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  1. Well, I just bought the game... it better be good :). But I just looked at my Steam library and got a brilliant idea for next year, so SI/SEGA, please listen: Many stores have a loyalty program, where when you buy 10 items you get 11th for free. As FM2018 will be my 10th FM bought on Steam, I expect that next year I receive my FM2019 as a gift to a very loyal customer
  2. Well untill you buy the game you are not a customer. And you don't have to buy it untill more features are announced.
  3. Then don't buy it yet... wait for the features... it is clearly written that there is enough time... Or is someone forcing you to buy now?
  4. And with Brexit, there is no idea how the work permits will be worked out, what happens with Scotland in coming years etc.
  5. Agree with previous posts... If anything, I found out that AI is prepared to pay a lot more for players - in previous versions I put minimum release clauses for my players (i think it helps get slightly lower wages) for 90 mil. Euros and almost nobody got bought - this year I sold 3 players for 120 mil. Euros each. Now I'm putting 150 mil. clauses in contracts :).
  6. I get your point, but from point of realism, if they make a same offer every 45-60 minutes, it's just ridiculous. I'm not interested in negotiating, I told them that I'm not accepting their offer. No one would call me again in 60 minutes with the same offer. And again and again... And keep doing that for now 5 consecutive transfer windows - and before that they were chasing my other striker with exact the same offer. There must be a setting in the game that prevents them from making an even slightly higher offer... But thanks for your effort
  7. Bosman ruling is a direct result of EU law, so it might be (but doesn't have to be) a consequence if Brexit.
  8. Now I'm uploading the file... should be up in approx. 10 minutes. It's the beginning of transfer window, but I'm getting the same offer for the player (Vincent) from PSG every couple of days. File name is: Repeating_offer
  9. Thanks for the reply - I wasn't really paying attention whether the offer was negotiable, because I have plenty of money in the bank and the player is a top top striker. I don't have a save from day before, but I'll try to make a save in the next transfer window the day before it shuts down. Then I'll upload the file and describe how many offers I got on the last transfer day...
  10. When it feels pre-decided

    So you want to say that the saving I do before a game and reloading in case of an unfavorable result isn't cheating, because the result is pre-determined anyway. Wow... I'm so relieved...
  11. I posted too early... just played through entire transfer deadline day - I got 14 (fourteen!!!) offers for same amount of money from same club for same player.
  12. I have a world class striker and Paris keep making same amount offer for him for the last 3 transfer windows (96 mil. € upfront and 29 mil. € for next 48 months). The biggest joke is the last day of transfer window when they make the exact same offer 4-5 times...
  13. Can't you offer the player to other clubs and untick the option "transfer list and mark as not needed"?
  14. I agree with the opening post... if a club has the money, they should be able to invest in any way they see fit - you can have poor facilities, but if a club has grown, there is no reason not to invest in best they can afford. It is not necessary just to upgrade what you have, IRL club can buy new land and build top notch facilities from scratch.
  15. Transfer system FM17

    There are hundreds of thousands of players in the game and you mentioned how many cases? And you got responses from players about how they play normal wages to players that reflect their status and quality. You got some useful tips about what you can do to reduce wages during negotiations. And you still keep listing individual examples of players trying to skin you...