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  1. I'd like to see more manager-specific stats, for example: the option to see head-to-head comparison with managers like you can get with clubs. What's my head-to-head record against Man Utd in the Mourinho era, for instance? Or what's my all-time head-to-head with Mourinho himself? also, the records for the club during a managerial era. Also, I've got a bit of a home unbeaten streak going, and I'd like to be able to follow that.
  2. Rooney & Ronaldo

    Had one where I got about four years in and built Birmingham into a Prem League power. Rooney was unsettled because he didn't appreciate his manager's team talks. Probably also helped that I took over as England manager before Euro 2012, but I picked up Rooney for US$14m.
  3. I'm having a similar problem with the WSM for Mac. I'm running 10.5.6, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 2G ram. I installed the patch and ran into the 3D match problem -- it seems to show at most every other frame. Tried the threading, turned off all unnecessary items, no change. So I uninstalled and reinstalled starting with the demo, the game, and the patches. No dice. So I uninstalled and reinstalled up to 9.1.1. And now when I try to load a game I saved under 9.2, I get a message that WSM is running out of memory and that I should quit to free it up. Click OK and it brings up a message that WSM is out of memory and is quitting now. Should add that I opened a game saved under 9.1.1 under the reinstalled 9.1.1, and it opened fine. Is there a memory leak in 9.2, then?
  4. The Official Waiting For The Mac Patch Thread

    I was just about to post that. I'm having the same kernel crash but for a different reason. I installed WWSM and it ran. I downloaded and installed the FM patch, not giving a second thought to whether I should be installing an FM patch on WWSM. Couldn't run FM because I had no install disk, so I opened WWSM. Some things got better, except for the 3D engine, which chose not to render the pitch, goal posts, or the ball (but did render the shadow of the ball). So I uninstalled the patch and opened WWSM which is when I got this: ------ OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.5 (9F33) Report Version: 6 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000004 Crashed Thread: 0 ------ I've uninstalled and reinstalled, but no dice. Ideas?
  5. I had the same problem, so I saved the setup world (without adding a manager) and restarted WWSM, and the keyboard works fine. I don't know how I entered my expiration date, but I got it to work somehow. Little speed bumps on the road, nothing more. Great job. Thanks again, Marc and Neil.
  6. No, the pot's not boiling. No, it's not. What's that? Sure, I'm sure. I can see it from here.
  7. You should listen to Senator Ted Stevens: "The internet is not a big truck, it's a series of tubes!" Perhaps if you tried turning it sideways before uploading?
  8. Took my personal laptop to the office today, hoping that I'd be able to download in the background and then get a couple hours in between close of business and my 7pm continuing studies.