figure out how to do that.
  11. In older (FM11 was my last one) versions you could set up to 3 tactics for getting to fluid - I can't see how to do this in FM15. Just had a look at the online manual and cannot find it there.
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