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  1. Yeah, I just found out that there is this workaround, where I move the player to U19, wait a day and then move him to senior squad. It works, but there is a bug here :).
  2. I play with Bayern. After the patch, any player I try to move from Bayern II to the 1st team goes back into the Bayern II after I click "Continue". The only way to keep him there is make him a part of the squad (assign 1st team position or one of the substitute roles), while i his description he is still listed as a player from Bayern II. The issue started to happen since the patch yesterday.
  3. I was thinking the same - need someone for the right back. But I'll start with "disable transfers in 1st transfer window" as I like to start the season with the same team as is in real life.
  4. There were 4 patches in a couple of days... surely that can’t be titled as a great success story. But again - it is really not a huge complaint from me, overall I’m a happy customer and a proud owner of FM 2021.
  5. I’ve answered to that a couple of times already. Basically there are two complaints: auto updates, where I admitted my mistske and 4 updates in one week or so, which is a bit excessive.
  6. Isn't it better to be complaining about this than about match engine, transfers, money, attributes etc. Basically it shows that main issues are well taken care of - at least for me as I stated in my OP that I don't have any issues with the game itself.
  7. Yeah, I checked my other Steam games and they all have same update options, so my apologies to SI on that front. Still have an issue with quantity of updates in a short period. But please bear in mind that overall I'm a very very very satisfied customer in general :).
  8. NO issues with SI fixing the game, but the fact that they issued 4 updates in a bit more than 1 week leads to conclusions that there could be a bit more quality control done.
  9. If SI has nothing to do with auto-updates, than I take this part back and humbly apologize :), but 4 updates in a week or so is not very user-friendly or practical (keep in mind that in general I think that SI is one of the most community-oriented game studios). Think about the guys that have to adapt the tools ASAP as new update comes out and realize that the next one has arrived hours after they made their tool public.
  10. Sorry guys but as a Steam user, for the 4th time in a couple of days I have to wait for the update to be installed without gaving any need for it or any issues with the game. I also use FMSE for scouting and the new version is only valid for a day before yet another update makes it useless again. Can’t there be an option in Steam to disable the updates, so I can install it when I want.
  11. It has been considered... together with possibilities to design and expand your stadium, buy cars/houses with your money. But as stated above - the game is Football Manager.
  12. In Germany, one of the main criticism of Klopp towards the end of his Dortmund reign was that he didn't have a Plan B and they always played the same way which became an issue after opposition teams started playing more defensive against them. Guardiola was someone that (I was watching most of Bayern games during his reign there) was a coach who constantly tweaked with tactics, formation, player roles etc. I think it is OK that he has considerably higher tactical knowledge than Klopp. Nagelsmann for instance is another coach with similar characteristics - in this season he literally changed course of games with major tactical tweaks during the game.
  13. Your finances will probably improve a lot when the season is finished and price money, sponsorship money, season ticket sales... come in. I had a lot of seasons where I took over a club that was losing money from september to may, but actually made a profit if a whole year is considered.
  14. Oh I dominated all the way I just set myself new challenges... having a completely German squad, using only players that came through my youth ranks etc.
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