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    Getting back to IT by recertification of A+ and MS. Looking forward to FM again.

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    Gaming. Keeping fit and the Martial Arts. Reading and writing fan fics.

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  1. Yes fair enough. Yeah I guess the effort against reward gets a bit reinterpreted if you are EA these days. Talking of women, got to convince mine yet that the World Cup is a must see.
  2. I am not basing it on anything. With the right plug, any game can sell. I would say that there are just as many female gamers out there who haven’t bought the game, and yes in my own personal opinion, I do think that a lot of female gamers out there would buy the game with a female emphasis, rather than just a males type game. Which frankly it could be seen as. But yes, economically I don’t know if SI would recoup valuable sales from it. Perhaps it would be sheer folly for them to institute on the grounds you have rightly pointed out. Anyway, nice reply from you 👍
  3. Mmm, and you are suggesting I am a marketing genius. Genius troll there 🙄
  4. Because many fans don't like going to football games for many reasons. There is still a disproportionate amount of women attending, versus those that just watch on the telly. Personally I believe a women's league on FM, or even a separate version would do really well. If not just for the fact there isn't one. Marketing alone could generate loads of sales.
  5. Transk53

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Purely down to marketing for me these days. Perhaps before the decent on board graphics of the modern Intels, manufactures could probably get away telling customers they need a big dedicated card. Back when I had my Rock gaming lappy, every option available came with a higher end card that there were no options to change. As I said, looking at it a technical level back then, it was just marketing. My take on it anyway.
  6. Actually a using a bit of quick Google Fu reveals that there is huge increase in women playing video games, albeit like a lot of men, probably on the smart phone platform. However, likening this to the average attendances in the women's Super League for example, or others, won't have any direct correlation with those playing FM. You are right on one level with this post, but way off generally. The broader appeal of women's football has nothing to do with women, or anybody playing any version of FM IMHO.
  7. It is actually quite easy to mod the agreement within the pre-game editor. Defaults can be restored if something goes wrong. It is really easy though to add a second nation that mitigates the need for applying for work permits and such.
  8. Transk53

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Yes good advice above. Better to save for a decent card than maybe forcing yourself to buy a lower end one just because you feel, or get told you need it.
  9. Transk53

    Wing Chun or Martial Arts

    Yes that is a right pain, literally for me sometimes
  10. Transk53

    Wing Chun or Martial Arts

    I was the, or still am really, same. Repetition really makes me lose concentration through boredom I guess, unless it is more about applications. I tend to be a lot more involved mentally rather than just drilling. Which of course is still very important. Have a decent training partner which helps, although at the moment mainly doing form stuff. Have a full size Mauy Thai bag in the outhouse which helps me visualize a lot more with drill practice at home. I should probably consider swimming a lot more, the missus is a keen swimmer, and politely bugs me about it
  11. Transk53

    Wing Chun or Martial Arts

    Incorporated a little of TKD back in my kick boxing days. The Axe kick being a favourite one.
  12. Transk53

    Wing Chun or Martial Arts

    I came to it after a ten year break or so from other training. Damn difficult at first and had to really drive myself on. Frustrating as hell for six months or so. Took me a year to get to first grade.
  13. Transk53

    What aftershave do you use?

    Yeah absolutely. I remember those cheesy adverts too 😃 Remember Hi Karati too?
  14. Transk53

    Wing Chun or Martial Arts

    Any fellow members here practice Wing Chun or Martial Arts in genral? Thought some might be in chatting about it.
  15. Transk53

    What aftershave do you use?

    That stuff still around. A teenagers Christmas present that was 😂