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  1. I'm impressed with that. I can see myself having two saves running, one on the FF version of the game and one on FMC. I dismissed it initially as something I wouldn't be interested in but my mind's been changed after hearing a bit more about it.
  2. Pre-order to play the game 2 weeks before release date! October 19th for some people then.
  3. I'll buy it on release day, I've already gone too long without an FM save. I just can't get into a game at the moment on FM12 as I know about the new features and new interface etc.
  4. Hahaha, I just pictured that in my head. Both wearing suits, technical areas lined out around each sofa/dugout.
  5. Only caught the highlights of last night's game been it's really pleasing to see the young lads getting a run out and not only that, but performing really well. I'm a big fan of Suso and it's great to see him finally coming through to the first team. Edit: Vam, he looked really impressive. Yesterday as a whole made it really hit home how badly Liverpool have overspent on Downing, Carroll and Henderson. There's so many classy youngsters coming through that were either free or a fraction of the price.
  6. I know there's a few people on here that use the classic set up but to me it seems like most of the downloadable, match engine exploiting tactics are classic tactics. How long are SI going to keep classic tactics in the game for?
  7. It's very possible that you could know why I think it was just a load of empty ultimatums, yes.
  8. People will mistake this thread as stirring up a conflict between those who seemingly hate Steam and those who aren't the slightest bit bothered about it. I was personally just genuinely interested to see if there were any users on here who at one time or another said that they would not be buying Football Manager 2012 simply due to the Steam activation that have followed through on that claim or not?
  9. Do you reply to a lot of posts so literally or is it just this one? You surely understood what I was saying. I'm not disputing people have technical issues with Steam as many probably do with iTunes or Skype for instance but I wanted to get an idea of how many (if any at all) have simply refused to even try Football Manager 2012 because of the Steam activation that was introduced for this years game, or... as I suspect was it just a huge load of empty ultimatums from users on this forum?
  10. I've noticed a lot of people saying they hate having Steam on their computer, Football Manager 2011 was the last version of the game that doesn't require Steam to play the game. I just wanted to know are there any of you out there that simply refused to buy FM2012 simply because of Steam? I just can't imagine anyone finding Steam that much of a problem.
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