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  1. @Brother Ben roughly what type of system should you be aiming at to run max leagues and player count? How inflated does the game become as the seasons progress, especially with regards to player count? Thanks!
  2. That's not the main point I was trying to convey. I'm asking why there is a difference across different stores/platforms and will this be the case for FM21?
  3. (I'm hoping this isn't bundled into the ongoing FM20 Epic Store Megathread, I think it needs to be discussed separately and I'd be grateful if it's left as a standalone topic) I haven't played FM for a few versions, so when the FM20 free giveaway came about I downloaded it. Having only played FM on Steam previously, I always assumed the pre-game editor was a part of the game in some way, (you had to look for it and download it after getting the game) so when there wasn't anyway to get it with the Epic version I was disappointed. I love to browse around and tinker, as do many other
  4. Does anyone know why the pre-game editor wasn't included with the Epic and Windows Store versions of FM20? Quite a few think of it as an important part of the game.
  5. Kinda disappointed that it's not included as well. Would love to know why it wasn't.
  6. @Dave Fairbairn Are you referring to the pre-game editor? If so, not included. https://twitter.com/FootballManager/status/1306640155663568898
  7. @Ivs I don't know about the kits and other stuff, but according to the Football Manager twitter account there is no pre-game editor If that's the case, bit of a let down, just curious why it wasn't included.
  8. That's the in-game editor, I'm specifically talking about the pre-game editor that's free on the steam version and can be downloaded as an extra from the tools section I believe.
  9. Is it true that there isn't the pre-game editor available for the Epic version of FM20? If so, why is that the case? Thanks for reading (and for FM20 being free on Epic)
  10. Scout reports (I know it's not entirely reliable to do it this way). I'm guessing the scouts are reporting his PA as lower than what it could be is because of the club and/or league he plays in and are marking his PA down. I guess the only way to do this is to actually sign him, but that would mean having to holiday a season and sign him to see, but I wanted to make sure I hadn't messed it up and wanted to ask why it might be lower.
  11. Hi All, So I am playing FM19 and decided to change Gabriel Martinellis PA in the pre game editor. I saved it and started a new game using that saved database, but I am not seeing a change in his PA when I start a new game. I know the PA is a range but changing it in the editor isn't showing in game. I don't have any problems changing and seeing the PA change from other players. Could the fact he is playing for such a low down club, Ituano, be having an impact on the PA or might have I done something wrong? Thanks
  12. Hello All, Another soul using FM to pass the time during lockdown. As the title suggests looking for info and clarity on this point, since this aspect of the game has changed since I last played FM. I have done some reading from other posts related to this, but no clear definitive answers, if they even exist. I am playing FM19 and like to set my games up so that there are no transfers during the first transfer window, so I am mostly stuck with the squad I have. I have my manager attributes with max coaching badges, but no playing exp and shift as many points over to mental att
  13. Okay tried the demo and mostly like it. Need to solve the issue with too many unhappy players due to playing time. If true, sucks that I can't deselect that Brexit agreement in the pre-game editor like you could do previously under advanced rules. Unless I have understood that incorrectly. Will have to get one of the files instead.
  14. Seen FM 2019 on sale on Steam for £13 and might pull the trigger. Haven't played the series in a while. Just need to know a few things first: Are there any bugs (major or game breaking) in the game? Can you remove Brexit and its potential outcomes using the pre-game editor? Apart from tactics, training and dynamics changes/additions, is everything mostly the same as it has been the last few years? Thanks
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