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  1. Javi Martinez retired in second season in my game due to injuries...
  2. I played 4seasons he got sacked at the end of 4th season after losing CL final 5:1 to my Bayern side...
  3. I started with Bayern and after 1 season I sold Alaba to ManUtd for 163 mil. €, I keep getting offers for Kimmich, Coman, Thiago in the region of 80-120 mil. €, so no problems for me there...
  4. Commentary Speed - 18

    Yes, there is a long thread in the match engine bugs forum. The current workaround is to have match highlights turned on to show key highlights and put them on maximum speed. It is a bit faster that way.
  5. Are there going to be changes in the commentary only option -the way it is now, the match just takes too long.
  6. Is it easier to make tactics this year?

    I had that in most FM... Last year I had a killer 3_4_3where I got Dresden to CL winners in 4 seasons, also had great success with other great and not so great teams.
  7. Gameplay Speed

    Turn on match highlights, put them on fastest speed... it is faster than comentary only.
  8. But he already said that Friday was most likely, while today was possible...
  9. When you just can't wait...
  10. Don’t think so... He said that Friday was most likely and Tuesday and Wednesday it definitely won’t happen
  11. We are discussing Beta version...
  12. Betas came out on other days as well... Even Miles said on Twitter that it could be released today.
  13. I think it was slightly earlier last year...
  14. Well, I just bought the game... it better be good :). But I just looked at my Steam library and got a brilliant idea for next year, so SI/SEGA, please listen: Many stores have a loyalty program, where when you buy 10 items you get 11th for free. As FM2018 will be my 10th FM bought on Steam, I expect that next year I receive my FM2019 as a gift to a very loyal customer
  15. Well untill you buy the game you are not a customer. And you don't have to buy it untill more features are announced.