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  1. League Cup

    Hi. Been thinking about editing the carabao cup to only include the Championship teams as the top tier of competition. A thought occurs to me regarding the European qualification. Now I am wondering if it can just dispensed with, or would I have to alter the EPL rules and add another place?
  2. Match Engine lag jump

    Yes nothing more annoying agree. Have you tried just altering things slightly. Recommend settings are just a reference really.
  3. Interesting. So only the senior teams use numbering akin to the old days before FIFA introduced the squad number system. Not sure that is quite right though. Remember watching England vs Portugal and they weren’t all in 1 - 11.
  4. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Linux these days is a lot more user friendly than it was, but if you have no experience of that environment, I would recommend you stick to a MS W10 Make sure it is 64bit though, if 32bit is still available retail which I don’t think it is.
  5. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    @Smurf Not sure about the PC Specalist machines now. They come with a Clevo mainboard which in the past has given me no end of problems. Think for the lower end they are probably fine, but not specing decent thermal paste like artic pro or the cooler master as standard, makes me wary. Good that you pointed that out above, can’t believe they would ship out a decent CPU without it as standard. Not sure I want to part with and give over two grand to them now mind. Scan do some very good systems btw. You can partially spec them as well depending on the range.
  6. 3 up front

    I have read elsewhere that AI can’t handle three up top, and quite a decent formation for guaranteed goals. Not sure that I believed that when I read it. In the old CM, 424 was one of my faves.
  7. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Yes, doesn’t have a windows or Linux OS. What would you not be bothered about having, no SSD or dedicated Gfx for example?
  8. Need PA screenshot of FM18 Database

    Ah yes sorry, didn’t think of that. Suppose on Steam then you have to buy the game to access the editor in the tool menu. Well hopefully in a month or so, I will be able to help you out!
  9. Need PA screenshot of FM18 Database

    Would have thought you could do that within the pre game editor. Can’t remember the particular path syntax now, but I would imagine where the player options are, there must be a way to list players with a condition attached. IE, under 23 players. Just a thought.
  10. CPU over 100% Mac

    Thanks a.panda, Bookmarked that until I can get to a printer. Never worked on a Mac back in the day, but suppose these days there is more than a 1 in 10 chance of coming across one.
  11. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Not any particular recommendation, but if you have a look at these as a guide. The two HP Omens at the bottom are generally good machines. HP offer a good balance between components and reliability. The first MSI machine down the list also looks attractive between the i5, Gfx and system ram. The Gigabyte Aero machines have a very good rep, although no one here. Asus machines are very good, but maybe a little higher up the budget tree. One thing I would say, try and get one that has 7200RPM hard drive rather than one at 5400. Can’t really comment on the SSD aspect at the mo because I am not sure of the relationship between them and the game. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gaming-laptops/finder/up-to-1000-pounds
  12. Net colour

    No I don’t, but do know Borussia Dortmund use yellow and black nets. Perhaps you could look there.
  13. Need PA screenshot of FM18 Database

    Not sure what you mean by PA database. Assume you mean notching up say 138CA/158/PA to 158CA/178PA for example?
  14. Interesting and congratulations on the first little one. Yes going to look more in to the Switch. Seems like a cracking little machine. Remember playing Mario on the SNES way back 😂
  15. Will my Laptop run FM2018?

    It is. An old Sandy Bridge and supports DDR3 1066/1333. Not entirely sure, but I believe you are right, especially the ME I would say. The base frequency of the processor meets minimum requirements, and at least the graphics do not share memory on this one. Slow drive as well. https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/compaq-cq58-300-notebook-pc-series/5330587/model/5394779/document/c03794860[Technical Specs]