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  1. You could pretend that the first two weeks don't exsist ?
  2. If we do change keepers half our squad will have to learn to back pass properly, or at least it will have to stop being our default get out ball at the back.
  3. Ince was very good every time i saw him play for us at Youth/Reserve level, Very raw but you could see he was a wide player that was always looking to score rather than create. Having said that he has always come across as a bit of a big time charlie, Ambitions all well and good, maybe some time in the championship has matured him somewhat but i doubt it and unless we have a favorable buy back clause spending anything silly on him for half a season doesn't seem good business.
  4. Gerrard such a Donkey ... and Downing
  5. Suarez with a Horrible dive there hope he breaks his leg, his wife cheats on him and then he's deported
  6. Because he's a top manager ? despite what the British press what everyone to believe. His only problem i see at Chelsea is do some of the players really give a damn, and do they "want" to be coached by anyone ? and that's a problem any manager will have.
  7. And Pakos not Really done much of note since to be fair, he was pretty much sacked tho wasn't he i seem to remember him being put on "gardening leave" for 6 months or so till his contract was up.
  8. It's the Liverpool transfer law that we can't even consider transfer targets until 3pm on transfer deadline day. To be fair things have got better, at least our MD doesn't decide to go on holiday during the transfer window and turn his phone off... that's progression.
  9. Which one of Cole or Carra do you think is still at the top of their game then ?
  10. will he tho ? we give him a 5 year 100K contract and he flops badly here who buys him then ? The top English clubs don't buy mid table teams failed players and the rest of the Prem can't afford his wages.
  11. No, But foreign flops are cheaper and you can generally sell them on with little trouble. No one wants to sign players that don't work out but if you have a limited transfer budget, budget smart.
  12. We, don't play 4-4-2 tho its not as if anyone is expecting him to play right midfield. If anything if we played 4-4-2 it would be easier as there would be another Forward to get into the box and he would play the withdrawn role. If he played one of the two wide forward roles he could still get on and do his thing, it wouldn't restrict his game in anyway but we would have a central striker whose job it is to get into the box. A midfielder or two wanting to get in there wouldn't hurt either but at the moment every game there's a big void and without millions to splash around it seems the simplest fix.
  13. Arguing whether he played wide or not isn't the issue, its the fact he's not really suited to play as the main forward on his own. For Ajax he played off of Huntelaar then Pantelic, for Uruguay there's Forlan or Cavani. If we insist on playing a 4-3-3 and him playing this "false 9" then you have to expect the two wide forwards and at least one midfielder to be chipping in with double figures a season, that's the only way it works and currently we are 0 for 3 in that department. The easier option than trying to buy 3 world class players is to buy one good forward and move Suarez to a position where he will be just as effective in a role he's already used to playing anyway.
  14. Ahh got posted in the MLS thread, Saw it on an American Soccer forum, still funny we paid 20 million for him and 4 years later he's asking for Russell Brands Autograph it seems.
  15. This is where we went wrong, no wonder Rafa got sacked http://sg.news.yahoo.com/photos/david-beckham-russell-brand-pose-photo-during-nba-photo-070556463.html
  16. It's the only thing I'm critical of the owners for, that they never even held talks with him. When you admit yourself you know next to nothing about the sport at least talk to someone who obviously does instead of the two or three idiots they got their opinion of him from.
  17. Nobody thinks players are honest for ****s sake that's ridiculous... really They are all cheats every last one of them to some degree we've just decided diving is the worst cheating ever, especially when Suarez does it because a baby dies or something when he does. Defenders trip players while holding their hands in the air trying to con the ref, that's cheating ( Suarez did this as well against stoke) Every player seems to have the reflex system of a 3 week old because they have to grab at an item of clothing if it's within 2 feet of them, that's cheating. Every player appeals for every throw in, corner, offside etc etc even when they know it's not theirs, trying to con the ref. That's cheating too. The list is endless. The Norwich city defender who assaulted Suarez then ran to the ref to try and get him booked for diving, guess what he's a cheat. There will always be cheating it's been part of the game forever and diving isn't new but until refs start calling fouls the same whether they are inside or outside the box, and the minute defenders don't cheat to get away with fouls is the minute diving becomes worse than any of the other things. I don't like diving, but then i don't like any of the cheating in football but it all happens so we have to deal with it and bitch and moan when it goes against us.
  18. Name me one instance ever in the history of football where a player has stayed on his feet when fouled and got a pen ? and I'll name 3 pens Suarez SHOULD have got in the last month he didn't. As for Pulis there's a difference between defending your players and openly calling for other teams players to be banned because you know you can get away with it in the current climate. That's pretty classless and Hypocritical considering the thugs under his employ.
  19. I thought the challenge on Johnson was the worst of the lot. The only intent of it was to "clatter him" and it's lucky he saw it coming otherwise it's the kind of thing that could lead to serious injury. For Pulis to go on about it being an honest hard challenge shows how much of a joke he is.
  20. Goalkeepers probably more than any other position tend improve with game time and experience, Which can be somewhat limited at younger ages. Most teams have one that plays every game and young keepers don't tend to get 20-30 minutes at the end of games or for obvious reasons get game experience in safer positions like an outfield player does which does tend to mean they don't reach the required experience till an older age. Cech and Pepe Aren't the norm for goalkeepers, Pepe had nearly 200 top level appearances when we signed him, there are very few goalkeepers that play that much at such a high level so young.
  21. While he did make some stupid mistakes, he WAS left horribly exposed and a lot of them came about with him trying to recover other peoples sloppy mistakes in the first place, He does need to learn to sometimes just boot it out and play safety first.
  22. Downing the first player ever to have a 0% pass completion and a goal assist ?
  23. To be fair he is one of those players you're not sure if he's naturally right or left footed................
  24. Still think he should give Pacheco and Suso some game time, Especially here. People go on about "the system" well there are two players that have being playing "the system" since they were 10-11. Better not great players who know what is expected of them than not great players looking uncomfortable with what they are supposed to do
  25. Those years we had lots of players that would chip in with a few goals here and there tho. The supporting cast was good for 20 league goals a season combined which takes the pressure off for the guys that are expected to score. Now its Suarez and then nothing.
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