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  1. It has been considered... together with possibilities to design and expand your stadium, buy cars/houses with your money. But as stated above - the game is Football Manager.
  2. In Germany, one of the main criticism of Klopp towards the end of his Dortmund reign was that he didn't have a Plan B and they always played the same way which became an issue after opposition teams started playing more defensive against them. Guardiola was someone that (I was watching most of Bayern games during his reign there) was a coach who constantly tweaked with tactics, formation, player roles etc. I think it is OK that he has considerably higher tactical knowledge than Klopp. Nagelsmann for instance is another coach with similar characteristics - in this season he literally changed course of games with major tactical tweaks during the game.
  3. Allianz Arena will be expanded by 24 seats. It will cost 725.000 €, take two months and part of the stadium will be closed during expansion works. It really makes no sense
  4. Your finances will probably improve a lot when the season is finished and price money, sponsorship money, season ticket sales... come in. I had a lot of seasons where I took over a club that was losing money from september to may, but actually made a profit if a whole year is considered.
  5. Oh I dominated all the way I just set myself new challenges... having a completely German squad, using only players that came through my youth ranks etc.
  6. Bayern all the way :). In FM 2012 I had one save - from Beta till FM 2013. Only managed FCB, I managed to get to 2120 or something.
  7. I think it is a known issue - I had a similar problem. Somewhere it is written that it is only displayed wrong and that positional training should work OK if you select it (it just doesn't show it on the screen). Shame for me as it was the reason I left individual training to my assistant, because I was convinced that it doesn't work :). I have to redo it.
  8. Usually news about new version totally ruined my interest in the current version, but this year I'm still hanging on
  9. I play long term games in indeed it is hard to find good regens for that position. I usually retrain DCM-s or CM-s with suitable attributes and I had quite a success doing that.
  10. Third European Cup is also happening. But we don't know the format. Brexit is happening. But we don't know the "format" regarding work permits etc.
  11. So it's same like with Brexit? When we know exactly what happens it will be implemented. And not some random rule that pops up in a couple of in-game season?
  12. Javi Martinez retired in second season in my game due to injuries...
  13. I played 4seasons he got sacked at the end of 4th season after losing CL final 5:1 to my Bayern side...
  14. I started with Bayern and after 1 season I sold Alaba to ManUtd for 163 mil. €, I keep getting offers for Kimmich, Coman, Thiago in the region of 80-120 mil. €, so no problems for me there...
  15. Yes, there is a long thread in the match engine bugs forum. The current workaround is to have match highlights turned on to show key highlights and put them on maximum speed. It is a bit faster that way.
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