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  1. I don't think that 21k is a huge risk...
  2. Yes, a lot of screenshots
  3. For iPad he needs all team and player instructions to put them in manually, because you can't download and import a tactic.
  4. Is anyone else having an issue with central defenders often being the most exhausted players? And they don't run the longest distance, according to stats at the end of the match?
  5. OK Cleon, thanks for the clarification. Still think the name is a bit misleading Below the quote from posting guidelines... This sub-forum was established to be the home for those who wish to upload and share, or download user created tactics and training schedules
  6. Just had a fantastic season - my goal difference was 124-18. I had two games where I got really trashed against weaker teams, but otherwise I was really strong at front and tight at the back.
  7. But this is a upload/download forum. The way he described the tactics was suitable for the general tactics forum.
  8. Usually this tactics is quite solid in the defense for me. But every now and then I get completely hammered. I had the best defence by far in Bundesliga (playing with Bayern), but I lost away to Hertha Berlin 5-1 (only defeat in the league), also a couple of high scoring wins like 5-4 etc. But also a lot of clean sheets. I'm playing the control version of the tactics
  9. I'm scoring way more than any other team in the league. My F9 striker is also best goalscorer by far.
  10. So far I played 1 season with your tactics and I've lost in the semi final. However, my Bayern team is in the middle of rebuilding and I have some players who will most probably be great in the future, but are not there yet currently. It's more than enough to win Bundesliga, bur Paris SG really has a team packed with world class players. However - for me the match preparation "teamwork" seems to be working better than "attacking movement". Also I turned off opposition instructions. I played this way based on your first thread and changed the instructions like you suggested in this thread. But for me, that made things (slightly) worse.
  11. Yes with Bayern - but I'm a bit further into the game, so the original players are almost all gone... just released Neuer and Mueller this year. For me the tactic is excellent at the back and very good in the front - I lost a couple of times when I had more possession and chances, but it happens with every tactics.
  12. I've tried this your tactics from another thread - built in based on your screenshots. Have you done any changes? It works really good for me.
  13. Under Review

    Well, I had a "great" run of injuries right after the october national break (where I as ManUtd lost Shaw for 2 months) - 1st game Fellaini gets injured with lower leg break and is out for 5-6 months, 2nd game Martial gets injured with lower leg break and is out for 5-6 months, 3rd game Rooney gets injured with lower leg break and is out for 5-6 months and Schweinsteiger gets injured with broken foot and is out for four months. All players had match sharpness over 95%.
  14. Thanks for the link... it's the first time this happened to me tough.
  15. I have the same problem... I bought every version since 2009 on Steam, but it always showed up in library. You just couldn't pre-download it.