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  1. Okay tried the demo and mostly like it. Need to solve the issue with too many unhappy players due to playing time. If true, sucks that I can't deselect that Brexit agreement in the pre-game editor like you could do previously under advanced rules. Unless I have understood that incorrectly. Will have to get one of the files instead.
  2. Seen FM 2019 on sale on Steam for £13 and might pull the trigger. Haven't played the series in a while. Just need to know a few things first: Are there any bugs (major or game breaking) in the game? Can you remove Brexit and its potential outcomes using the pre-game editor? Apart from tactics, training and dynamics changes/additions, is everything mostly the same as it has been the last few years? Thanks
  3. Please clear/clarify some things for me if anyone can, because trying to choose staff members to recruit is driving me mad? 1. When looking for staff, how much importance do I give their personality? 2. What roles is postitive personality most important and which for which staff is it less so? 3. Do staff peronalty traits trump any of their important attributes? For example, if I'm looking for a 1st team defending coach. Two candidates have everything identical except for the following, one has defending attribute at 19 but has a jovial personality, the other one has that same attribute at 17 but has a professional personality, who to try to sign? Thanks.
  4. Starting FM 2017 as manager of Arsenal and I have the option to keep Wenger a DoF. I like to do pretty much all I can as manager, but I am loathed to let him go as his stats are great. Question is how do I use him to get the best from him as a staff member? Thoughts?
  5. The holiday test was to see if I had removed brexit from the save, nothing else. The other observations were me being curious. Just funny to see what happened and how it compares to real life. I got sacked after 2.5 seasons. Didn't really check much else about my time as manager at Arsenal besides competition performance, which strangely mirrored real life (4th/5th/12th at time of sacking, finishing 4th with new manager. No trophies, 1 league cup losing final). The other things were far more interesting.
  6. I was the manager of Arsenal, but had delegated a lot of stuff out to my other staff. I didn't change the detail level before, so it was left at its default setting, whatever that might be.
  7. I ran a 3 year holiday in FM 2017 to see if I had removed brexit from my save correctly. End of 2019 season in Eng Prem League, no mention of brexit, hopefully that save is all good now and I can play it without brexit ever popping up. Being curious I took a bit of time to see how things panned out. The most striking thing was how dominant Tottenham was. They won 2 Champion Leagues, finished 1st and 2nd in the Premier League, winner and runner-up in the FA Cup and twice runner-up in the Eng League Cup. All in the space of 3 years and with pretty much the squad they had at the start of that 3 year period. MY GOD!!! This game is broken, bears no resemblance to reality, because they don't win anything in real life. In comparison, Man City are really struggling. Finished 3rd once in the Premier League, finished 11th in 2019. That's it!!! Of course Pep got the sack. As for transfers, for a 3 year span it seems pretty realistic. Highest transfer fee was £111M for Bernardo Silva from Monaco to Man Utd. There are plenty of transfers over £30M and a few around the £60-80M range. Also the Barca trio of Messi/Neymar/Suarez are getting £600k/£500k/£400k per week. I ran a large custom database with 90k players, 46 leagues/20 nations playable. It took about 45 minutes to get through a season when I went on holiday. How would that translate into game speed when I play with that database normally? Be interested to see what others have observed doing the same thing.
  8. Hi All, Just about to start a new game with FM 2017, been a while since I played any FM game so here goes. I have done a bit of research on the things I am about to ask but some clarification would be great before I start. 1. No Brexit - Does this video explaining how to turn off brexit using the editor work as described and how would I know once I am in-game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LzOpTEHfaA 2. Database - Trying to decide on what is the best database size and setup to go with. Planning to manage in England Premier League and would like the game to feel active and alive, but not to run really slowly. I have a 6700k, gtx 1060 6GB, 16GB ddr4, 500GB SSD. Feedback and advice welcome.
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