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  1. Strategy? Just put in three forwards on top and two attacking midfielders in the centre behind them. Then you can overload if it is important. 4-1-2-3 always does it for me. Easy fix. In worst case, go down on three central defenders.
  2. I tend to hand over responsibility for negotiating new contracts for my youth players to my DOF. When speaking in terms of youth players I want to give all those youths a chance in the club and I dont really have the time to negotiate each contract myself so I set it to the DOF. First team players though I would never give to the DOF as I want total control of the first team.
  3. I´ve also just signed Ademilson for my Chelsea team in 2014. I´m hoping he will come to become the kind of supersub I need, but still remains to be seen if he will ever grow into that world class striker I am hoping for. At this moment, he looks really promising but I have yet to start the season. Some players that have huge potential just dont become that great in the game. Aldo looking at his stats for your team, he looks like a supersub. Anyhow, I´d just wait til he becomes 24 years old to see if he can fulfill his potential, after that I dont think his stats will grow that much.
  4. I usually play the Premier League on my saves but can barely find interesting english youth players? Does this change in the future of my save or not? Because of Champions League rules I must field english talent but I just cant find them. This makes my team a lot weaker when going into the Champions League as I usually have 4 players minus the squad I have. Why is it that english talent is hard to find, compared to foreign talent?
  5. The game has issues when managing a big club, that I can say for sure. It´s not really realistic to blast all the AI-managers and win all the trophies for yourself and your team when managing a big club. I would like for there to be even bigger demands from the board when managing big clubs, the current system isn´t at all realistic. I often tend to think that the reason why almost everyone are so hooked into lower league management is because the demands are not easy to meet, as is the case with a big club. As for the West Ham thing I think you are wrong. No one knows where West Ham will be IRL in 5 years time, although probably still in the bottom and it is a good thing that the game produces new top clubs.
  6. "][/url] I was disappointed a lot with Rooney in this match. And it doesn´t feel good getting Neymar injured.
  7. As City won the league last year they go into the english community shield as finalist, against Fa Cup winners Man Utd. Both squads are injury free, except for City having Kaka out for a couple of months. Joe Hart has had a marvellous first half. "][/url] It then became a thriller. "][/url]
  8. Finally all the squads are determined. Only difference to the past is that i have transferlisted both K.Toure and Javi Garcia at City as they didn´t make the squad eligeble for Premier League competition. No one wanted to buy either player though which made me forced to place them in the reserves. Update: I got a bid from Lille for K.Toure, 3.4M€ and I took it as he doesn´t feature at all in my plans for the season, plus that he doesn´t seem to get any better. His brother though, Yaya is one of my big hopes for the new season to come. Tottenham are currently playing their return leg in the Euro Cup. I´ve picked Sandro as vice-captain of the team for the season and during the first half he has capped a beautiful performance so far. In the end it went great, the whole feeling of having an unfit squad in terms of not having yet played any matches was gone away. Van Wolfswinkel had a great performance, captivating it with a hattrick, but let´s be honest, it was a poor side Tottenham were facing. "][/url]
  9. Tottenham went into this tie looking for some answers. We took a narrow win where Jelavic looked good but on the other hand van Wolfswinkel seemed nervous from the beginning to the end. In the end Dembélé was awarded the man of the match. I´ve also had some struggles with Dempsey as he is transfer listed by own request but I do want him to stay and will give him a lot of chances in the matches to come to convince him of that. "][/url]
  10. I wouldn´t go as far as saying that it will be a huge blow for City but having Kaka injured for up to four months is no good news. But with a big enough squad that City has I dont think it will be a problem. "][/url]
  11. I sold off Boyata to Aston Villa for 3.9M€. Whilst at Man Utd I did consider selling Valencia to Barca for a sum of 28M€ but in the end I rejected it.
  12. When you are playing with 4 teams, as I often do the game needs some work to be done with. Training regimes are not something that I look for, just use default. Tactical philosophy is the same for all teams: Style: Balanced, Stategy: Attacking, Passing style: More direct, Creative Freedom: Default, Closing down: Press more, Tackling & Crossing & Roaming: Default, Marking: Man marking. For specific instructions it´s the same for all teams as well. For obvious reasons, matches are played at the highest speed with only commentary.
  13. Bearing in mind that some more transfers could be done before the season kicks off, but I guess pretty much new players wont arrive anymore, just sales. The preferred starting eleven for all 4 teams: "][/url]
  14. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/255/namnlsxl.png/
  15. This will be an developing story about 4 managers, all wanting to master the Premier League and beyond. The clubs involved will be Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham & Man City. The thread will have stories from everything from matches to conquests to screenshots. The season starts in 2013/2014. There isn´t a better way of starting than to say how the squads have been built for the new season to come. Players in: Chelsea http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/6789/namnlsxl.png
  16. I´ve never been sure of this option. What I know is that when selling players you always tend to get other clubs bidding for your players with monthly payments. But my question is: If I want to sign a player on monthly payments, will the money be removed from the transfer budget within the months to come or at once? Obivously it would be a huge relief for your transfer budget if you could operate with paying from month to month. Does anyone know about this?
  17. As you start to play the game you obviously already know which players who have done what in their careers. For example, everyone knows who is good to sign and what kind of personality the player has, like Balotelli who never turns out good or on the other hand Bruma who always turns out great. The game at it´s current state lacks more in depth information about the regens. The only thing we know is when a player is subbed "the next" etc. For obvious reasons you wouldn´t know much about any 17-year old coming through any rank. But when they have hit 25 you would want to know more about them. A nice thing that could be added to the game concerning this would be the game keeping track of who has done what in the World Cups for example. All information you have about the regens is on the information screens but on a wholewhat circumstance the game gets a bit tireless after 15 years in the game world. I think one of the reasons for this is that the re-gens dont have the same characters as the players who you start the game with. Like for example, you already know who to sign when starting a new save based on players reputations IRL. But when you are 15 years within the game world you have to look, look and further look up any player you want to sign, there is no news feeds that provides you with which regens who are hot on the market. On a bigger view, my point is that the game needs to react more to players and their histories, managers too. History within the game is seen as a cosmetic feature right now, instead of something important.
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