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  1. I'm playing in the lower leagues using v3 and although I hit some major speed bumps (Bournemouth) I have finally gotten the team sorted out, and I have a very good regular 11 now with some minor ins and outs, but I am scoring like crazy and NOT conceding. I was relagated using v2 but I think it was more players than anything, but now with V3 and looking more at the opposition and having a killer morale, I am steadily climbing just past New Year's in 2008. My FR is a fellow from Spain named Katxorro who has scored 7 in his last 4 games. I am getting chances galore and not giving up anything with this tactic. I also take the advice of my advance scout pretty heavily, and look to close down their best players, and always mark their wingers closely. I'm not running into Arjen Robben in League 2 at the moment, but paying attention to your scouts, and your stats, and your morale plays a big part in the success int he game, IMO. Long Live Fuss! Rog
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