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  1. I’ll try... but he issue is that since I have tons of money, transfer budget isn’t really something I check very often. Perhaps this could be reproduced by giving a club say 1 billion transfer budget in editor and then inserting some managers to other rich clubs that then buy some players for ridiculous sums of money...
  2. Sorry, no. But my assumption is that it got into red due to too much transfer funds. I had approx. 1,1 B EUR and then I sold two really expensive players. I think the same problem was with overall balance a couple of years ago, when it got into -2 B if you had too much money in the account. It got solved through board investing a couple hundred millions so it doesn't get too high. Perhaps the solution would be to "hard code" maximal transfer budget.
  3. I'm about 15 seasons into the game with Bayern Munich and o have tons of money... the board deposits 300-500 mil. every couple of seasons. However, mid season my transfer budget suddenly became -2 billion euros, before that it was well above 1 billion. It happened to me before, it will probably be sorted out when I get new transfer budget for the new season, but I thought I'll upload my save game for someone to take a look at it. Save is called FC Bayern.
  4. No, sorry I don’t have it. I’ll switch to 3 rolling auto saves if I need an older save. The good news is that when I qualified to Champions League, board announced transfer budget for the following season and it was a normal positive figure :).
  5. I have a very healthy balance, had a huge transfer budget. I positively responded to suggestion from my board to increase the transfer budget, now it is -2 Billions
  6. Oh I dominated all the way I just set myself new challenges... having a completely German squad, using only players that came through my youth ranks etc.
  7. Bayern all the way :). In FM 2012 I had one save - from Beta till FM 2013. Only managed FCB, I managed to get to 2120 or something.
  8. I think it is a known issue - I had a similar problem. Somewhere it is written that it is only displayed wrong and that positional training should work OK if you select it (it just doesn't show it on the screen). Shame for me as it was the reason I left individual training to my assistant, because I was convinced that it doesn't work :). I have to redo it.
  9. Usually news about new version totally ruined my interest in the current version, but this year I'm still hanging on
  10. I play long term games in indeed it is hard to find good regens for that position. I usually retrain DCM-s or CM-s with suitable attributes and I had quite a success doing that.
  11. Third European Cup is also happening. But we don't know the format. Brexit is happening. But we don't know the "format" regarding work permits etc.
  12. So it's same like with Brexit? When we know exactly what happens it will be implemented. And not some random rule that pops up in a couple of in-game season?
  13. Javi Martinez retired in second season in my game due to injuries...
  14. I played 4seasons he got sacked at the end of 4th season after losing CL final 5:1 to my Bayern side...
  15. I started with Bayern and after 1 season I sold Alaba to ManUtd for 163 mil. €, I keep getting offers for Kimmich, Coman, Thiago in the region of 80-120 mil. €, so no problems for me there...
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