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  1. Based on the screenshot Scotland declared independence, so that aspect was not ignored
  2. It's a funny thing about reporting the bugs... on one hand, I agree that some users post nonconstructive rants that don't help anyone, on other hand SI sohuld feel at least a bit proud that they created a product that so many people are so passionate about. Does anyone remember the "Washing up" attribute bug?
  3. I think it complicates matters too much ... there was a print screen of a possible outcome that UK leaves the EU, but Scotland leaves the UK and stays in EU - I believe that is not a viable option because Scotland would have to reapply for EU membership. I'm afraid we will have many discussions here because of angry players who won't like their Brexit scenario.
  4. I think should answer you that question...
  5. You mean Gelsenkirchen
  6. In all versions that had a beta, I started a new came and carried on with it after full release. I usually get bored with it sometime between april and june, when I try a couple of other types of careers...
  7. You're 100% right. You shouldn't pay the money - now you'll just have to pay a bit more...
  8. I don't think that 21k is a huge risk...
  9. Yes, a lot of screenshots
  10. For iPad he needs all team and player instructions to put them in manually, because you can't download and import a tactic.
  11. Is anyone else having an issue with central defenders often being the most exhausted players? And they don't run the longest distance, according to stats at the end of the match?
  12. OK Cleon, thanks for the clarification. Still think the name is a bit misleading Below the quote from posting guidelines... This sub-forum was established to be the home for those who wish to upload and share, or download user created tactics and training schedules
  13. Just had a fantastic season - my goal difference was 124-18. I had two games where I got really trashed against weaker teams, but otherwise I was really strong at front and tight at the back.
  14. But this is a upload/download forum. The way he described the tactics was suitable for the general tactics forum.
  15. Usually this tactics is quite solid in the defense for me. But every now and then I get completely hammered. I had the best defence by far in Bundesliga (playing with Bayern), but I lost away to Hertha Berlin 5-1 (only defeat in the league), also a couple of high scoring wins like 5-4 etc. But also a lot of clean sheets. I'm playing the control version of the tactics