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  1. To be honest I've lost the desire to play FM at the moment. I can't watch the ridiculous angles that players shoot at anymore, or the situations players find themselves in and come to the conclusion that shooting is the best option.
  2. Did you make any changes to the shouts and mentality?
  3. I've gone through both quarter and semi final 4-4 winning on away goals.
  4. I have seen said interview and have 2 systems based on that. F9 AF IF/a BWM/d Mez/a Rg WB/s CB BPD WB/s SK and when out wide, CF/a IF/s IF/a AP/s CM/s Anc FB/a CB BPD WB/s SK
  5. I have had him train his physicals for the first season, which I normally do for young players. However this season I have tried a mixture of tackling and heading. My thinking is that both categories would encourage him to compete for the ball. However, even with increased game time it has brought no gain. I'm starting to think he's just a typical laid back Dutch fella.
  6. As the title suggests really. I signed Kik Pierie a season and a half ago and his aggression hasn't moved from a very modest 7. I have tutored him with my most aggressive players who have 15-18 for the said attribute but he hasn't responded. Is there a way to improve this attribute?
  7. Also, I just cannot get him high and narrow enough when I start him out wide. I think his role varies during a game from an AF to CF/s and sometimes a winger.
  8. I was thinking of dropping him to the AMRC as a SS and trailing it. My problem, is that I am entering April and a really important run of games.
  9. I push up high and close down hard so I try and stop the play before it gets down the flank.
  10. Did they give VVD a boost in his mentals? The low stats for decisions and concentration always put me off starting again with the update and it's a double whammy with losing Coutinho.
  11. Firmino does play like a Tq as, for me, he is the primary playmaker. Granted the role doesn't close down like he does IRL but with a fluid shape and his high work rate and teamwork he does close down in game it's just not to the level that I want. A F9 role doesn't do him justice either as he doesn't run with the ball that much IRL. The CF/a role has brought me the most goals and assists but the Tq role seems to fit his overall play better. IMO.
  12. Many moons ago I used a tactic with this backline: Wb/a CB/c CB/d FB/s I used the covering CB to give me more cover to the rampaging LB. I used a flat 3 midfield so I did t have cover from the DM strata. The opposition would ping balls down my right side as the LB would be up field. The CB/c sat a little deeper than his partner CB which gave him more time to react to the ball over the top. I always made sure he had good pace because he would be covering more ground, naturally.
  13. I am trailing a strickerless tactic at the moment with two different front lines. Option A: Mane Firmino Salah Am/a Tq SS Option B: Mane Firmino Salah Tq Eng SS
  14. I'm seriously thinking of playing Salah upfront to replicate his true roles of late. How could you possibly get him that high and narrow. The Raumdeuter role just doesn't cut it.
  15. I get lots of injuries during games. I think there nonsensical really. I've had Salah stop halfway through a sprint 3 times this season. His injury is a bruised ankle. No opposition players were anywhere near him. No tackles were made so I'm not sure what bruised his ankle. I haven't had Oxlade Chamberlain fit for more than 10 days before he gets an injury. I have definitely had more injuries in this edition than any other.
  16. At the moment I play: Attacking/Fluid Retain poss Play out of defence Close don much more Push much higher up CF/a If/s Raum AP/s CM/s HB WB/s CB CB WB/s SK/s
  17. Firmino has played best as a CF/a for me. I played a full season as Tq and a full season as CF. He almost doubled his goals and assists. The Tq is a superb role but he doesn't close down enough period. The midfield and fullback roles are also key to this.
  18. First of all, keep going as there is nothing worse than giving up. Which parts of the game are you most struggling with? Which parts are you enjoying the least?
  19. The Egyptian Prince I've finished my second season with Liverpool and my tactic has evolved a little. I found the attacking mentality and a flat 3 in midfield far too demanding on the central midfielder. He was often out of position when the opposition switched the play during counter attacks. I have now gone to more traditional 433 with DM protecting the backline. Attacking/Fluid Much higher line Close down much more Prevent GK short distribution Play out of defence Retain possession Tq IF/s Raum CM/s B2B DM/s WB/s CB CB FB/s I have added the shouts: Prevent GK short distribution (to add to the high press) Retain possession (I found we were too direct, too often) I'm really quite happy with how the tactic plays overall and Salah finished with 19 goals in 42 appearances in all comps. He had 21 assists and here in lies my problem. He seems to assist more than he scores. More analysis needed of: the positions he is finding himself in, Why he is giving the final ball and not receiving it? Can he make the transition from Prince to King? PS The thread is moving slowly as I'm working long hours at the moment and I'm only getting around half hour a day to play the game.
  20. The 5'11 player is the superior jumper as he has to jump higher to reach the same height with his head? It makes sense. If not the case, then a 6'4 defender with a jumping reach of 18 could head the moon?
  21. Didn't Cristiano Ronaldo train with basketball players in America to improve his leap. I'm sure I read that he never trained to jump higher but instead learned how to jump higher. He then trained the fast twitch muscles to give him more explosive power in his legs. However, I could of dreamt that in a coke and booze fuelled frenzy.
  22. The angles that the ball flies off of at is extreme, downright unbelievable. I've witnessed a player running along the 18 yard box with the goal at a right angle from his direction, he shot straight out of play for a throwing. Scenes.
  23. It's not the representation of stats that bugs me. My winger has just played a ball into the box. The pass avoided everyone and hit the post. My left winger runs in to tap the ball haome and hits the same lost from a yard out. Coutinho hasn't scored from outside of the box in 3 full seasons. When I analyse his long shots he has men available to pass the ball to. He approaches the ball with his leg cocked, taking zero time to look at his options. He's an AP/s I'm CM so everything is in front of him but his PPM's of takes long shots and runs with ball often take over every time. I would post plenty of images etc but I saw a thread in which a user was asked to post the match PKM so he did and got nothing back. Could that mean they couldn't explain what was going on? When you come up against a Messi or a Dybala the game can't really make them look good with tricks and step overs. I think it makes your players worse to make them seem better. My defenders just freeze whilst they run by. Don't get me wrong I am winning games and scoring some decent goals along the way, it's just the garbage that's inbetween the good games.
  24. Have you tried swapping the central midfielders around. The CM/d will stay deep and allow more room for the IW.
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