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  1. That's brilliant, thanks mate. Your hustler tactic is amazing, doing really well 5 years in as United. Wanna try this, will report back after a few matches!
  2. I got 2015 off Steam for £20 either December or January.
  3. Hi! I'm on 1st of July 2021 and want to proceed to 2nd of July, but everytime I try I get a crash dump. I've tried deleting my settings files, verifying game cache and change from GPU to Software but it still wont work. It would be a shame if the save can't be played on anymore because I'm so far into the future. Please help. Version: 585343 Always crash on same date. I'm using Avast anti-virus. How much of the DxDiag should I post?
  4. Not a fan tbh, its cheating in 1 sense. But I did it once, this FM, because of 1 game. In a 3 way title battle I went away to Man City. I lost 1-0. They had 6 shots - 3 on target. Not 1 CCC. Me? 2 CCC's in the 1st half and in the 2nd, we went on attack - 4 CCC's - 6 in total. There was a huge goalmouth scramble toward the end, a 4 yard deflected miss onto a post and I was enraged. Had to go and walk the dog over the park, blast the ball about and chill for 20. I re-loaded and we won, 2-3. It was a fair reflection of the play, unlike the scripted tripe in the other game. I do feel as though I cheated, but too much of the 1st game was me questioning if FM is scripted because a player as in form as RVP can't find the net. Is it Joe Harts head and shoulders smelling blonde fluff? Doubt it. That essay said, I do regret it. If it does happen again I'll just take it and move on.
  5. Why do that when you can come on here and annoy a community?
  6. Fair play to you for making it that far in to your save!
  7. If I sell a 1st team player I will replace him with someone who can step in the first team, and be the 'replacement'. If I've not got any decent youth players, and look to buy some then I'll go for the same nation as my club. If I get information from a scout regarding a really good youngster that's from another country and he looks really good then I'll go for it. Ultimately you should look to youth though.
  8. Chelsea. My utd side were top, by 2 points. I was unbeaten in 24 matches and so were they. I beat them on game 27 though, went on to take the title as well. They only lost 1 other game, at Anfield, 2-1.
  9. Restarted my PC, everything is fine, for now. If it changes I'll post again.
  10. So yeah, done all that has been suggested before posting. My crash dump files are here, waiting to be uploaded for you guys to nose at. I started a new career yesterday, so I'm really not sure what the hell has happened.
  11. He asked to leave and PSG were ready! I signed Volland, who did start well but rotating him and Welbeck worked really well. In the end they got just over 10 each in all competitions. Welbeck managed 17. Kagawa/Mata/Insigne were just unstoppable for me though, RVP was scoring/creating but them 3 averaged an assist a game and 7.7 and above. I worked hard on Powell but he never really does much and I spent time looking at him and what I could use him for/training him and he seems average but there's still time. I never ruled out him ever replacing Rooney, but I needed a player to do the job for half a season and Powell is nowhere near the standard required for the big games. I've got solid back up now anyway, 2 promising youngsters and 1 possibly good one (regen youths in March) to work on as well as Powell and co. The one positive thing that I have with the regens is one of them is a striker. I'll be working hard to make him RVP's long-term replacement
  12. I was sorta having this issue but after several tactical adjustments I found a really good system, for me anyway. FB - support CD - defend CD - defend FB - support DM - defend DM/DLP - support W - attack AP - attack W - attack AF - attack That's attacking/fluid - retain possesion, run at defence, shorter passing, look for overlap, stick to positions, hassle opponents, higher tempo, tighter marking. That works really well for me, the AI seemed to be playing better against my other system so I adopted this and it has changed thing's significantly.
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