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  1. Download winrar and then extract it all into a folder somewhere, as long as you have the framework it should work matey.
  2. Very strange, FMTRE was working fine for me and now it tells me to download the .NET framework which I already had anyway but decided to humour it and redownload it so I did so but nope still tells me to download Framework 3.5 or above =|
  3. Nice good call mate, gave it a try and made myself a favourite person of the chairmans and I got to the end of the season successfully
  4. Thought I'd ask again.
  5. Is there anyway to edit job security in this game?
  6. Aah bad times, looks like I am gonna update then, I was gonna wait for 9.0.3 to update aswell.
  7. Does this work on 9.0.1 btw ? cos i haven't got round to updating yet.
  8. mmm can someone tell me if its possible to change the minimum fee release clause using the editor because I can't see it
  9. You know league standing ? I don't understand how it works ? For example the top above me is on 51 and I am on 50, I change my point total to 52 and change a draw into a win but my position remains 13th instead of 12th =s
  10. Also how do I heal my whole team =x I am sure I was able to do it earlier but I have suddenly gone blind and can't spot it.
  11. you are amazing ruci, top dog. I'll make sure to throw a couple of quid your way when I get paid.
  12. http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/8765/11162008202210lv6.png I am getting that error =s Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow
  13. Dunno if you are doing another update but if you are here are some more legends to keep us midlanders happy seeing as there is no midland teams there. Stanley Matthews - Stoke Jeff Astle Tony Bomber Brown - WBA Trevor Francis - Birmingham Billy Wright Stevie Bull - Wolves Paul Mcgrath - Villa
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